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Disaster At AKM Factory Affecting Product Prices From 1st January

Notice From DAC Brands: Product Prices Update From 1st January

As we all know a mishappening happened at the Asahi Kasei Microsystems(AKM Technologies) largest factory at Nobeoka City, Japan. The was a massive three-day fire during late October this year. This disastrous event is hurting numerous top Pro-audio manufacturers around the globe due to the abundance of HiFi AKM DAC and ADC chips. This is now affecting the price of audio gears as there is a huge shortage of DAC chips in the market that has resulted in an increment in prices. The latest updated prices on affected products will be live starting 1st January 2021. But till then you can still order products at their current prices. Here’s a list of affected products and their price update.

Product Name Current Price Updated Price DAC Chip
Topping DX3 Pro 219.99$ 249.99$ AK4493
Topping DX7 Pro 599.99$ 649.99$ ES9038Pro
Topping E30 129.99$ 149.99$ AK4493
Topping D10s 99.99$ 109.99$ ES9038Q2M
Topping D70s 649.99$ 649.99$ AK4497*2
Topping D90 699.99$ 749.99$ AK4499
Topping D90 MQA 799.99$ 849.99$ AK4499
Topping L30 139.99$ 149.99$
Topping A50s 199.99$ 219.99$
Topping PA3 104.99$ 119.99$
Topping MX3 129.99$ 139.99$
Topping P50 119.99$ 129.99$
SMSL SU-9 439.99$ 459.99$ ES9038Pro
SMSL M500 399.99$ 429.99$ ES9038Pro
SMSL SK10 MK II 109.99$ 149.99$ AK4493
SMSL M200 279.99$ 299.99$ AK4497
SMSL M400 809.99$ 859.99$ AK4499
SMSL SP200+M200 499.99$ 529.99$
SMSL DP5 599.99$ 649.99$ ES9038Pro
Gustard A22 1079.99$ 1179.99$ AK4499*2
Gustard A22U 1159.99$ 1259.99$ AK4499*2
Gustard A18U 599$ 649.99$ AK4499
Matrix Audio Element X 2999$ 3419$ ES9038Pro
Matrix Audio Element P 2499$ 2869$ ES9028Pro
Matrix Audio Element M 1799$ 2049$ ES9028Pro
Matrix Audio Element i 990$ 1149$ ES9028Pro
Matrix Audio Mini-I 3 749$ 749$ ES9038Q2M
Matrix Audio Mini-I 3 Pro 899$ 899$ ES9038Q2M
Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro(MQA) 1999$ 2299$ ES9038Pro
Matrix Audio X-SPDIF 2 379$ 439$
Matrix Audio Element H 249$ 329$



Topping is a well-known brand in the industry. They are the leading manufacturers of high-quality desktop audio gears. Topping has mostly used AKM DAC chips in its products like the AK4493 in E30, AK4497 in D70s, AK4499 in D90, and so on. Due to the shortage in DAC supplies, Topping had to increase its prices. Products being affected are Topping E30, Topping DX3 Pro, Topping D90, and more.


SMSL has utilized the premium AKM DAC chips in its huge product range. The shortage of DAC chips has heavily affected them, the prices for their products including the SK10 MKii, M200, M500, and more. Grab them before the new prices get applicable from 1st January 2021.

Matrix Audio:-

Matrix Audio is a very rich, premium audio brand that specializes in making high-end desktop audio system. They have widely utilized AKM DAC chips in their wide product range. Products that are being affected by the DAC shortage are Element P, Element X, Mini-i 3, and more.


Gustard has been featuring the high-end AK4499 DAC chips in its flagship Gustard A22, A18, and more audio systems. The shortage of DAC chips has greatly affected the brand’s manufacturing process. Prices have been affected due to this, so grab the powerful Desktop audio systems before the new prices get applicable from 1st January.

Many other brands are also facing huge production issues due to the DAC shortage in the market. New prices will be applicable from 1st January 2021, so if you have been looking to purchase a desktop system like the Topping E30+L30 Stack grab it tomorrow before the prices increase. For more information and support write to us at support@hifigo.com.

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