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Hifigo Black Friday Deals and Offers!!

Hifigo Black Friday Deals and Offers!!

The holiday shopping season has started worldwide. First, it was the biggest shopping festival in China on Double 11 and now it's time for Thanks Giving and Black Friday. We wish the happiest holidays to you and your families, and to make it even better for you Hifigo is back with another huge sale with crazy discounts on HiFi audio products this Thanks Giving and Black Friday season.

Now is again your chance to grab your favorite audio gears that you have been eyeing for so long. We have brought you the best deals on the latest products from HiFi audio brands including Moondrop, Topping, Hifiman, iBasso, SMSL, Kinera, and many more!! The deals will be live from 24th November 2020 to 27th November 2020. We are also collaborating with many famous brands on our Facebook page for giveaways. Do follow us on Facebook here.

Check out our crazy deals for this Black Friday holiday season below.


Moondrop offers some of the best pair of in-ear monitors in the market. They have a huge line-up of products starting from Moondrop SSR/SSP beginner pair to the Moondrop illumination a premium single DD pair. While most of their pairs follow a VDSF tuning curve, they provide an exceptional sound quality experience to its users. And what’s a better time to grab your favorite pair from Moondrop other than this crazy sale!! Check out the deals below.

Moondrop Starfield: Retail Price(RP): 109.99$ Deal Price(DP): 98.49$.

Moondrop Blessing 2(Standard Edition): RP: 319.99$ DP: 279.99$.

Moondrop Blessing 2(Engraved/Wooden): RP: 349.99$ DP: 302.49$.

Moondrop Solis: RP: 1099.99$ DP: 934.99$.

Moondrop SSR: RP: 39.99$ DP: 33.99$.

Moondrop S8: RP: 699.99$ DP: 604.99$.

Moondrop Chaconne: RP: 319.99$ DP: 271.99$.

Moondrop A8: 666.66$ DP: 566.66$.

Moondrop KXXS: RP: 189.99$ DP: 161.49$.

Moondrop Blessing 1: RP: 399.99$ DP: 339.99$.

Moondrop VX Classic: RP: 59.99$ DP: 50.99$.

Moondrop Violet II: RP: 239$ DP: 203.15$.


Topping is a China-based HiFi brand dedicated primarily to providing a pleasant hearing and superb performance with their devices. They are the leading manufacturers of desktop audio gears including HiFi DAC’s and Amplifiers. We are offering amazing discounts on outstanding products from Topping including Topping E30, L30, A90, D90, DX3 Pro, and many more. Check out the deals below.

Topping E30: RP: 129.99$ DP: 112.49$.

Topping L30: RP: 139.99$ DP: 132.99$.

Topping A90: RP: 499.99$ DP: 432.99$.

Topping D90: RP: 699.99$ DP: 604.99$.

Topping D90(MQA): RP: 799.99$ DP: 693.99$.

Topping D10s: RP: 99.99$ DP: 84.99$.

Topping A50s: RP: 199.99$ DP: 169.99$.

Topping D50s: RP: 249.99$ DP: 212.49$.

Topping DX3 Pro: RP: 219.99$ DP: 186.99$.

Topping DX7 Pro: RP: 599.99$ DP: 509.99$.

Topping BC3: RP: 69.99$ DP: 59.49$.

Topping MX3: RP: 129.99$ DP: 110.49$.


Hifiman is one of the leading manufacturers of high-resolution headphones. They have a huge range of products including their highly acclaimed pair, the Hifiman Arya. Their latest wireless headphone, the Hifiman Deva is also receiving some really positive feedback from its users. During this sale we are offering really good discounts on these powerful headphones, check out the deals below.

Hifiman Ananda(BT): RP: 999.99$ DP: 849.99$.

Hifiman Deva: RP: 299$ DP: 269.99$.

Hifiman Arya: RP: 1599.99$ DP: 1399.99$.

Hifiman Sandara: RP: 349$ DP: 299$.


iBasso offers some of the best audio gears in the market including digital audio players, headphones, IEMs, USB DAC/AMPs, and more. Their latest iBasso SR2 open-back headphone has been grabbing a lot of praises from the community. We know you have been waiting for a good deal on the iBasso DX160 Android Hi-res player, And we are going to offer you the best deals on them during this sale season. Check out the deals on iBasso products below.

iBasso DX160: RP: 399.99$ DP: 359.99$.

iBasso DC03: RP: 59.99$ DP: 54.99$.

iBasso IT00: RP: 79$ DP: 64$.

iBasso SR2: RP: 569$ DP: 519$.

iBasso AM05: RP: 299$ DP: 269$.


We love how beautiful Kinera IEM’s sound, their looks are just outstanding. Kinera Nanna, Baldr, Freya are some of the best-looking pair of in-ear monitors in the market today. They shine not only in looks, but also have an engaging audio experience. They are getting huge discounts during this sale season, making it the best time to grab your favorite pair. Check the deals below.

Kinera Nanna: RP: 899$ DP: 764.15$.

Kinera Odin: RP: 799.99$ DP: 616$.

Kinera Baldr: RP: 1399$ DP: 1199.14$.

Kinera IDUN: RP: 139.99$ DP: 116.41$.

Kinera YH623: RP: 69$ DP: 57.96$.

Kinera Seed: RP: 79.99$ DP: 41.65$.

Kinera Freya: RP: 249.99$ DP: 208.54$.

Kinera TYR: RP: 27$ DP: 22.95$.

Kinera SIF: RP: 37$ DP: 31.45$.

Queen Of Audio:-

The sister brand to Kinera, Queen Of Audio has released three pairs of beautifully crafted in-ear monitors so far that have received many positive feedbacks on various online forums. We are offering the best prices on their products during the sale season. Check out the deals below.

QOA Pink Lady: RP: 119$ DP: 95.20$.

QOA Vesper: RP 69$ DP: 57.79$.

QOA Mojito: RP: 399$ DP: 359.10$.


Shanling has its hold on the market with its huge product range consisting of high-performance Digital Audio Players, high-fidelity in-ear monitors, and many more products.  Either it is their M6 Android Hi-res player or their ME500 high-resolution pair of IEMs, You must have been eyeing some or the other product from them. We have got you covered on that front offering some catchy discounts!! Check out the deals below.

Shanling UP2: RP: 79.99$ DP: 61.15$.

Shanling MW200: RP: 119$ DP: 101.10$.

Shanling Q1: RP: 139$ DP: 101.10$.

Shanling M6: RP: 499$ DP: 449.10$.

Shanling M0: RP: 109$ DP: 83.38$.

Shanling M2X: RP: 219$ DP: 174.15$.

Shanling ME200: RP: 179.99$ DP: 147.31$.

Shanling ME500: RP: 269.99$ DP: 210.65$.

Shanling MW100: RP: 60$ DP: 54$.

Shanling ME100: RP: 119$ DP: 98.72$.

Shanling MTW100: RP: 89.99$ DP: 74.10$.

Tin HiFi:-

Over the past few months, Tin HiFi has released some amazing products for the community including their latest planar magnetic driver pair, the Tin HiFi P2. Most of their products including the latest P2, T2 Plus, and more will be available at amazing prices with amazing discounts during the Black Friday sale. Check out the deals below.

Tin HiFi P1: RP: 169$ DP: 143.65$.

Tin HiFi T4: RP: 99$ DP: 84.15$.

Tin HiFi P2: RP: 339$ DP: 288.15$.

Tin HiFi T2 Plus: RP: 59.99$ DP: 49.99$.

Tin HiFi T2 Pro: RP: 59$ DP: 50.15$.


SMSL is a brand dedicated primarily to desktop audio chains. They have a huge range of products consisting of high-performance desktop DACs, Clean & Powerful Amplifier systems, and more. If you have been eyeing to purchase any of the SMSL products, Now is the best time. Check out the deals on SMSL products below.

SMSL SP200: RP: 265.99$ DP: 234.69$.

SMSL M200: RP: 279.99$ DP: 255.99$.

SMSL M400: RP: 809.99$ DP: 737.99$.

SMSL M500: RP: 399.99$ DP: 349.99$.

SMSL DP5: RP: 599.99$ DP: 521.99$.


Aune has released several new products this year including their latest X8 Magic DAC. We have a wide range of products from Aune and we are offering pretty solid discounts during the Black Friday sale. Check out the deals below.

Aune XP2: RP: 105$ DP: 97.20$.

Aune X8: RP: 299.99$ DP: 259.99$.

Aune BU1: RP: 299.99$ DP: 249.99$.

Aune S8: RP: 998$ DP: 898$.

Aune X7S: RP: 289$ DP: 259$.

Aune X5S: RP: 279$ DP: 239$.

Aune X1S: RP: 289$ DP: 259$.

Aune S7 Pro: RP: 599$ DP: 539$.

Aune S6 Pro: RP: 599$ DP: 539$.

Aune S1c: RP: 1399$ DP: 1199$.


If you are eyeing any of the brilliant pair of in-ear monitors or premium IEM upgrade cables that DUNU manufactures, Now is the time to empty your wallets. Grab your favorite IEM from their wide range of products at never before prices during this Black Friday season sale. Check out the deals below.

DUNU Hulk: RP: 299$ DP: 269.10$.

DUNU DK-3001 Pro: RP: 469$ DP: 417.41$.

DUNU Luna: RP: 1699$ DP: 1614.05$.

DUNU DM-480: RP: 69$ DP:62.79$.

DUNU DUW-02: RP: 79$ DP: 75$.

DUNU Titan 6: RP: 139$ DP: 125.10$.

DUNU DK-4001: RP: 899$ DP: 854.05$.


The brilliant IEMs from AudioSense including their T800, DT200, AQ3, AQ7, and more are available from our store. This time even better with amazing discounts during the current sale, Check out the crazy deals on them below.

AudioSense T800: RP: 298$ DP: 283.10$.

AudioSense DT200: RP: 149$ DP: 126.65$.

AudioSense AQ3: RP: 179$ DP: 146.78$.

AudioSense AQ7: RP: 498$ DP: 448.20$.

AudioSense T300 Pro: RP: 109$ DP: 98.10$.

AudioSense T180 Pro: RP: 41$ DP: 36.90$.


xDuoo is well-known for its high-fidelity audio equipment especially its portable range of DAC/AMP systems. Check out the deals on their awesome product range below.

xDuoo XD-05 Plus: RP: 260$ DP: 221$.

xDuoo Link: RP: 48$ DP: 40.80$.

xDuoo XD-05 Basic: RP: 140$ DP: 119$.

xDuoo XP-2 Pro: RP: 140$ DP: 119$.

xDuoo Link 2: RP: 99.99$ DP: 84.15$.

xDuoo TA-03S: RP: 258$ DP: 219.30$.

xDuoo TA-05: RP: 120$ DP: 102$.

xDuoo TA-10: RP: 290.90$ DP: 254.91$.

xDuoo TA-20: RP: 366.90$ DP: 311.86$.

xDuoo TA-30: RP: 710$ DP: 603.50$.

The sale is limited not only to these listed brands, we have discounts running on more HiFi brands like the FiiO, Astrotec, Hidizs, KZ, Fidue, and more. Check out the entire store page dedicated to the Black Friday sale here. We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience with us during this sale season, for any queries, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page or write us an e-mail at support@hifigo.com.

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