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Whizzer TP1 True Wireless earphones Review | Hifigo

Whizzer TP1 True Wireless earphones Review | Hifigo

Whizzer has been on the audio market for a while. In the last years, it started gaining acceptance and reputation among audio enthusiasts. They won a VGP reward in the summer of 2019 with HE03  (in-ear wired earphones) with excellent design and good sound quality, but because Whizzer is still not a very famous brand, the higher-end HIFI earphones HE03  is not so popular as expected, it's a great pity that only a few audiophiles know this product.

However, in the market of earphones with a budget price, Whizzer is coming up. The neck-mounted, the ear-wound wired, to the true wireless Bluetooth earbuds in this article are quite successful. Due to its nice performance and good sound quality, Whizzer's customer has gradually changed from the early simple "buyers " to  "fans". Today, we will talk about the "old" model of Whizzer true wireless earbuds TP1, which has been out of stock several times. 

Unpacking of Whizzer TP1

A lot of information on the back

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery life 3 to 5 hours (3 hours under large volume measured ),
  • 1.5 hours to fully charging of the earbuds,
  • 100 hours Standby  (not tested),
  •  30 days standby of charging case  (data on the box is different from the official description )
  • Type-c interface (nice)
  • IPX5 waterproof
    Several pairs of ear tips

Unboxing of Whizzer TP1


The case follows the same good looking aesthetics of the earpieces while being also a battery pack to charge the earpieces OTG thanks to an internal 450mAh battery. The size of the charging case is moderate (slightly small) competing with other TWS. It is slightly larger than the AIRPODS charging box but smaller than the Sennheiser TWS and HIFIMAN TWS600. It is very comfortable like skin due to light, round shape and friction, TP1 is quite good in the pocket.

It is beautiful with the golden mirror Logo decoration. Charging port at the bottom.

Due to the high aesthetic, the TP1 has no sense of "low-cost electronic toys." at all.

It is easy to open the case, though it is not so smooth like Airpods but much better than Hifiman TWS. It is a pity that this open-angle is only 90°, far less than 220 degrees of the HIFIMAN TWS600. It is the only design issue I find out until now.

Indicator LED on the bottom.

Whizzer TP1 earbuds

Because of skin friction feeling surface and slightly larger size of the earbuds, it is comfortable and secure to wear.

It looks very fashion, isn't it? For me, it is the best-looking pair with Airpods style.

It is still necessary to look at the instructions.

We can know that each bud could be used separately. But it isn't with the function for volume adjusting. I think it might be because of the budget price, but TFZ B.V2 under similar price level is with volume adjusting function.


What attracts me most is the touching experience, which is obviously better than AIRPODS. It really realizes touch-to-response without delay, and it does not cause frequent smashing of the wrong position or clicking pressure is not enough to control failure.

The touch experience is very good same as Sennheiser TWS, Paime T5, and X3.

Touching twice on any earbuds to switch songs and a single touch is for pause/play/answer, long-time press to start Siri

Review of TP1 based on connecting with iPhone XR

Sound insulation


If there is a good soundproof ear tip, it will be close to Kinera sif.

Video Play with TP1


Delays are occasional and usually not obvious (It does not affect the fluency ).

Gameplay experience with TP1


In Game "Peace Elite", the sound and picture synchronized very well.  Testing with actions running to shot, running, shifting position, switching weapons, I cannot feel any delay. My attention has been in the game all the time. This is indeed better than HIFIMAN TWS600.



Only 1 or 2 times dropout in one hour sometimes (the position is unchanged) It is better than Sennheiser TWS and HIFIMAN tws600.  We experienced more frequent dropouts four or five times in one hour with TWS600, but this didn't exhibit with 1MORE. It is about the same level as TFZ B.V2 and X1.

Bluetooth Range


It is above average level but less distance than the HIFIMAN TWS600 if there is a wall between earphones and cellphones.

Bass & Sub Bass


The Whizzer TP1 has punchy but not over boosted mid-bass that, instead shows a tuning more related with audio enthusiast’s earphones than average consumer ones.
Expect a faster and cleaner bass than most true wireless earphones on the market but that, as a consequence, might not get as deep as models that have a bass-centered sound signature.

Nonetheless, this that not mean that the Whizzer TP1 will fall short of bass response nor sound bass-anemic; users will be welcomed with a lower frequency capable of fulfilling most tracks requirements – trance, EDM and similar genres should be matched with another model, though.

Applying an EQ, a punchier and deeper sound will be perceived but there will be no extreme makeover of their OTB personalty.


It is excellent one under $ 100. Because of the difference with other TWS which are mostly focused on noise - cancellation, it is very popular with its special design and  Airpods style buds.

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