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HiFiGo Mid-Year Sales 2024: Exciting Discounts With Amazing Deals!!

HiFiGo Mid-Year Sales 2024: Exciting Discounts With Amazing Deals!!

Mid-Year Deals are Here!! Have you missed out on our amazing Summer Carnival sale?? Still, have some products left in your cart that you are waiting to be discounted again?? Well, don’t worry because we are cooking the perfect Mid-Year Sale for you guys. Gear up yourself for a season of sensational sound with our Mid-Year Sale beginning on 17th June 2024. Shake off the mid-year blues with a symphony of savings that will bring true high-res music to your ears. We are bringing in top brands from the industry offering exciting discounts on high-fidelity in-ear monitors, latest-generation DAC/AMPs, and Digital Audio Players. We’ve got everything right at the place with up to 40% off to elevate your audio listening experience. Immerse yourself in a symphony of savings and enjoy exciting offers and discounts. Don’t miss our on our Mid-Year Sale 2024, It begins today, 16th June and it will be active with amazing offers and discounts till 23rd June, 2024.

 Check out our entire sales catalog here. We assure you will find something interesting at an unbeatable price. Let’s check out some of our favourite deals from the sale.

AFUL Performer8: Exceptional Deal For Mid-Year Sale!!

Price: $369.99.

Mid-Year Deal: $318.19.

AFUL Perfomer8 came as a successor and an upgraded flagship-level set to the Performer5. With a DD+7BA driver setup along with multiple patented technologies, AFUL Performer8 broke down the barriers of performance around the $400 price bracket with its exceptional sonic capabilities. The set got praises for its smooth, extended, and lively sound. Mid-Year Sale will bring you an exciting discount on the Performer8, if you are aiming for a once and done kind of set, the AFUL Perfomer8 might suits most of your checkboxes.

AFUL Snowy Night: Little Mighty USB DAC/AMP!!

Price: $109.99.

Mid-Year Deal: $99.39.

AFUL’s highly-acclaimed portable USB DAC/AMP, the AFUL Snowy Night is also joining the rooster of our Mid-Year Sales. Equipped with dual CS43198 DAC chips and a powerful amp section, the AFUL Snowy Night offers exciting performance with support for 32-bit/768kHz bitrate audio streams and DSD256 signals natively as well.

We have dual headphone output ports including 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced plugs, the maximum output thrust through the balanced ports is up to 300mW. It is mighty, it is powerful, and now it is available at an exciting discounted deal. It doesn’t matters whether you are an experienced audiophile looking to add another portable DAC/AMP or just a beginner who is setting out to start a new audio journey, the AFUL Snowy Night is a worthy DAC/AMP.

AFUL Performer5: Lovely Multi-Driver Hybrid IEMs!!

Retail: $215.99.

Mid-Year Deal: $175.99.

AFUL’s debutant product, the Performer5 has been a huge success ever since it came out. The pair houses a DD+4BA hybrid setup on each side promising astonishingly beautiful sound in a compact, handy, and affordable package. AFUL designed several patented technologies to make the Performer5, and it all benefitted them in getting a boosted start in the international market. AFUL Performer5 is a five-driver hybrid IEM that packs a magical sound, grab it at an incredible discounted deal during our Mid-Year sale!!

Softears STUDIO4: Reference-Level Sound At Best Offer!!

Retail: $449.

Mid-Year Deal: $368.

Packing a 4-BA setup on each side, the Softears Studio 4 is a reference-sounding studio monitor that is perfect for people who like to listen to smooth and natural sound. The pair boasts elegant looks with its beautifully crafted 3D printed resin material ear shells that fit perfectly and provide a comfortable listening experience to the users. We personally love the amazing sound of the Studio 4 and recommend these to audiophiles seeking natural sound delivery. You can grab the Softears Studio4 at an incredible discounted deal this Mid-Year Sale!!

Pula PA02: Colorful Looks, Hi-Res Sound!!

Retail Price: $189.

Mid-Year Sale: $129.99.

PULA PA02 is an outstanding pair of in-ear monitors with colourful face covers and a high-end five-driver hybrid setup. The pair features a 1DD+4BA driver setup on each side arranged together in a three-way electronic+physical crossover. PULA PA02 promises a lively, punchy sound with strong lower-end, rich vocals, and smoothly defined instruments. With an ergonomic shape, the pair offers a comfortable fit as well. It is one of the top-selling models around the $200 price bracket, we have just sweetened the deal for you guys, grab the PA02 at an unbelievable price this Mid-Year sale.

MYER-Audio CKLVX D41: Technical Prowess!!

Retail Price: $168.

Mid-Year Sale: $142.80.

MYER-Audio CKLVX D41 is an innovative 1DD+4BA hybrid driver configuration IEM with exquisite looks. The face covers of this set have a bright and vivid finish to them with a unique texture for each unit. MYER-Audio has tuned the set for a comfortable tuning with excellent technical performance. It offers a balanced, rich sound with a deep, rumbling bass, clear vocals, and delicate treble region. Are you in for a pleasurable listening experience every time you put on your IEMs?? The CKLVX D41 might be the perfect one for you!!

AFUL MagicOne: Single BA Magic!!

Price: $139.99.

Mid-Year Deal: $99.39.

AFUL revolutionized the IEM market with the MagicOne. Released recently, the pair brings the magic of a single Balanced Armature driver on each side. AFUL actually developed this BA driver themselves to get expected sound performance. Furthermore, they designed several new techs such as Innovative SE-Math Electro-Acoustic Intermodulation technology, Nautilus Acoustic Maze Technology, etc. Enthusiasts and audiophiles all over the globe have praised the MagicOne for its magical sound performance. It sounds clean, crisp, and precise, an experience worth having. Get an amazing listening experience this Mid-Year Sale with the all-amazing AFUL MagicOne, available at an exciting deal!!

Binary Acoustics x Gizaudio Chopin: Exciting Sound, Exciting Deal!!

Price: $199.99.

Mid-Year Deal: $169.99.

With a multi-driver hybrid setup(1DD+3BA), the Binary Audio Chopin is here packing wonderful sound performance. Designed in collaboration with Gizaudio, the Binary Chopin offers exciting sound with delicate details, open soundstage, and a comfortable wearing experience. Binary Chopin comes with a 1DD+3BA driver setup, the DD delivering quality bass, and the BA’s delivering exquisite resolution in the midrange and treble sections. Dive deeper into your music library with the exquisite sound performance of the Binary Acoustics x Gizaudio Chopin, available at an exciting offer this Mid-Year Sale.

Kinera Celest Relentless: Latest Launched 1DD+6BA Hybrid IEMs!!

Retail Price: $169.99.

Mid-Year Sale: $144.49.

Celest recently launched the Relentless, a seven-driver hybrid set of IEMs featuring a 1DD+6BA setup on each side. The pair packs an outstanding sound with deep, powerful bass response, lovely midrange clarity, and a well-extended treble region. The pair has a balanced sound profile that complements different genres well. Not to mention the outstanding looks of the pair featuring 3D printed ear cavities and hand-painted faceplates. The pair looks absolutely phenomenal!! Grab it at an exciting price during our Mid-year Sale festival.

MuseHiFi M4: Your Portable Companion!!

Price: $129.99.

Mid-Year Deal: $98.79.

MuseHiFi M4 is a one-point portable solution for audiophiles. This portable Bluetooth DAC/AMP comes equipped with high-quality chipset including Qualcomm’s flagship QCC5125 Bluetooth chip, independent ES9038Q2M DAC chipset, etc. It features three headphone connection ports, 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm. One can use the M4 as they like, either as a Bluetooth DAC/Amp or as a simple USB DAC/Amp and it will work perfectly. It’s form factor is also quite small and handy, so one can simply put it in the pocket and use it extensively. MuseHiFi M4 is a beautifully built device, and now available at an exciting offer deal as well for our Mid-Year Sale.

Tanchjim Space: Compact And Handy Portable DAC/AMP!!

Retail: $89.99.

Mid-Year Deal: $80.99.

Tanchjim has Space has a compact and handy form factor. This stunning portable DAC/AMP features a powerful setup with dual CS43131 DAC chips that delivers unmatched performance with their crisp 32-Bit decoding solution. It supports high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD256 audio signals and provides excellent sound signal decoding as well. Tanchjim Space allows you to simply enjoy top-quality music with your smartphones, tablets, PCs, Laptops, etc. You can easily pair your favorite set of cans or IEMs with the Space as it has dual headphone output ports, 3.5mm and 4.4mm. Tanchjim Space brings a breeze of cold air with its exclusive deal for our Mid-Year Sale.

DUNU SA6 MK2: Truly Amazing Sound at an Amazing Deal!!

Retail Price: $579.

Mid-Year Deal: $492.15.

The second generation to the highly acclaimed multi-BA set became an even bigger success for the brand, we are talking about the DUNU SA6 MK2. Released last year, This 6 BA set is simply one of the best around its price bracket. We have exquisite details, silky vocals, and a quick lower-end response. A well-balanced sound that sits right with many preferences. We also have a bass-enhancement switch and not to mention the stunning wooden face covers. Get the DUNU SA6 MK2 at an exclusive deal during our Mid-Year Sale Carnival!!

Tanchjim Origin: Exquisite Build, Exquisite Sound!!

Retail: $259.99.

Summer Carnival Deal: $246.99.

Tanchjim Origin is a latest launched IEM from Tanchjim. Featuring their latest-generation DMT5 dynamic driver unit, the pair promises outstanding sound performance. It produces a clean and crisp sound with ultra-low distortion. The pair has a newly developed front cavity design for enhanced sound reproduction. Tanchjim bundles the Origin with three sets of tuning nozzles to play around as well. It is tuned in line with Tanchjim’s Target response curve. Not to mention the exquisite CNC-machined metallic cavities of Origin are a charm to the eyes. Get an exclusive deal on the Tanchjim Origin only with us at the Mid-Year Sale!!

See Audio Rinko: DD+Planar Hybrid Delivering Powerful Sound!!!

Retail: $99.99.

Mid-Year Deal: $79.99.

See Audio RINKO is a dual-driver hybrid set of IEMs featuring a combination of dynamic and planar drivers enclosed right next to each other. The pair promises a strong and powerful sound, delivering a delicious sub-bass with clear vocals and detailed instruments. The bass on the Rinko is powerful and punchy. The pair also has a comfortable fit with lightweight ear shells. See Audio Rinko brings a fun and enjoyable sound at an attractive price tag. You can get an exclusive offer deal on the Rinko during our Mid-Year Sale!!

Effect Audio Griffin: High-Purity Upgrade Cable For IEMs!!

Retail: $199.99.

Mid-Year Deal: $169.99.

Effect Audio developed this collaboration with us, the Effect Audio X HiFiGo Griffin. Designed with premium silver-plated OCC Copper material, the Griffin greatly enhances the sound performance of the connected IEMs. The cable also has other premium EA patented features such as TermX(swappable termination plug), ConX(swappable connectors), EA Soft outer insulation, etc. It is the perfect upgrade cable to treat your IEMs with, Get the Griffin at an amazing offer during our Mid-Year Sale!!

Kinera Celest Phoenixcall: Budget Tribrid Just Got Better!!

Retail: $129.99.

Mid-Year Deal: $109.19.

Kinera Celest Phoenixcall depicts the legendary scene from the Chinese tales, “The Legends of Mountains and Seas”. With a beautiful hand-painted pattern on the face covers, the pair looks simply outstanding. For sonics, the pair brings us the goodness of a five-driver tribrid setup featuring 1DD, 2BA, and 2 Micro Planar Drivers on each side. Explore new music with the fast, detailed, and crispy sound of the Celest Phoenixcall. Take home the Phoenixcall at an epic deal during our Mid-Year Sale!!

Elysian Acoustics Labs DIVA: The Best For Vocal Lovers!!

Retail: $1599.

Mid-Year Deal: $1359.15.

Are you in for some outstanding vocals?? Well, Elysian Acoustics Labs have the all-amazing DIVA and it is joining our rooster of Summer Carnival Deals. This all-BA IEM promises quality sound with absolutely amazing vocal presentation. Vocals, both male and female have a nicely forwarded presentation with a well-textured presentation. Above all that, we have eye-catchy designer looks as well. We are making sure, you get an absolute bargain of a deal on the DIVA and enjoy excellent vocals this season. DIVA is one of our favourites for outstanding vocals rendition.

Topping A70 Pro: Almighty Powerful Headphone Amplifier!!

Retail: $499.

Mid-Year Deal: $439.12.

Topping A70 Pro is a fully balanced headphone amplifier, it is extremely powerful and clean output that can bring life to even the most demanding headphones with ease. Using three-stage feedback circuit, R2R Relay Volume Control, and two-level gain modes, the A70 Pro promises a clean and crispy output with ultra-low distortion. The A70 adopts Topping’s latest T’ang-ku-la module design. Tang-ku-la means a mountain that an eagle cannot fly over. It symbolizes the spirit of Topping, climbing the peak, and delivering best performance to its users. Treat your desktop with the all-new Topping A70 Pro this sale season and enjoy powerful sound with your headphones.

Topping E70V: Velvety Smooth DAC!!

Retail: $449.

Mid-Year Deal: $395.12.

Pair the ultimate powerful A70 Pro Headphone and Pre-Amp with the Topping E70V DAC. This flagship-level DAC houses AKM’s latest AK4499EX+AK4191EQ DAC setup along with XMOS XU316 USB Processor. Topping E70V is a well-regarded DAC in the market, people have loved it for its silky smooth sound presentation. The output is clean and has ultra-low distortion characteristics. Topping E70V brings a truly amazing sound at your desktop chain, smooth, detailed, and big. Prepare a complete desktop chain with the E70V and A70 Pro headphone amplifier. Get an exclusive discounted deal on the Topping E70V during our Mid-Year sale!!

xDuoo XD05 Pro: Flagship Portable DAC/AMP!!

Retail: $799.

Mid-Year Deal: $703.12.

xDuoo recently launched its flagship Portable DAC/AMP, the xDuoo XD05 Pro. It is a super powerful device with swappable OPAMPs and DAC Card Modules. The XD05 Pro packs a powewrful sound with ESS latest gen ES9039S PRO DAC Card as the stock module. It delivers a whooping 2W output and promises easy drivability for most headphones out there. Users can easily play around the XD05 Pro with ROHM and AKM DAC Cards as well. We are bringing you an incredible deal on the XD05 Pro during our Mid-Year Sale, don’t forget to check it out!!

xDuoo TA26S: Second-Gen Desktop Tube Headphone Amplifier!!

Retail: $489.

Mid-Year Deal: $430.32.

xDuoo TA26S is a second-gen iteration for the stunning tube headphone amplifier. As an upgrade and a successor to the all-amazing TA26, the latest TA26S features a high-performance 6N8P tube in the pre-amp stage and a 6N5P tube in the buffer stage. It provides up to 500mW of clean output with a rich and melodious sound that bring life to vocals and promises a musical listening experience. Let’s make your desktop setup more musical with an amazing deal on this mighty tube headphone amplifier during our Mid-Year Sale.

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