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TWS 101  | Part 1. Why Are True Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 very Good Now?

TWS 101 | Part 1. Why Are True Wireless Earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 very Good Now?

Bluetooth is wireless Technology used everywhere.  Now Bluetooth 5.0 has released which promises to deliver the best quality connectivity to its users. Bluetooth 5.0 has come with dramatically improved performance and functionality. What will it be for earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0? 
At some point over the last few years, Bluetooth got… well if not good, usable. It gradually started sucking less—pairing would take six minutes instead of never—and eventually, it generally worked when you wanted it to. There’s still the occasional hiccup but for the most part, it’s pretty seamless. It might take a bit of faffing to get everything to pair first time around, but after that, you should be good to go. Dropped connections used to be a daily occurrence but now they’re a rare event. Just make sure you’re using a modern smartphone and headphones.

What is Bluetooth 5.0?

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard. It’s commonly used for wireless headphones and other audio hardware, as well as wireless keyboards, mice, and game controllers. Bluetooth is also used for communication between various smart home and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.
It is announced on 16 June 2016 to come in late 2016 or early 2017. Bluetooth 5.0 is here and with its release, developers to meet all the advanced standard of the wireless world with more privacy and security. It is setting the stage for the future. Bluetooth is revolutionizing how people experience the IoT. Its specification includes low power consumption, inexpensive hardware and, small size implementations.

Journey of Bluetooth

Bluetooth 5.0’s primary benefits are improved speed and greater range. In other words, it’s faster and can operate over greater distances than older versions of Bluetooth. Let's walk you more about the details.

Twice of Speed 

Bluetooth 5.0 is faster than Bluetooth 4 with the format having 2Mbps, twice the speed of Bluetooth 4 about 1 Mbps making the Bluetooth 5 able to meet one of IoT requirements. This is thanks to the 5Mbps bandwidth of the Bluetooth 5 in comparison to 2.1 Mbps of the Bluetooth 4.
The latest incarnation of Bluetooth already promises CD-quality audio over lower 1 Mbps speeds, so 2 Mbps speeds should enable even better wireless audio quality.  It has enough bandwidth for CD-level audio quality; even higher if you’re using an Android handset and headphones that support AptX.

Improved Range

Bluetooth 5.0 is an amazing technology that gives you an outstanding range compared to its 4.2 counterparts. Bluetooth 5.0 can quadruple the range of its predecessor, meaning that you can get around 800 feet away from your compatible speakers, headphones or fitness tracker while keeping the connectivity intact. You will also enjoy twice the speed of data transfer compared to the previous version of this technology.

Battery Life Isn’t (Much) of an Issue for Wireless earbuds 

The Bluetooth 5.0 has been formulated to use less power on your device compared to the Bluetooth 4. That means you can keep your Bluetooth switched on for a longer period of time and so much more compared to Bluetooth 4 which consumes more power than its newer counterpart.  
For example, wireless earbuds couldn’t communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), so they had to use the more power-hungry Bluetooth classic standard instead. With Bluetooth 5.0, all audio devices communicate over Bluetooth Low Energy, which means reduced power usage and longer battery life. Whatever way you look at it, you should be able to find a set of Bluetooth earbuds that has enough juice to get you through a full day. 

Message Capacity

Bluetooth 5.0 has large Massage capacity about 255 bytes gives more bytes for actual data payload while the Bluetooth 4 has small message capacity of about 31 bytes which gives just 17 to 20 bytes for actual data payload.  

Support for IoT devices

Bluetooth 5.0 easily meets the requirements for IoT devices with its good range and increase in speed while Bluetooth 4 does not due to its low speed and start working range. That means IoT devices will work well with Bluetooth 5 and utilize all its features properly. 

Outstanding Support  Dual Audio

Bluetooth 5.0 can also support two sets of wireless gadgets at the same time. In other words, you could have two pairs of wireless earbuds connected to your phone, and them stream audio to both of them at once, all via standard Bluetooth. Or you could play audio on two different speakers in different rooms. You could even stream two different audio sources to two different audio devices at the same time, so two people could be listening to two different pieces of music, but streaming from the same phone.


The good news is, Bluetooth 5.0 hardware is fully backward compatible with prior versions of Bluetooth. Your Bluetooth 5.0 phone will have no problem at all working with all the Bluetooth headphones, speakers, fitness trackers, automobiles, and everything else out there. You won’t get any of the benefits of the new technology, though—it will work as if you didn’t have Bluetooth 5 capability in your phone, tablet, or computer at all.
The Comparison Table shows how much Bluetooth 5 better from Bluetooth 4.2.
Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that, while Bluetooth earbuds might not be perfect, they’re now good enough for daily use. They’ve got one final trump card: they’re so much nicer to use than wired earbuds.
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