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Cyber Monday HiFi Deals 2020!!

Cyber Monday HiFi Deals 2020!!

November has been a great month with some awesome deals on our favorite products. First, there was the Chinese biggest 11.11(Double 11) sale, then came the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale, and now to end the month on a fabulous note we are also hosting a Cyber Monday sale on our online store. So in case you missed any of the deals on your favorite HiFi audio products, this is another chance for you to grab them at awesome prices!!

We have collaborated with many brands to bring you the best pricing for HiFi audio gears during this sale season and the same continues for the Cyber Monday deals. First, check out some recommendations from our side.

IEMs to look for:-

Tin HiFi P2:-

Retail Price: 339$.

Deal Price: 288.15$.

The successor of the highly acclaimed P1 planar magnetic driver IEM from Tin HiFi, the P2 delivers an amazing sonic experience. The pair houses an improved second-generation 12mm premium planar magnetic driver inside its well-crafted stainless steel earpieces and comes bundled with a high-grade fully balanced cable. The cable has a 2.5mm fully balanced termination plug and comes bundled with 2.5mm to 3.5mm and 2.5mm to 4.4mm adapters in the package. It has received several positive feedbacks from the community. If you are looking to grab a planar magnetic IEM with outstanding sonic capabilities, now is the time to grab the P2 at such a crazy deal for the first time.

Buy from here.

Tin HiFi P1:-

Retail Price: 169$

Deal Price: 143.65$

Along with the latest P2, the highly acclaimed P1 is also on sale during Cyber Monday. The pair features a premium 10mm planar magnetic driver inside stainless steel earpieces. They provide a firm and comfortable fit for its users suitable for long music sessions. The P1 has received many positive feedbacks from the community. If you are looking for a balanced sounding pair at a budget, it is the best time to grab the P1 at this unbelievable price.

Buy from here.

LZ A7:-

Retail Price: 338$.

Deal Price: 285$.

LZ A7 is the latest premium offering from LZ Acoustics. The pair features a powerful seven driver hybrid setup on each side(1 DD+ 4 BA+ 2 Piezo Electric) along with five different pairs of tuning filters and a two-way sound mode switch. The LZ A7 delivers an unmatched sound experience to its users with a comfortable fit, high-resolution sound clarity, wide extensions at both ends, and natural tonality.

Buy from here.


Retail Price: 199.99$.

Deal Price: 179.99$.

IKKO Audio makes some beautiful looking and great sounding earphones, IKKO OH10 being one of them. The pair excels in both craftsmanship with premium pure copper cavities, and sound experience with a dual hybrid configuration consisting of 33518 Knowles BA paired with a 10mm titanium polymer DD unit. If you are looking for a pair with amazing sonic clarity and beautiful looks, the IKKO OH10 is an awesome one. Grab it during the Cyber Monday sale!!

Buy from here.

BQEYZ Spring 2:-

Retail Price: 169.99$.

Deal Price: 129.99$.

BQEYZ Spring 2 is one of the best pair of IEMs under the 200$ price range. It checks all the boxes in a perfect pair of IEMs, beautiful looks, crisp sound clarity, and a firm comfortable fit. What should be a better time to grab such an amazing pair other than a crazy sale during Cyber Monday. Grab this awesome one for just 129.99$, check out more details here.

CatEar Mia:-

Retail Price: 99$.

Deal Price: 79$.

CatEar’s debutant pair of in-ear monitors, Mia has been grabbing a lot of positive feedbacks since its released. It is a single dynamic drive pair made with utmost precision and craftsmanship. It is tuned by professionals with years of experience in the industry to deliver amazing sound clarity. Now is your chance to buy this awesome pair for just 79$ instead of the regular 99$ price tag.

Buy from here.


Retail Price: 119$.
Deal Price: 109.48$.

Are you looking to buy a pair with adjustable tuning options? Well, you can just never go wrong with the NICEHCK NX7 MK3. It features a powerful seven driver hybrid configuration(2 DD+ 4 BA+ 1 Piezoelectric), replaceable tuning filters, and replaceable faceplates. You can grab these at a discounted price of just 109.48$, check out more details here.

Shozy Rouge:-

Retail Price: 179$.

Deal Price: 149$.

Have you looked at these beautiful earpieces?? The Shozy rouge features very beautiful earpieces completely hand-painted by professional artists. Sonically, they house a triple driver hybrid configuration(2 Knowles BA+ 1 DD) on each side delivering outstanding sonic clarity. You can grab these awesome babies for just 149$.

Buy from here.

Shozy Form 1.4:-

Retail Price: 199$.

Deal Price: 166.66$.

Shozy Form 1.4 is actually one of the most selling budget pairs from the brand. It features beautifully crafted earpieces housing a premium 5 driver hybrid configuration(4BA + 1DD). The pair produces a smooth and detailed sound clarity. Grab the awesome Shozy Form 1.4 for just 166.66$ during the Cyber Monday sale. Check more details here.

Astrotec Phoenix:-

Retail Price: 879$.

Deal Price: 791.10$.

Are you looking to buy something with a premium EST driver configuration, well look no further than the Astrotec Phoenix here. These beautifully handcrafted rosewood earpieces house a three-driver hybrid configuration(2 EST + 1 DD). The pair not only has exceptional looks, but it also produces soul-soothing detailed music with utmost clarity and precision. Usually, the pair retails for around 879$, but during the Cyber Monday sale grab these for just 791.10$. Buy from here.

Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid:-

Retail Price: 169$.

Deal Price: 99.99$.

Xiaomi’s latest hybrid driver in-ear monitors, the HiFi Hybrid can be bought during the sale for just 99$. The pair offers stellar performance with its 4 driver hybrid configuration(2 BA + 2 DD). It comes bundled with MMCX wireless connection cable too. Buy this awesome one here.

Deals on TWS:-

The market for truly wireless sets of earbuds is emerging on a large scale. We are offering crazy deals on HiFi TWS, check out the deals below.


Retail Price: 169.99$.

Deal Price: 129.99$.

Equipped with a high-performance QCC5126 Bluetooth Chip, the Vivo TWS provides smooth and stable Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. The pair is quite rich in features like powerful 14.2mm large DD units, dual microphones for Active cVc support, Capacitive sensors, Touch volume control, and many more. If you are looking to buy a high-res premium TWS, the VIVO TWS will serve you well. Buy from here.

OPPO Enco Free:-

Retail Price: 139.99$.

Deal Price: 79.99$.

Oppo Enco Free is a feature-rich pair of TWS of earphones. It supports strong and stable Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity.  Large 13.2mm DD units produce lively sound output. The pair also features an AI Uplink Noise Cancellation, wear detection, touch controls, and a battery life of up to 5 hours on a single charge( up to 25 hours with the charging case). It is available at a discounted price of just 79.99$ during the Cyber Monday sale, grab it before the sale ends here.

Whizzer Series of TWS:-

TP1: RP: 59.99$, DP: 39.99$.

TP1s: RP: 89.99$, DP: 49.99$.

B6: RP: 79.99$ DP: 44.99$.

Whizzer produces some brilliantly designed earphones which are evident through their wide product range. We are offering awesome deals on their TWS product range, check out the links here, TP1, TP1S, B6.

For deals on various products from famous brands, check below:-


xDuoo XD-05 Plus: RP: 260$ DP: 221$.

xDuoo Link: RP: 48$ DP: 40.80$.

xDuoo XD-05 Basic: RP: 140$ DP: 119$.

xDuoo XP-2 Pro: RP: 140$ DP: 119$.

xDuoo Link 2: RP: 99.99$ DP: 84.15$.

xDuoo TA-03S: RP: 258$ DP: 219.30$.

xDuoo TA-05: RP: 120$ DP: 102$.

xDuoo TA-10: RP: 290.90$ DP: 254.91$.

xDuoo TA-20: RP: 366.90$ DP: 311.86$.

xDuoo TA-30: RP: 710$ DP: 603.50$.


SMSL SP200: RP: 265.99$ DP: 226.09$.

SMSL M200: RP: 279.99$ DP: 226.09$.

SMSL M400: RP: 809.99$ DP: 728.99$.

SMSL M500: RP: 399.99$ DP: 339.99$.

SMSL DP5: RP: 599.99$ DP: 509.99$.

Kinera & QOA(Queen Of Audio):-

Kinera Nanna: RP: 899$ DP: 764.15$.

Kinera Odin: RP: 799.99$ DP: 616$.

Kinera Baldr: RP: 1399$ DP: 1199.14$.

Kinera IDUN: RP: 139.99$ DP: 118.15$.

Kinera YH623: RP: 69$ DP: 57.96$.

Kinera Seed: RP: 79.99$ DP: 41.16$.

Kinera Freya: RP: 249.99$ DP: 208.54$.

Kinera TYR: RP: 27$ DP: 22.95$.

Kinera SIF: RP: 37$ DP: 31.45$.

QOA Pink Lady: RP: 119$ DP: 95.20$.

QOA Vesper: RP 69$ DP: 57.79$.


Gustard A22: RP: 1049.99$ DP: 917.99$.

Gustard A22(With USB): RP 1099.99$ DP: 960.49$.

Gustard X22: RP: 1099.98$ DP: 934.98$.

Gustard C16: RP: 659$ DP: 560.15$.

Gustard P26: RP: 669$ DP: 568.65$.

Gustard H16: RP: 399.99$ DP: 363.99$.


Shanling UP2: RP: 79.99$ DP: 61.15$.

Shanling MW200: RP: 119$ DP: 101.10$.

Shanling Q1: RP: 139$ DP: 101.10$.

Shanling M6: RP: 499$ DP: 449.10$.

Shanling M0: RP: 109$ DP: 83.38$.

Shanling M2X: RP: 219$ DP: 174.15$.

Shanling ME200: RP: 179.99$ DP: 147.31$.

Shanling ME500: RP: 269.99$ DP: 210.65$.

Shanling MW100: RP: 60$ DP: 54$.

Shanling ME100: RP: 119$ DP: 98.72$.

Shanling MTW100: RP: 89.99$ DP: 74.10$.


Aune XP2: RP: 105$ DP: 97.20$.

Aune X8: RP: 299.99$ DP: 259.99$.

Aune BU1: RP: 299.99$ DP: 249.99$.

Aune S8: RP: 998$ DP: 898$.

Aune X7S: RP: 289$ DP: 259$.

Aune X5S: RP: 279$ DP: 239$.

Aune X1S: RP: 289$ DP: 259$.

Aune S7 Pro: RP: 599$ DP: 539$.

Aune S6 Pro: RP: 599$ DP: 539$.

Aune S1c: RP: 1399$ DP: 1199$.


TRI Starsea: RP: 129$ DP: 98.9$.

TRI I3: RP: 169$ DP: 129.99$.

TRI Starlight: RP: 799$ DP:639.20$.

Matrix Audio:-

Matrix Element X: RP: 2999$ DP: 2549.15$.

Matrix Element H USB 3.0: RP: 249$ DP: 211.65$.

Matrix Mini-i 3 Pro: RP: 899.99$ DP: 764.15$.

We are not limited with only these deals, but if we list all we will only be able to publish the blog after the sale ends LOL.  Check out our entire deals page here.

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