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Edifier TWS1 Ture Wirelesss Earbuds Teardown | Hifigo

Edifier TWS1 Ture Wirelesss Earbuds Teardown | Hifigo

Edifier is a well-reputed and veteran audio company from China. Their products line varies from desktop speakers, wired headsets, BlueTooth speakers to noise-canceling headphones, and TWS true wireless Bluetooth earbuds which are very popular this year.

This year, Edifier launched a full range of TWS. The first one was named TWS1, and Sheng Yilun was invited as brand spokesperson. This is rare to invite brand spokesperson in the headsets. The market is optimistic.

Edifier TWS1, as the pioneer of Edifier TWS series, what chip is used internally, how the structure design, whether to continue Edifier characteristics, etc., let's disassemble it and see.

TrueWireless (TM) Stereo Plus for real listening freedom
Up to 32 hours of playback with Charging Case
IPX5 splash and sweatproof
Bluetooth v5.0 aptX for a strong connection with lower latency
Low-profile, ergonomic in-ear design with touch controls
cVc noise reduction for crystal clear calling

1. Unpacking of Edifier TWS1

From the model name, we can know that it is the first pair of TWS true wireless Bluetooth earbuds from the Edifier.

There is a lot of information on the back with specifications and instructions.

On the side of the box, six selling point icons were printed, namely Bluetooth 5.0, Qualcomm chip, 8+24 hours battery life, bio-diaphragm, touch operation, IPX5 waterproof.

On the other side of the box is the Qualcomm aptX logo.

Headphones, charging cable, earmuffs, instructions for use, warranty card, etc. are included in the box.

The charging cable of the MicroUSB interface

English brand logo of Edifier on the top of the charging case.

TWS1 classic version, the earbuds charging current is 5V 60mA, and the charging current of the case is 5V 500mA.

The charging port is located on the back of the charging case.

Earbuds inside the case.

L and R remark for left and right ear tips, POP thimbles, and grooves

From the Chargerlab POWER-Z portable current voltmeter, the charging parameters for charging case are 5.092V, 0.238A, and power 1.21W.

2. Teardown of the Edifier TWS1 charging case.

The charging box is fixed by a buckle. The buckle is located on the upper edge of the charging case cover.

The magnet in the charging box.

The sub-board connected by three enameled wires is the Hall switch circuit, which can detect the opening and closing operation of the charging box.

Hall element close-up.

The indicator light on the charging box.

A light shield is placed on the outside of the indicator light to facilitate the display of the light source from a fixed position.

POP thimble close-up. Two groups of the POP thimble, two in each group of Edifier TWS1 true wireless earbuds.

The components on the charging box circuit board are the inductor, LDO, precision resistor and MicroUSB socket from left to right.

The Micro SS809, an 8-bit low-power microcontroller with integrated power management features.

The built-in battery of Edifier TWS1 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds charging box capacity is 500mAh. It is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Model SP702334, charging limit voltage 4.2V, produced by Huizhou Chaoju Battery Co., Ltd. The official claims that the earbuds battery life is 8hours; the charging box can be recharged 3 times for earbuds and total battery time is up to 32 hours.

The protection board on the battery, the chip in the middle SOP8 package is a lithium battery protection chip, which prevents the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, etc., and plays a safety protection role. The red and black wires correspond to the positive and negative electrodes respectively and are connected to the charging box circuit board to supply power to the earphone.

3. Teardown of the Edifier TWS1 Ture Wireless Earbuds 

Two earphones close-up. The surface and angle of Edifier TWS1 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds in the ear part are repeatedly polished and scrutinized to achieve a better balance of aesthetics and comfort; Because of ergonomic design, even petite girls can wear comfortably. different size earmuffs attached and you could find the best pair to fit.

Microphone close-up on headphones.

The two charging contact points of Edifier TWS1 TWS1 true wireless Bluetooth earphones are corresponding to the positive and negative.

After removing the silicone earplugs from the earphones, the dustproof mesh holes are visible to prevent dust.

The Edifier TWS1 true wireless Bluetooth earbuds are assembled with the buckle and welded with ultrasonic technology. It can be restored after disassembly.

Both left and right earbuds support touch operation. The middle dot is the touch contact and the outer ring is the antenna.

Earphones POP thimble close-up.

The earphone speaker is connected to the main control PCB by an FPC flexible circuit board.

The official introduction of Edifier TWS1 true wireless Bluetooth headset opts built-in bio-diaphragm to deliver us rich and clean sound performance.

Comparing the size with one Yuan coin,  PCB design is so completed in such a small space.

The power supply battery on the earbuds, model 601115, 60mAh, 0.222Wh. The official claims that this battery could provide 8-hour juice.
A separate protective board is on the battery. There are two protection chips and a resistor on the board.
POP thimble and LED indicator on the earphone circuit board.

 Main control chip of the earbuds is under the QR code sticker,  it is microphone and crystal oscillator next to the QR code below.

 233  chip with SOP23-6 package.

5AJ  chip close-up.

Edifier TWS1’s Qualcomm chip QCC3020  cuts power consumption and 2x the playtime of average TWS earbuds. It is a low-power Bluetooth audio SOC, designed in FBGA package, supporting Qualcomm's unique aptX high-definition decoding, lower latency, up to 48KHz frequency, delivering better audio quality and lower streaming latency for an improved overall listening experience.

The build of Edifier TWS1 produces a active noise isolation effect, which is able to keep all extraneous audio interference to a minimum and deliver us clean talking through microphones.

The TWS1 true wireless Bluetooth headset is composed of dozens of components. The product structure is cleverly designed for easy assembly and disassembly. Whether it is a charging box or a headphone, it can be separated without damage.


Comfortable Fit with Stellar Sound
Built to be comfortable for all ear sizes, the included ear tips provide the perfect fit. 8mm neodymium drivers produce natural highs and deep bass for a fantastic listening experience. 

Ergonomic Splash-proof Design
IPX4 splash & sweatproof, these fully wireless earphones are perfect for workouts or exercising outdoors. Get the protection you need to keep your music going no matter how the weather is.

True Wireless Stereo with Bluetooth v4.2
TWS technology and advanced wireless features create a killer combination of portability, comfort and audio quality. Bluetooth 4.2 offers better audio quality and lower streaming latency for an improved overall listening experience.

Improved Call Quality and Battery Life
The omnidirectional microphone allows for crystal clear phone calls. The charging case offers up to 3 charges for a total playtime of 12 hours.


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