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Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo Review Roundup: Beautiful Dual-Driver Hybrid IEM Which Is Loved By Many!!

Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo Review Roundup: Beautiful Dual-Driver Hybrid IEM Which Is Loved By Many!!

In recent times, we have got many products that are designed as a collaboration project between Brands and famous reviewers. We have seen famous names in projects including HBB, Z Reviews, Crinacle, etc. Quite recently, Gizaudio, a famous media website and Youtube channel has joined hands with Letshouer in bringing a two-driver hybrid IEM, the LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo. Galileo is a set developed with tuning suggestions from Timmy from Gizaudio and excellent acoustic engineering by LETSHUOER. The Galileo brings the goodness of a high-performance balanced armature driver unit from SONION and a custom-developed dynamic driver unit. The set got a warm welcome from reviewers and users worldwide. Some praised the pair for its effortless sound, some praised it for its amazing vocals, while some appreciated the beautiful designer looks of the Galileo. Today, we are bringing you a review round-up featuring different reviews for Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo showcasing what others have to say about the beautiful pair.

Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo Review Roundup-2


This is a review round-up summarising views from different reviewers worldwide. We will try our best to describe their review in their own respected way(the content creators). We might have to change the language here or there to make it easy to read and summarise. Rest all the credit goes to the respected creators.

Audio-In Reviews(Youtube):-

DAVE from Audio-In Reviews is a fantastic guy who is also quite active on Head-Fi. He does fantastic video reviews on his channel. He has done a great review for the LETSHUOER x Gizaudio Galileo on his channel. We would just like to share his words from his review on Youtube as we feel like he clearly shares our thoughts on the same with these words, “I was just able to sit and enjoy music on the Galileo, so taking everything into consideration, the sound quality, the immersive experience, the beautiful design, great build quality, I would give these a recommendation.” He also finds the Galileo to be great for stage use, for actual monitoring, especially for vocalist or guitarist”. It looks like he enjoyed Galileo a lot and gives the set a nice and easy recommendation. You guys should check out his complete review on his Youtube Channel, we will be adding the link below.

Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews(BGGAR)(Youtube):-

BGGAR is a famous video reviewer on Youtube with a massive following. He finds the Galileo to have an amazing sound profile and deliver quality sound at a really decent price. In his own words, “Galileo is a competitive set in its price range if it’s a 100$, It plays back my library very well. I recommend it, I think it does a great job. I think Letshouer has done a great job in meshing up the dynamic driver and the Sonion BA driver with the Galileo.” His review is quite energetic and feels like he has really enjoyed Galileo for himself. You guys should really go and check out his complete video review on Galileo from the link below.


Mostly known for #DongleMadness, Andy is an emerging name on Youtube as well now. He has tested out the amazing Galileo. In his own words, he states, “ Gizaudio probably has put a lot of thought into bringing their first collaboration with a big IEM manufacturer. It has been designed to be non-offensive, something that is appealing to people who love neutral sound, midrange, and bass, but not the extreme side of it.” Andy finds Galileo to be perfect and ideal for treble-sensitive people.  His review shows how excited he is with the pair. We recommend you go check out his complete video review on his channel on Youtube from the link below.

Remedy Music(Head-Fi):-

Now on to some written reviews on Head-Fi, we are checking out an amazing writeup by RemedyMusic. He has done a fantastic review on the Galileo, we are just going to state his own words here, “In addition to its stunningly beautiful appearance, the Galileo boasts impressive sound quality, with a bit of trade-off in technicalities, sadly. Although its sound profile may not be particularly impressive for bass or treble enthusiasts, the Galileo is designed for those who prefer a flat, yet smooth and fluid audio presentation. Its unexaggerated sound profile prioritizes the clarity and balance of all sound elements. So, if you appreciate polished and precise audio quality, the Galileo is an excellent choice.

Galileo enters a very congested price bracket with some crowd favorites like Dunu Titan S, Truthear HEXA, IKKO OH10, TRI Starsea, and Kinera Idun Golden, and for me, personally, it still manages to be fairly exceptional in its own right. I must hand it to Timmy for collaborating with Letshuoer for making this brilliant pair.” We recommend you go and check out his exciting write-up on Head-Fi here.

Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo Review Roundup-2


Many people have described the sound of Galileo to be reference-grade and neutral, Koyawmohabhal on head-fi also describes the sound of Galileo to be refined and reference-class. He states that “The Galileo can easily be a reference set for people who are on a tight budget. I cannot think of other sets that can come close to the performance of Galileo in terms of a natural presentation. Well, planers might offer more excitement and spice, but Galileo nails it to the ground when it comes to the length of listening sessions. They are smooth, non-fatiguing, yet detailed in every way.

I think Timmy hit the jackpot on this one, albeit not from luck. But from intent, good philosophy, and the thirst for exploration.” Be sure to read his complete review on Head-Fi here.

Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo Review Roundup-3


Gadgetgod finds the pair to have a natural, refined sound profile that is pleasing to listen to for hours and hours. He states. “Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo is a lovely-looking IEM. I would like to congratulate Timmy on this collaboration of his as I personally loved the tuning profile. The pair sounds natural, lively, and open. It has excellent tonality, I can assure you, you can listen to this set for hours and hours without feeling any fatiguing or getting tired at all. I mean, in the end, it is all that matters, to enjoy our music with a natural, rich tone and a good amount of details and resolution. Galileo checks all these boxes for me in the right way!!” The pair surely sounds lovely and it feels like he has enjoyed the set thoroughly. You can check out his complete write-up on Head-Fi over here.

Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo Review Roundup-4

This is a short glimpse of what the community has to say about the beautiful and stunning Galileo. The pair packs an authentic listening experience for listeners who prefer to have a neutral-sounding set with exceptional clarity in the mid-range and smooth, inoffensive treble response. People have actually found the pair to be quite pleasing to listen to and complement different genres of music nicely. The Letshuoer x Gizaudio Galileo is available to purchase at a very attractive price of just 99.99$, you can check out some more information about the Galileo over here.

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