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xDuoo DT-01 HiFi Turntable for Smartphones

xDuoo DT-01 HiFi Turntable for Smartphones

xDuoo has come up with a very interesting device, introducing the all-new xDuoo DT-01. It is a HiFi turntable designed for your smartphones. Yes, you read that right, simply use your smartphone as a high-fidelity music source and get USB, Coaxial, Optical digital outputs or Aux line-out/pre-out to further devices in your chain. xDuoo has equipped this stunning device with a bunch of high-quality components including a powerful amp section, ES9038Q2M DAC chipset, etc. The DT01 supports charging your device while using it for music. It also has a built-in multi-colour indicator light that glows in different colours based on the active playback file. We are excited for the DT01 as it might just be the perfect companion for bedtime side setup or a source for our dedicated desktop chain.

xDuoo DT01-1

xDuoo DT-01 has an interesting price point of $159, you can check out more details here.

The DT01 is a unique and one of its kind device so far in the industry. You have a dedicated stand where you can put your phone and connect it to the DT-01 using a USB connector cable. Now you can use your smartphone as a Hi-Res media source. The xDuoo DT-01 has multiple digital output options such as USB, Coaxial, and Optical. It can also provide pre-amp or line-out function via Aux connectivity and also houses a 3.5mm headphone output port. You can even charge your device while using by simply turning on the Charging switch.

xDuoo DT01-2

At the heart of the xDuoo DT-01, we have an ES9038Q2M high-performance 32-bit DAC chipset. Along with the XMOS multi-core USB processor, we have full support for processing 32-bit/384kHz PCM and native DSD256 audio signals. The xDuoo DT-01 also has a colourful indicator light that glows into different colours based on the active file bitrate. The 3.5mm headphone jack also packs a punch. It delivers up to 350mW of clean output easily driving most headphones without any trouble.

xDuoo DT01-3

xDuoo DT-01 has a solid build quality. It is built using high-quality aluminium alloy material, which provides a solid, robust build with lightweight aesthetics. It is also very easy to carry, you can remove the back plate and put it in the bag whenever required. xDuoo DT-01 is an interesting device which you can use for multiple purposes. You can grab the xDuoo DT-01 for just $159, check out more details here.

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