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HiFiGo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale: Exclusive Offers On Exciting Range of Prducts!!

HiFiGo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale: Exclusive Offers On Exciting Range of Prducts!!

Music Lovers, Audiophiles, and Tech Enthusiasts, it’s time to call everyone who loves listening to music, because it’s time for Black Friday. A huge shopping extravaganza awaits you with us starting 23rd November 2023. We are super thrilled to announce that our incredible Black Friday sale is coming up where you can get exciting offers and crazy discounts with up to 50% off on a wide array of premium quality HiFi Audio Gear. Whether you’re a beginner audiophile looking to start your journey or an experienced one who is looking for an upgrade, this Black Friday will hold amazing discounts on famous products from top brands in the industry. We’ve partnered with famous names including AFULToppingKineraSeeAudio, and many more to bring you exciting products at never before prices. Delve into the world of audiophilia with high-quality products at discounted deals. This Black Friday we are going to bring some special offers on special products including the recently launched Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin, AFUL Performer 8Celest Phoenixcall, and many more.

Our Black Friday sale is your chance to upgrade your audio experience without breaking the bank. With discounts of up to 50% on some of the most sought-after HiFi audio gear, this is the perfect opportunity to expand your collection or introduce yourself to the world of high-fidelity sound. So, mark your calendars, set your alarms, and prepare to indulge in an audiophile's dream come true. Our Black Friday sale begins 23rd November and it will be active till 27th November 2023, check out the entire sales catalog here. Our sale is live on Amazon US from 20th November, it will begin on Amazon Japan store today and it will be active till 1st December. Our sale is also live on our Aliexpress store as well. Let’s check out some of our favorite deals this Black Friday!!

Gizaudio x Binary Acoustics Chopin: Extraordinary Sound At Unbelievable Price!!

Retail: 199.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 179.99$.

Binary Acoustics recently debuted in the international market with the Chopin, a collaborative project with the Gizaudio media channel. The pair houses a 1DD+3BA driver configuration that delivers HiFi sound with refined details, enhanced resolution, and brilliant clarity. The Chopin came out quite recently, and we are already offering a crazy deal on the Black Friday Sale. Grab this beautiful IEM today and enjoy quality sound at a budget price.

AFUL Performer 8: Versatile Flagship Multi-Driver Hybrid IEMs!!

Retail Price: 369.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 329.99$.

AFUL Performer 8 is an upgrade over Performer 5 in every possible way. From outstanding new looks to an exciting sound, we have everything with the set here. Performer 8 is known for its flagship-level performance in an affordable price range, and promising quality aesthetics with great sound delivery. Based on the reviews available worldwide, the pair has an accurate and natural sound presentation that complements most genres well. Grab the amazing AFUL Performer8 for just 329.99$, a special deal for the super special Black Friday Sale!!

Kinera Celest Phoenixcall: Ultimate Multi-Driver Hybrid With Sweet Discounts!!

Retail Price: 129.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 110.49$.

This Black Friday will definitely be one of your favorite sales with our amazing discounts on the latest products. Kinera Celest Phoenixcall, the stunning multi-driver hybrid is going to be discounted for the first time ever. Grab this stunning IEM that has the perfect designer feel and professional tuning for just 110.49$, an amazing deal on an amazing set of IEMs, check these out during Black Friday to get the best offer.

Softears Studio 4: Latest Launch At Amazing Deal!!

Retail Price: 449$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 368$.

Softears recently launched the Studio4 which is a multi-BA set with four customized high-performance BA drivers on each side. The pair boasts elegant looks with its beautifully crafted 3D printed resin material ear shells. The pair came out recently and it is already up for grabs with exciting offers, this is what the Black Friday is all about. Get the amazing Softears Studio 4 for an amazing deal price of 368$, and explore your favourite music with amazing clarity and details.

LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo: Outstanding Deal on an Outstanding Pair!!

Retail Price: 109.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 75$.

LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo is a beast on its own. Specially designed for people who like smooth, neutral, detailed sound, the LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo offers outstanding sound with an interesting design. Galileo delivers impressive clarity throughout a wide frequency band. Galileo is also Gizaudio’s first collab product, it was regarded well by both professional reviewers as well as users. With only the last few units available worldwide now, you can grab this stunning set for just 75$, and make the best out of this black friday sale!!

DUNU SA6 MK2: Redefining The Mid-Fi Segment!!

Retail Price: 579.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 550.05$.

DUNU SA6 MK2 is one of our favourite multi-BA IEMs on the planet. It comes as a successor to the award-winning SA6 with a redesigned cavity design, high-quality BA drivers, and adjusted tuning, and also comes with DUNU’s premium Hulk Pro Mini cable as stock. This is an IEM that redefines the mid-fi segment with exceptional sound resolution and lovely vocal rendition. Get the DUNU SA6 MK2 for an ultimate deal during our Black Friday Sale!!

LETSHUOER x Z Reviews Z12 Gold Edition: Specially-Tuned Planar Magnetic IEMs!!

Retail Price: 169$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 131.82$.

LETSHUOER Z12 Gold Edition is one of the most successful planar magnetic driver IEMs in the market. Tuned by Z Reviews, the Z12 Gold Edition boasts an exciting sound with strong, bass response, lively treble, and crispy vocals. The instruments are well-defined, and the overall sound presentation is captivating making it an ideal choice for most genres of music. The special gold edition is available in stunning gold and black ear shells which look awesome!! We are going to offer the Z12 Gold Edition at a crazy deal, an unbelievable price this Black Friday Sale!!

SeeAudio Rinko: Strong, Powerful Sound!!

Retail Price: 99.99$.

Black Friday Deal: 79.99$.

SeeAudio Rinko will also come on an amazing deal during the Black Friday sale. The pair came out as a collaboration between SeeAudio and Z Reviews. It packs a unique dual-driver setup featuring a 6mm planar and a 10mm dd unit on each side. Rinko has a strong sound with a deep, hard-hitting bass response, a clear midrange with lively vocals, and a smooth, extended treble response. Ever since the Rinko was released, it has been appreciated well by users worldwide. Get Rinko for yourself for just 79.99$, the best deal ever on the set just for the Black Friday deal!!

SeeAudio Neko: Specially Crafted Multi-BA Driver Set With EA Cadmus as Stock Cable!!

Retail Price: 699$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 629.99$.

SeeAudio Neko is quite a recent set and this is probably the best deal you can grab this Black Friday. It’s an amazing multi-BA IEM featuring six high-performance balanced armature drivers per side. The set features a stunning Mother of Pearl face panel design, and it comes with Effect Audio Cadmus as its stock cable. SeeAudio has designed the Neko with utmost perfection, it’s like one of their premium offerings with a smooth and balanced sound profile, and the stunning design is just like the icing on the cake. Get the best ever deal on the SeeAudio Neko this Black Friday Sale, grab it for just 629.99$, an outstanding deal if you ask us!!


Moondrop Variations: True Hi-Res Sound With Multi-Driver Hybrid Configuration!!

Retail Price: 520$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 442$.

Variations is an outstanding pair of in-ear monitors that deliver flagship-level sound at a mid-fi budget price. It’s an excellent package with comfortable, well-built ear shells, a tribrid driver setup, and excellent sound quality output. Moondrop Variations brings the goodness of three types of drivers including dynamic drivers, balanced armature drivers, and EST drivers promising top-level resolution, and with expert tuning by Moondrop, you get an exceptional sound. It’s an IEM everyone should experience to see the craftsmanship and the quality tuning by Moondrop. Get the Moondrop Variations for just 442$ during our Black Friday Sale.

Effect Audio Cadmus 8W: Premium Silver-Plated OCC Litz Cable!!

Retail Price: 314$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 251.20$.

Effect Audio Cadmus is a premium UP-OCC Silver-Plated Copper Litz Hybrid cable from Effect Audio. It is an 8-wire variant widely appreciated for its exceptional build, outstanding sound performance, and a variety of top-quality build components. The Cadmus is available in both 4-wire and 8-wire configurations. Grab the 8-wire variant for the best deal ever for just 251.20$ during our Black Friday sale event!!

SeeAudio Bravery RB Edition: A New Take On The Bravery!!

Retail Price: 319$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 271.15$.

SeeAudio Bravery RB Anniversary edition is an amazing IEM with 4-Balanced Armature driver configuration per side. The set has a smooth and lively sound that complements different genres nicely. The pair has a premium-quality silver-plated cable with a swappable termination plug system. It has a beautiful design with Red and Blue coloured ear shells. The Bravery RB brings you a smooth and rich sound delivering enticing vocals that soothe your soul. Get the Bravery RB Edition for just 271.15$, a crazy deal during our Black Friday week!!

Effect Audio x HiFiGo Griffin: Our Specially Designed Premium Upgrade Cable!!

Retail Price: 199.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 179.99$.

We recently collaborated with Effect Audio to design the Griffin, a high-quality premium silver-plated OCC copper IEM upgrade cable. The cable is specially developed with Effect Audio’s patented technologies such as TermX, ConX, Soft Insulation, etc. This is a cable that complements different IEMs and products with its comfortable lightweight design and high-purity wire cores promising smooth signal transmission. The Griffin is a single cable that can help you with easy compatibility with a wide range of IEMs. Get the Mighty EA x HiFiGo Griffin for just 179.99$ during our Black Friday Sale.

Softears Twilight: The Performer At Unbelievable Deal!!

Retail Price: 930$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 780$.

We have brought the Softears Twilight at an unbelievable deal!! Launched earlier this year, this single dynamic driver IEM boasts a crazy design and impeccable sound performance which is loved by many. The midrange is the star of the show on the set delivering lifelike natural vocals and crisp instruments. While the set retails for 930$, Get it for just 780$, the best deal you can grab on the set only during our Black Friday sale!!


Softears Volume: Turn Up The Volume This Black Friday!!

Retail Price: 285$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 219$.

Softears Volume is a brilliantly crafted, well-finished three-driver hybrid IEM that is known for its fun and lively sound presentation. The pair adopts a beryllium-dome dd unit with customized BA drivers for rich bass response and excellent clarity throughout the frequency band. Volume is widely appreciated by its users for its fun and lively sound signature, get yours at an amazing deal this Black Friday and experience the rich sound of the Softears Volume for yourself.

xDuoo XD05 Pro: Ultimate Flagship Portable USB DAC/AMP!!

Retail Price: 799$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 679.15$.

xDuoo recently came up with the XD05 Pro, a flagship transportable USB DAC/AMP with a swappable audio module design. This device offers easily replaceable DAC and OPAMP sections to tweak the output to their liking. XD05 Pro in its stock form comes with ESS’s latest Flagship ES9039S Pro DAC chipset card promising top-quality sound performance straight out of the box. Get a tremendous upgrade to your music chain with the XD05 Pro which is compatible for both Portable as well as Desktop requirements. Upgrade your setup with the flagship XD05 Pro this Black Friday!!


Moondrop Kato: Ultimate Single Dynamic Driver IEM!!

Retail Price: 189.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 161.49$.

Moondrop Kato with a specially developed ULT Super Linear Diaphragm Dynamic Driver unit offers excellent sound under the 200$ price bracket. The beautifully built product is widely appreciated for its clean and refined sound with a good level of detail retrieval. It has an adjustable tuning design with replaceable tuning nozzles. Kato comes with Moondrop's famous Spring Ear Tips. It's a pair that helps you enjoy your music with great clarity and precision. Grab the Kato for a pocket-friendly deal price of just 161.49$ during our Black Friday Superb sale!!

Moondrop Blessing 3: Latest In Blessing Series Will Join The Black Friday Deals!!

Retail Price: 319.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 271.99$.

Moondrop recently introduced the third generation of its award-winning Blessing multi-driver hybrid IEMs in the form of Blessing 3. The pair comes equipped with a specially developed six-driver hybrid setup featuring dual DD units in H.O.D.D.U.S. arrangement along with four high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side. Blessing 3 continues the legacy of the physical crossover of the Blessing series with a precisely designed 3D-printed acoustic cavity structure. Matched with new generation electronic crossover, The Blessing 3 packs an impressive sound performance with ultra-low distortion, and cleaner output capable of taking your listening experience to an all-new level. It’s as amazing as it can get, the pair is revolutionary in terms of performance and is loved by many. Moondrop Blessing 3 is available at an attractive deal price of just 271.99$ during our Black Friday, get this beauty and experience amazing sound yourself!!

Moondrop Starfield 2: Another Latest Launch For Amazing Deal!!

Retail Price: 109.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 93.49$.

Starfield 2 is also a recent release from Moondrop. The Starfield 2 came as a successor to the Starfield with a major upgrade in the driver. It adopts an all-new Lithium-Magnesium alloy dome diaphragm that greatly enhances the overall sound performance of the pair. Moondrop has also incorporated noticeable design upgrades with a replaceable acoustic nozzle, a highly effective pressure vent structure, etc. Experience an amazing sound with the all-new Moondrop Starfield 2 available for just 93.49$ during our Black Friday sale!!

Tanchjim Kara: Elegance Has a New Name!!

Retail Price: 179$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 143.20$.

Tanchjim Kara needs no introduction, this is probably one of the most elegant IEMs in the market today. You get exquisitely crafted imported medical-grade resin material ear shells. The pair has an analog acoustic tube frequency division architecture with a 5-driver hybrid setup on each side. Kara features Tanchjim’s newly developed DMT3 DD unit with a composite PU+PEEK diaphragm paired with four high-performing balanced armature drivers. Experience lovely sound with sweet and elegant looking Tanchjim Kara, grab this beauty for just 143.20$ during our Black Friday sale!!

DUNU Titan S: Mecha Design, Premium Sound, Affordable Price!!

Retail Price: 79.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 59.99$.

Titan S from DUNU is a well-regarded set of single dynamic driver in-ear monitors. Unique mecha build, high-resolution sound with an 11mm dynamic driver unit with Composite LCP diaphragm. The pair packs clear sound with lower distortion. It is well-regarded widely for its clear sound reproduction with lower distortion in the output signal. For a long time, the DUNU Titan S was also featured in the best IEMs under the 100$ price bracket by famous reviewers in the industry. Get a sweet deal during our latest Black Friday Sale and grab the DUNU Titan S for just 59.99$.

DUNU Alpha 3: Premium-Sounding Flathead Earbuds!!

Retail Price: 79.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 65.59$.

Just like we said, we are bringing an amazing sale focusing on new and latest products, here’s a sweet deal on the recently launched DUNU Alpha 3 flathead earbuds. These are quite premium earbuds with complete metallic shells carved perfectly. The pair adopts a high-quality large-sized dynamic driver for enhanced sound reproduction. DUNU has designed it with precise craftsmanship to deliver an impressive listening experience, get the DUNU Alpha 3 for an unbelievable deal price of just 65.59$ during our Black Friday Sale!!


DUNU Falcon Ultra: DUNU’s Latest Single Dynamic IEMs!!

Retail Price: 239.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 215.99$.

DUNU recently revamped all their famous IEMs, we also got the Falcon Ultra as the single DD beast in the mid-fi segment. From an all-new color-scheme to enhance the looks, DUNU has gone the distance by featuring their second-generation ECLIPSE Architecture dynamic driver here with a Lithium-magnesium pure alloy dome structure. DUNU Falcon Ultra unlocks new realms of pure sound with its professional tuning & and impressive design!! This is an IEM that everyone should experience to feel the true performance of a single DD set at an affordable price bracket. We have sweetened the deal for you this season, grab the stunning DUNU Falcon Ultra for just 215.99$ during our Black Friday Sale!!

QOA Aviation: Another Recent Launch, Another Sweet Deal!!

Retail Price: 199$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 175$.

QOA Aviation is another one of the recent launches and it is also coming up on sale for the very first time during our Black Friday sale event. Taste the aroma of the sky, and feel the freedom of music with the all-new Queen of Audio Aviation. This newly-developed hybrid IEM brings us an expressive sound with its 1DD+3BA driver configuration. For Aviation, Queen of Audio features a specially customized 8mm full-range dynamic driver matched perfectly with three high-performance Mid-range and high-frequency balanced armature drivers from Knowles for enhanced sound reproduction. Grab the QoA Aviation for an interesting deal price of 175$, available only during our Black Friday Sale!!

LETSHUOER S12 Pro: Premium Sound With Large-Sized Planar Magnetic Driver!!

Retail Price: 169$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 135$.

LETSHUOER S12 Pro is one of the finest Planar Magnetic Driver IEMs out there. It’s an amazing set with outstanding sound capabilities and full metallic ear shells. The pair delivers amazing performance, complements most genres of music out there, and retrieves class-leading details from your music, simply promising a top-quality sound at a budget price point. You also get an amazing modular cable with swappable termination plugs with the S12 Pro. What can be a better time to grab the S12 Pro than our exciting Black Friday sale where we have priced it attractively for just 135$!!

GUSTARD R26: Pure R2R Magical Flagship Desktop DAC!!

Retail Price: 1649.99$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 1402.49$.

Are you looking for a pure musical sound experience with exquisite details and a rich tone?? The Gustard R26 might probably be the best desktop DAC for you with its R2R topology. It’s a discrete R2R DAC that offers great sound with native 1-bit Architecture. Gustard has designed its flagship with great precision and ultimate components to guarantee quality sound output. Gustard R26 is going so low for the very first time in history, Grab this outstanding DAC for a never-before price of 1402.49$ during our Black Friday Sale!!

Topping A70 Pro: Fully Balanced Headphone Amp With R2R Volume Control!!

Retail Price: 499$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 424.15$.

A70 Pro from Topping is a high-power headphone amp designed with high-quality internal circuitry. It packs a strong power of up to 17000mW(UPTO 17W) through the balanced output port, it can be used with any headphone, any amount of power it might require, and the A70 Pro will easily provide. It has a fully balanced architecture and also features precise volume adjustment with its R2R Volume control. Grab the A70 Pro and take your desktop setup to an all-new level!!

Topping L70: High-Power NFCA-Based Headphone Amplifier!!

Retail Price: 349$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 296.65$.

Another one of the premium amplifiers from the house of Topping, The L70 is a high-power desktop amp with a high-performance NFCA module and a properly balanced headphone amplification circuit. Topping L70 has immensive output power with ultimate clarity, the background is said to have a clean and crisp presentation, a combination which will complement the headphones well. Get an exciting offer on the Topping L70 this Black Friday and upgrade your desktop chain with a strong amplifier.

Topping A90 Discrete: Flagship Headphone Amp With Discrete Circuitry!!

Retail Price: 599$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 509.15$.

Topping A90 Discrete is the current flagship desktop headphone amplifier that you can buy. This is designed with four built-in NFCA modules, each having 39 transistors building a fully balanced structure design. The A90 provides a strong output of up to 9800mW, ultra-clean, super precise output. It’s an amplifier that will drive even the most demanding headphones with ease. Get an exclusive deal on the Topping A90 Discrete and treat your headphones with a new amplifier this Black Friday!!

Shanling M0 Pro: Portable, Compact, Versatile Music Player!!

Retail Price: 129$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 113.52$.

Shanling M0 Pro came out last year as a highly-anticipated successor to the classic M0 portable audio player. It's the perfect audio player for people who want something in a compact form factor. The main attraction here is a specially designed 3.5mm headphone jack with both balanced and single-ended connections. M0 Pro is a powerhouse in a compact size. It supports high-resolution audio, offers powerful output for headphones/IEMs, and can read up to 2TB microSD cards. An ideal player for day-to-day use, now grab it at a discounted deal for just 113.52$ during our Black Friday Sale!!

Effect Audio Ares 8W: Pure Copper 8-Wire Cable for IEMs!!


Retail Price: 279$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 223.20$.

Ares S is a high-purity UP-OCC Copper Litz cable with a proprietary Dual Geometric Design. It adopts high-quality 24AWG high-purity copper wire cores. With tighter braiding, the 8-wire Ares delivers impressive sound with an open and dynamic presentation. it’s a perfect companion for your premium IEMs that require top-quality cables!! We have priced the Ares S 8W attractively as well at just 223.20$ during our Black Friday Sale!!


Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustic Labs Gaea: Impressive Multi-Driver Hybrid IEMs For Exceptional Sound!!

Retail Price: 1299$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 1169.10$.

Effect Audio in collaboration with Elysian Acoustic Labs recently launched the all-new Gaea, a give-driver hybrid set of premium in-ear monitors. The pair promises top-quality sound with a powerful DD unit and four high-performance BA drivers arranged in a 4-way frequency crossover. It also has a premium finish with solid-stabilized wooden face covers. Enjoy your favourite music with the exclusive Effect Audio x Elysian Acoustics Gaea and grab it at a discounted deal for just 1169.10$ during our special Black Friday sale offer!!


xDuoo TA20 Plus: Balanced Tube Class A Headphone Amplifier!!

Retail Price: 499$.

Black Friday Superb Deal: 424.15$.

For people who love tube amplifiers, we are bringing an exciting offer on the xDuoo TA20 Plus. It’s a brilliant desktop tube amplifier with a Class A buffer stage and a tube+transistor hybrid structure design. The amp adopts high-quality 6Z4P tubes for signal rectification and dual 12AU7 tubes for signal amplification. It has a fully balanced input and output design, a fantastic amplifier with rich sound. Grab the TA20 Plus for an amazing deal during our Black Friday sale!!

Final Words:-

Followed just after the grandest double 11 sales, the Black Friday marks another big sale event worldwide. Many brands participate in this sale with best prices on a wide array of products. We at HiFiGo have brought you best deals on in-ear monitors, DAC/AMPs, and other HiFi Audio gear. We assure these deals will be as tempting as it gets. We also offer free shipping to over 60 countries for orders more than 50$. Drop by here and enjoy outstanding deals that fill your heart with stunning offers and discounts. Check out the entire sales catalog here.

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