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How To Order From Hifigo!!

How To Order From Hifigo!!

Hello friends, I am Pulkit Chugh from Hifigo.com, your one-stop destination for buying premium quality audio gears.

Recently we have received several queries from our prestigious customers from all around the globe, where they faced issues while ordering from our website.

So, today we are bringing you the entire ordering procedure from starting till the very end so that all your questions regarding ordering from our store get answered.

Firstly let me tell you somethings about our shipping:

We at Hifigo have two warehouses one in Shenzhen, China and another one in Hongkong from where we dispatch all our orders within 1-3 working days of your ordering as we need 1 to 3 days to process your order. You can read our shipping policies and tracking methods here.

So, let me show you the procedure of ordering and I will be ordering a unit of Blon-Bl03 for myself, you know how everyone is hyped for this beautiful pair of IEM.

Firstly let's open up the Hifigo.com and you are welcomed by this home page of Hifigo.

Here, you get many options, like if you would like to search our store for a particular item, you can type in the search bar above and click on the search icon, our Website will search the item for you and show you the result.

On the other hand, if you are confused about what to buy, you can explore our different range of products through the menu bar.

Just like, Flash Deals have all the flash offers going on, they are like deal of the day, priced with heavy discounts, you should definitely check this page out every day, who knows when we put your favorite item on sale.

There are other menus like headphones, Clicking this will show you our wide collection of headphones, in-ear monitors, earbuds and many more.

Similarly, there are many other menus like Amp&Dac's, Audio Player and many more, clicking them will show you our wide range of products from that particular category.

But let's just buy a pair of Blon's Bl-03, let me search in the search bar above for Blon's.

Well, our website is quite quick, showed the result in less than 2 seconds, let's click on the Blon IEM and this will take us to its product page.

Okay, so from the product page of Blon Bl-03 we get the option to buy a silver-colored pair of Blon's with mic for 28.99$, but I want to buy a different color and without mic model, so here is a drop-down list just below the product price, and let me choose here,  Brown no mic.

So, this changed the product image, now it shows me brown color and price is now 27.99$ since it is without mic bundle, but you can obviously choose your preferred color and with or without mic bundle according to your preference.

Now, since you have chosen your preferred product and bundle and now it's time to move forward and proceed with the order.

We got two options to proceed now, one is by just clicking on PayPal express checkout, you just have to click on buy with PayPal, this will take you directly to your PayPal account login, please note that if you choose express PayPal method we will take your address as provided in your PayPal account unless you choose a different address while paying from your account.

And the other option is to pay us via your credit card, to choose this, click on the More Payment Options written just below Buy with PayPal.

This will take you directly to fill your contact information, where you can either log in if you have a previous account with us and we will take your contact information from your account.

But since we are new to Hifigo.com, let's fill in our details on the left side of the screen.

Email, Name, complete address and phone number, on the right side you can see items in your cart, and its total amount, shipping is yet to be calculated and will be done on the next screen.

Now let's click on continue to shipping at the bottom of the screen.

Here you see the contact information you just filled, like your email address and your shipping address which you can still change if you want to, just click on the change and fill in the new details.

Below this you can choose your preferred shipping method, by default it is Registered Airmail which is free and it is sent through registered postal services, and it will take about 15-20 days for your order to reach you, depending on your location.
And the other option is to choose express shipping method it costs 25$ and this shipping method brings your order to you within the next 7-10 days, depending on your location.

Please note that your order might get charged for custom duty tax in your country and we at Hifigo.com are not responsible for any such taxes implied in your country, but to ease this, you can leave us a message to support@hifigo.com with order number and get your order priced below the actual value so that if implied, customs will be of less amount.

Let's move forward for payment now.

Here again we can check out contact information, our shipping address and shipping method, we can change them by clicking on Change in front of them respectively, on the right side of your screen you can see your items and total amount payable now.

And you get two options to pay us, either by credit card, please note we accept VISA, Mastercard and Amex Credit Cards, and you can choose PayPal as your payment method here again now.

If you choose PayPal it opens a new window where you have to log in to your PayPal account and proceed with the transaction.

But let's just fill in with our credit card details and complete the transaction via the credit card method.

Please note that in this credit card section, internationally payment approved Debit Cards will also work.

Before clicking on Pay now you get the option to change your billing address, we are going to keep it the same as shipping address and click on Pay now.

So after, clicking on Pay now, your bank processes the transaction with our website, and once approved you get to see this.

You get your order number from this screen and an order confirmation email will be sent to your contact email id which you have provided earlier.

So, now you have ordered your favorite product, now you have paid us, now it's your time to relax and it's our time to start working.

Please be assured, our trained staff is processing your order and you will be getting a shipment information e-mail in the next 1-3 working days.

So now, we have shipped your product and it is in transit, your favorite items are just about to reach you, you can track the shipment using the tracking id provided to you in the mail on either the shipment company tracking website or 17track.com.

You can use your new product with no worries as we at Hifigo offer a warranty of full one year. But if you are unhappy with the product, or you find any issue in the product and would like to either return the product or claim warranty, you can check the details explained here. Please note that you have to return the product in the next 7 days of receiving your order with all the accessories and original packaging to claim a refund or exchange.

I hope this has answered all your order related queries and now we are waiting to get orders from you and serve you with our wide range of products and premium hospitality.


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Amine - July 18, 2022

I live in Italy and i was wondering if i will have to pay extra customs or taxes other than what i will have to pay at checkout if i buy products from you.

YOSUKE OKADA - July 18, 2022

How long does it take to order Fiio K9 PRO LTD now?

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