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It’s 2021!! MQA, Short for Master-Quality Authenticated is the latest trend in high-resolution audio. Most of the music streaming services such as Tidal, Qobuz have added Master Quality Streaming made possible with the latest MQA Technology. MQA is a method of digitally capturing and storing the original master recordings in files that are small and convenient for streaming and downloading. Only MQA certified devices are capable of fully unfolding and decoding these streams/files to their full potential. Today, Most of the latest DAC and Headphone amplifiers have received the required certification from MQA UK, HiFiGo has brought us the widest collection of MQA enabled Desktop Decoders available at your convenience at the best prices. We have curated the best MQA decoders from brands such as Matrix Audio, Khadas, Topping, Gustard, S.M.S.L, and more.