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DUNU SA6 MK2 Six BA Driver Goodness: Review Roundup!!

DUNU SA6 MK2 Six BA Driver Goodness: Review Roundup!!

DUNU recently introduced a highly-anticipated upgrade to the classic SA6 series with the launch of the SA6 MK2. The pair was launched just a few weeks back and it has already garnered a lot of positive feedback from famous reviewers and users worldwide. Professional reviewers from famous channels have found the pair to be quite an amazing performer. Users worldwide have also praised the pair on different forums such as Head-Fi, HiFiGuides, etc. Today, we will share some of the insights shared by the users as well as professional reviewers from across the globe. Let’s begin with a short intro about the DUNU SA6 MK2 first. The DUNU SA6 MK2 was launched last month only. It came as a successor to the highly appreciated SA6 and the limited-run SA6 Ultra. With six high-performance balanced armature drivers on each side, exclusive wooden face covers, and the Hulk Pro Mini stock cable, the SA6 MK2 is a complete pair with stunning design and astounding sound capabilities. DUNU SA6 MK2 is currently available with an attractive price tag of 579$. You can check out more details about the DUNU SA6 MK2 here. Well, a lot of banter about its introduction, now let’s delve ahead and see what famous reviewers have to say about the lovelySA6 MK2.



This is a review round-up summarising views from different reviewers worldwide. We will try our best to describe their review in their own respected way(the content creators). We might have to change the language here and there to make it easy to read and summarise. Rest all the credit goes to the respected creators.


Gizaudio is a widely-famous audio gear review channel on YouTube. Timmy from Gizaudio liked the DUNU SA6 MK2 a lot. He has given the pair “S-“ tier rating, which if we check closely only a few models around this price point of 500-600$ are there in his database to get such high ratings. He absolutely loved the pair and stated in his review, “ The DUNU SA6 MK2 is easily one of the best IEMs to grab south of the 600$ price range”. According to Gizaudio, “DUNU SA6 MK2 has a balanced tuning”. He states it’s similar to a very slightly V-shaped tuning.” While checking out his review, we find him loving the SA6 MK2 for its fuller and complete midrange presentation. He has shared an amazing review sharing his deep insights on the amazing DUNU SA6 MK2. You should definitely check out his complete review on the Gizuadio Youtube Channel.


Z Reviews liked what DUNU has done with the SA6 MK2. He finds the pair to have a smooth sound across the frequency band and a mid-focused signature that is impressive to listen to. He was the mind behind the tuning profile of the SA6 Ultra which was a limited-run product. Zeos himself finds the SA6 MK2 to have a bigger stage and lovely midrange presentation. The new design is also liked by Zeos, the faceplates are really intriguing here. It’s really amazing to see Zeos liking the SA6 MK2 to this extent and sharing his deep insights on the pair. If you are considering getting the SA6 MK2, you should check out his complete review on his YouTube Channel.

Super* Review:-

Talking about the clear and crisp review by Super* on his YouTube Channel, it feels like he has really enjoyed the SA6 MK2. He praises the pair for its outstanding tonality, smooth laid-back style neutral tuning that has a focus on the midrange. Just stating his words here, “The bass is boosted but it doesn’t interfere with the midrange, You get a clean and clear midrange, the vocal texture is really good, and also has a really good level of detail throughout the entire frequency range.” He finds the treble quality of the SA6 Mk2 to be of excellent quality as well. Although he finds the bass to be a little lackluster for his taste, overall he really shows his enthusiasm for the SA6 MK2 through his review. Check out his complete review on his YouTube Channel.

Audio-In Reviews:-

David from Audio-In Reviews has treated us with an in-depth review of the DUNU SA6 MK2 on his Youtube channel. He absolutely had a blast with the pair and he found it to be an excellent choice for the price point. Just stating his own conclusion here, “Of all the IEMs that I own, or I had own, or I have just heard in this price range and up to about a 1000$, the DUNU SA6 Mk2 approaches, or even in some cases matched their performance in terms of tuning, or technicalities, or both”. This is really a highly appreciative statement from David. We are super glad he enjoyed the SA6 Mk2 to this extent and treated us with his in-depth review. You guys should really check out his Video review on his Youtube channel.

Headfonics(Written Review):-

Headfonics is a famous review channel on the internet. They have to go van a recommended rating to the SA6 MK2 with an astonishing score of 8.9. We will just state their own words here because we believe they actually depict our own opinion of the SA6 MK2 exactly, the reviewer states, “The DUNU SA6 MK2 combines the best aspects of the OG SA6 and SA6 Ultra into the MK2. Truly a return of the king, it exemplifies DUNU’s ability to achieve once again a ‘lightning in the bottle’ type product. Rarely do we get an IEM that is so hard to nitpick – from spot-on tuning, and excellent choice in custom drivers, to a solid accessories package, the SA6 MK2 is deserving of a blind buy.


I have not heard something in this price range that maintains the slam, detail, airiness, and sparkle of the MK2.” Looks like, they really loved the sound performance of the SA6 MK2!! You can enjoy reading their review on their website here.


Zerstorer has shared a well-written and deeply insightful review of the DUNU SA6 MK2 on the Head-Fi platform. In his review, he shared his experience with the SA6 MK2 giving him full 5 stars for the sound performance. He has also compared the SA6 MK2 with other mid-fi and high-end IEMs in his collection finding the pair to compare well with them.  As per his opinion on the SA6 MK2, he says “The bass quality of DUNU SA6 MK.II is punchy, articulate, and vital enough to deliver an engaging and sufficiently dynamic sounding as I expected from a Sonion BA woofer. It focuses more on mid-bass rather than sub-bass which I really prefer.”, “As a mid centric listener like myself, like its original sister, SA6 MK.II delivers such exquisite and well-delineated midrange registers that I can pronounce without hesitation as closer to perfection.” According to him, the DUNU SA6 MKII is a marvelous performance in all the departments!! Check out his complete review here.



Genesis has shared a very well-written on Head-Fi thread. He finds the pair to be quite an amazing performer which is explained very nicely in his review on head-fi. He says, “Similar to its predecessor, the original SA6, the SA6II embodies a quintessential mid-fi IEM. It comes with high-quality accessories, boasts a beautiful design, and provides a comfortable fit. The tonality of the SA6II is natural and pleasant across various genres, offering a refreshing departure from the typical Harman target sound. It also delivers respectable resolution and soundstage performance to complement its tuning. The limitations of the SA6II become noticeable only when scrutinizing the soundstage and comparing it to much more expensive high-end IEMs.”!! Go ahead and read his complete review here.


There are countless more reviews available on YouTube and different forums worldwide. After all, DUNU SA6 MK2 is actually a great performing set, a multi-BA driver IEM that comes at a mid-fi level price but packs a really solid sound performance within. People across the reviews for the SA6 MK2 have praised the pair for its outstanding mid-range response, clean and smooth natural sound, and beautiful build is just like the icing on the cake. DUNU SA6 MK2 is an IEM that you can use on a daily basis for both casual as well as serious listening sessions!! You can check out more information about the DUNU SA6 MK2 in our store over here. For any further assistance or queries, you can contact us at support@hifigo.com.

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