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AFUL Performer8 Review Roundup

AFUL Performer8 1DD+7BA Hybrid IEMs Review Roundup

Following the success of the debutant Performer5, AFUL launched the Performer8, another one of their gem of an in-ear monitor. Based on their domestic Band8 model, AFUL worked to further enhance the tuning and performance of the Performer8 taking its performance to an all-new level. AFUL designed the Performer8 with several of its self-developed patented technologies including RLC network division circuitry, ultra-thin bass-tube design, and more. AFUL designed the Performer8 with a whooping 7-driver hybrid setup consisting of one dynamic driver unit and seven balanced armature driver units on each side. This 8-driver hybrid setup works flawlessly to deliver an impressive sound performance. Well, it’s been a while since the Performer8 came out. AFUL has gained a lot of praise for the Performer8, some called it a gem, while some labelled it as a brilliant performer that hits way above its price bracket. Today, we are presenting you this guide sharing some reviews from the industry. Let’s dive deeper into the AFUL Performer8 by checking the reviews from the community.

AFUL Performer8 Reviews-1

Audio-In Reviews:-

YouTube Review Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vELicktFHpk

Review Summary:-

Dave from Audio In Reviews has thoroughly enjoyed the AFUL performer8. He has shared two videos on his YouTube channel one for the unboxing with some initial impressions and another one as a final review with some comparisons. He actually loved the Performer5 as well, even putting it in his best budget picks around the 200$ price bracket. Right from the start he has liked how well the pair is built, from the eye-catching face covers to the lightweight shells that sit comfortably and provide great isolation as well. As per Dave, the Performer8 has a neutral sound signature with a relaxed presentation. He appreciates the extensions at both ends of the spectrum like the sub-bass depth and the treble extensions on the Perfomer8. He has done an extensive in-depth review with a full comparison with other models including the Performer5, the Moondrop Blessing 3, and the Softears Studio4. We enjoyed watching his detailed take on the Performer8, we hope you like watching his video review as well!!

In-Ear Fetish Reviews:-

Youtube Review Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKWW-de7O1E

Review Summary:-

Zeos Pantera of Z Reviews has this channel for in-depth reviews of in-ear monitors. He has done a fantastic review for the Performer8. He begins his review with a brief impression on the Performer5 as well which he also loved. His review shows how much he has enjoyed both the Performer5 and Performer8 IEMs. He likes the clarity and the detail retrieval of the Performer8. His review is a bliss to watch as he compares different eartips on the Performer8 as well. The Performer8 finds a place on his recommendations list as he finds the pair to deliver an interesting sound with an exciting price-to-performance ratio. Zeos has done a deeply detailed review on the Performer8 which we are sure you would love to watch. Definitely watch his review to get a deep insight into the Performer8s.


Youtube Review Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5Z8rSEstac

Review Summary:-

Timmy from Gizaudio has shown immense love to the Performer series from AFUL. He loved the Performer5 previously, and he loves the Performer8 even more. He has done two videos on the Performer8 one with the unboxing along with the initial impressions and another with an in-depth review and detailed comparisons as well. Timmy has done a deeply detailed review on the Performer8 where he has compared it with famous IEMs such as the Moondrop Variations, DUNU SA6 Ultra/SA6 MK2, and Moondrop Blessing 3. As per him, the Performer8 has rich vocals with clean bass and well-separated instruments. It He finds the pair to have an exceptional midrange performance delivering quality vocals and details in instruments. He also appreciates the detailed, lively treble of the Performer8. Basically, his entire review shows he has enjoyed the Performer8 deeply, we suggest you give his review a watch and enjoy the show yourself.

MMORPG.com:- Written Review.

Christopher from MMORPG has done an extensive review of the AFUL Performer8. He has shared a well-written and meaningful review of the pair. He appreciates the Performer8 for its beautiful design, comfortable fit, excellent detail retrieval, balanced and smooth sound, and great gaming performance as well. The Performer8 actually has a clean and balanced sound with an ultimate level of detail which makes the pair a fan-favorite choice; you can read their entire review over here.

AFUL Performer8 Reviews-2

Final Words:-

It’s good to see people praising the AFUL Performer8. Apart from these reviews, we have got so many positive feedbacks from our customers who find the P8 to have exceptionally solid sound responses easily making it one of the ideal choices around this price point. We are super excited that AFUL is soon coming up with two new IEMs including a single BA driver-based IEM and a flagship 14BA driver IEM as well. If you are looking for something that sounds neutral with a hint of sub-bass boose, clear midrange, and extended-detailed treble response, the AFUL Performer8 might match your requirements perfectly. Know more details about this beautiful IEM here.

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