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10mm Liquid Silicone Dynamic Driver Unit

Sonion 2389 Balanced Armature Unit

High-precision 3D Printing Cavity

Synthetic Resin Starry Sky Panel


More information on Galileo is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Precise & Reliable 3D Printed Acoustic Cavity Structure

The vast space in the universe has infinite possibilities, and Galileo was the legendary astrologer who peered into the secrets of the starry sky and recorded them. We created the new Galileo earphones inspired by the story of Galileo Galilei.

The acoustic cavity structure of Galileo earphones is designed with high-precision 3D printing technology. The complex acoustic cavity is molded with resin materials simultaneously to achieve more accurate physical frequency division.

Synthetic resin panel from the starry sky

Galileo uses an ink-painted synthetic resin panel, with azure blue, dark brown, and silver-white complementing each other as if the Milky Way and stars are fixed in it. With the surface treatment of actinic resin, each earphone has a unique brilliance flow, which is as eye-catching as the twinkling stars.

10mm liquid silicone & Al-Mg Alloy Dynamic Driver + Sonion 2389 balanced armature + electronic independent dual-frequency crossover

In order to meet the pursuit of excellent sound performance, Galileo houses a 10mm liquid silicone + Al-Mg alloy dynamic driver unit and a Danish Sonion 2389 balanced armature driver unit as the core configuration. The pair is designed with an independent electronic frequency division and cavity for each driver unit. The tube ensures a precise sound phase and extremely low distortion in the output signal, making the full-frequency connection natural and rich in details.

Newly-Developed cavity and acoustic damping structure, smooth and controllable high-frequency response

The brand-new cavity and sound-damping structure developed by LETSHUOER effectively reduces the influence of high-frequency clutter and standing waves, softens high-frequency hearing, makes the high-frequency extension effortless, and the tone is natural and smooth.

Standard high-quality oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire, optional 3.5/4.4mm plug

Galileo is equipped with high-quality oxygen-free copper silver-plated wire as standard, which not only takes into account the low-frequency response and high-frequency ductility in terms of acoustic indicators but also has a galaxy-like shining appearance. The optional 3.5mm/4.4mm all-metal connector has both texture and durability; with the standard 0.78 interface, it also enables Galileo to adapt to more third-party upgrade lines, with endless upgrade possibilities.


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