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TWS 101  | Part 4. Why are true wireless earphones connectivity so good now

TWS 101 | Part 4. Why are true wireless earphones connectivity so good now

How do wireless earphones connect?

Most connect via Bluetooth wireless technology. There’s also a 'shortcut' way of connecting via Bluetooth, known as NFC (near-field communication), which makes the process even easier. Other connectivity options do exist as well (see below for details), but for almost everyone, we'd recommend connecting via Bluetooth or NFC.
How exactly do we get the music from your phone to your ears without anything between? Sounds pretty tricky, like magic! While Bluetooth connectivity may seem like a kind of wizardry, it’s actually very simple and straightforward. Bluetooth technology sends a signal kind of like an old school walkie-talkie or a radio. Your true wireless earbuds act as a tv dish, catching the signal and playing it appropriately. Just like a radio or tv, sometimes earbuds need to be adjusted in your ears to catch the signal best. Make sense?

Bluetooth 5 better 

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest version of the Bluetooth wireless communication standard which means true wireless earphones can maintain a super stable wireless connection within 30m range and use with lower power consumption and higher speed.

Long range connectivity - Bluetooth 5 supports 200m in Line of Sight path in the outdoor environment and 40m in the indoor environment. Bluetooth 5 earphones allow low-energy transmissions offering data range for more range.

Low latency for a smooth experience - A high-speed signal transmission results in lower latency that allows you to enjoy your favorite videos and live shows with a stable connection.

Easy to pair for connectivity - The earphones are easy to pair via Bluetooth and most can be further tweaked via the true wireless earbuds app. It auto-pairs to your device the second you open the charging case. There is no need to take the headphones out of the case. Just like that, open and pair.

No dropout in the connectivity - The earbuds make use of Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology Support for the likes of aptX and AAC, Even surrounded by thousands of other devices trying to hook up to Bluetooth, there wasn't any noticeable dropout in the connectivity either.

Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus better

Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus allows for a simultaneous connection between the source device and left and right earbuds. This optimized mobile chipset results in significantly increased performance by bringing a faster transmission, stronger anti-interference, and a more stable connection. The latest ideal earbuds are featured with this, like Astrotec S80 view at hifigo.com

Users won’t have to pair each earbud individually - The latest-generation Qualcomm TrueWireless technology is supported on the recent breakthrough Bluetooth audio System-on-Chip (SoC), which is designed to help reduce power consumption by up to 65 percent compared to the previous generation. These improvements extend to phones regardless of their smartphone platform. Concerning pairing, users won’t have to pair each earbud individually, making it a more streamlined process. The updates also include the ability to autonomously role switch each earbud between primary and secondary roles in order to balance power consumption between the ‘buds.

Highly compact, feature-rich wireless earbuds - This single-chip solution offers manufacturers an efficient way of controlling and managing the truly wireless connection. This is available in a 4mm x 4mm CSP package, along with a comprehensive suite of software (Audio Development Kit) to support the development of new generation, highly compact, feature-rich wireless earbuds.

Support stereo phone calls in both ears - Qualcomm TrueWireless Stereo Plus eliminates the need for cross-head Bluetooth transmission by simultaneously connecting the mobile device to both earbuds.

Branded HIFI manufacture better

HiFi grade development of earbuds: The market of actual wireless earbuds is extremely very young. In the beginning, some companies which are famous on HIFI equipment didn't produce wireless earbuds, but it seems true wireless earbuds are in the trend and more and more reputed HIFI companies are launching their next generation of true wireless of earbuds in the summer of 2019.

Truly wireless earbuds have come a long way. The headphones that initially hit the market were finicky, unreliable and expensive, but today you can get an affordable pair of truly wireless earbuds that have a strong Bluetooth connection, great sound, and good battery life.


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