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Shipping Policy For Indian Shipments

Shipping Policy For Indian Shipments

We ship from China to India. This whole process takes somewhere between 1-2 weeks for the product to get delivered. That is quite quick looking at current situation. We have seen shipments getting delivered in 3-5 days as well. 

Here is the step by step guide for our fans and customers in India on how to order from us.

>You can order directly through our website.

>Shipping cost will be calculated as per the product weight.

>We will ship out the shipment as soon as possible and provide you with a tracking id.

>If you have a special requirement about declaring the value, please contact us. If not, we will declare it by default.

Tracking Information:-

>You got the tracking number to your email automatically once it is shipped to the carrier in China. Shipment can be tracked here.

> Once the shipment is about to arrive in India, customer care executive from Grandslamexpress.in will contact you and ask for KYC documents.(Usually happens after 2-5 days of our shipping).

>It will take about ten to fourteen days from the date of shipping the product to reach the buyer.

>All updates will be provided to you by the Grand Slam Express on email, once cleared custom they will contact you again with Custom Clearance invoice for Custom Duty payment.

>Once you pay the Customs Duty Tax, they will ship out your shipment and it will reach you quickly.

Customs Duty:-

The Custom Duty tax implied on international shipments by the Indian government is not included in the shipping charges. You will be asked for it by Grand Slam Express once your shipment is cleared from customs.

The custom duty varies depending on the Indian Tax rules, there is no workaround to get through it. So far We have shipped about four to five shipments via them. They got charged with nominal customs duty tax.

Key Points For Our Last Shipment:-

About our last shipment to our customer in Delhi, India. It was a slightly big shipment weighing in at around 2 Kilograms(The packaging box of Topping E30 and L30 is huge). It cost about 45$ for the courier partner and then attracted about 70$ custom duty tax in India. The other shipment where we shipped a unit of BGVP DM8 to a customer in Kolkata, attracted about 9$ as custom duty. So it varies mostly depending on the size and contents of the shipment. The shipment took a total of ten days to get delivered, we shipped it on 10th December 2020 and it got delivered by 20th December 2020.

We at HiFiGo are always determined to serve our fans and consumers well. We will take every possible step to make your buying experience smooth and easy. As per your convenience, you can pay for your order via Amex, MasterCard, Visa, and Paypal. So, what are you waiting for, check out the latest products like the DUNU Zen, FiiO UTWS3, HiBy R6 2020, and a lot more on our store today!!

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Pradeep A - July 18, 2022

Hi Hifigo ,

This is Pradeep from INDIA . I am interested in buying Hiby R5 saber edition .If I order ,can you please mark the value of the order to 60usd to avoid customs in my country .


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