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Shanling launched 4 new products include True Wireless Stereo Eearphones MTW100 at KITAS

Shanling launched 4 new products include True Wireless Stereo Eearphones MTW100 at KITAS

Shanling launches 4 new products include True Wireless Stereo Earphones at KITAS

Today KITAS - Shanling best known for their audio players presents 4 new products include True Wireless Stereo Earphones at KITAS

The 9th Korea Smart Device Trade Show (KITAS) process as scheduled on 11 Jul and finish on 13 Jul 2019 at COEX Mall, Seoul, South Korea. KITAS 2019 is a platform where lots of critical items are showcased. Some of these are about Technology, Smart Devices, and Mobile Accessories. The 9th Korea Smart Device Trade Show is an annual Trade Show. This year more than 30000 industry and academia leaders and professionals across the world came together in Seoul, South Korea for KITAS 2019.

Shanling launches 4 new products include True Wireless Stereo Earphones at KITAS. Shanling was established in 1998  and has experience in researching and developing countless portable music products of different types especially their audio players, Shanling has launched new products every year since then and has obtained a series of patented technology qualifications, such as SONY LDAC, Bluetooth BBQ, Japanese Audio Association Hi-Res, Microsoft's HDCD, Dolby Laboratories' Dolby Digital, DTS and DVD, SACD, CD patent licenses and many more.


The first pair of truly wireless earbuds from Shanling MTW100  that offer premium features without the typical high-end price tag. The price maybe is 89$ but not sure.  

  • Ture Wireless + Bluetooth®5 for  Android and iOS devices to provide better sounding audio at similar bit rates.
  • A powerful micro-lithium ion battery that can keep your earbuds charged for up to 24 hours.
  • Fast charge capability gives you an additional use with only 15 -30 minutes of charge time.
  • Graphene-coated driver and Knowles Balanced Armature earbuds reproduce crystal clear sound in a compact design for enhanced efficiency.
  • IPX5 waterproof


  • Nanocomposite diaphragm
  • Knowles Balanced Armature Driver
  • Octa-core cable uses entire silver-plated oxygen-free copper wires

 Shanling ME200



  • Customized special shiny brass shell and platinum plating of  ME500 Platinum Edition provide durable construction and reduce internal Hamonic resonance, produces unique natural sound performance.
  • Octa-core cable and complete silver-plated oxygen-free copper wires have opted. It  improves mids and highs performance and sound details effectively and brings more cleanness and energy
  • Universal MMCX cable connector is adopted for stability and durability.

Shaling ME500


  • Unibody construction, elegant curved design, and selection of rich colors
  • LG touch screen offering bright colors and precise control,1.54” display 240X240 resolution 
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, it can stream music to Bluetooth speakers and headphones and can be paired with both headphones and speakers for wireless playback. You can also pair it with your phone or computer to use as a wireless DAC.
  • Built-in ESS ES9218P chip for a supremely high-quality music experience
  • Shanling M0 is certified by the Japan Audio Association for High-Resolution Audio performance and it is the smallest player to receive such certification

Shanling M0

For more specifications, pls visit Shangling official website or visit hifigo.


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