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If you are following the HiFi audio scene for the past few years, you know FiiO is the top-most leader in HiFi audio gear from China. They got established back in 2007 with experience in the research and development of countless portable HiFi audio products. The brand name FiiO is composed of Fi(Fidelity from HiFi) and iO(number 1&0), representing the convenience digital life brings for us.
Their primary focus is on innovating new and updated HiFi audio gears both in desktop and portable departments. FiiO has garnered the trust of many audiophiles all around the globe that love and uses FiiO’s products in their day-to-day routines. Several products including the FD5 earphones, M11 Pro Android music player, and many more have won countless design and innovation awards. HiFi has an entire product range of FiiO available for you!!