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Celest Phoenixcall 1DD+2BA+2 Micro Planar Driver Multi-Driver Hybrid IEMs Review Roundup

Celest Phoenixcall 1DD+2BA+2 Micro Planar Driver Multi-Driver Hybrid IEMs Review Roundup

About two months ago, Celest, a sub-brand of Kinera Imperial brought us a brand new multi-driver hybrid IEM called the Phoenixcall. Even before its release, the pair became a talk in the community for its outstanding looks. Celest actually did a community session asking the followers to help them name the pair. Phoenixcall is based on the ancient Chinese tale of “The Legends of Mountains & Sea” where thousands of birds fly and the incident is called Phoenix call.  The most interesting part of the Celest Phoenixcall is the ultimate face covers. They are designed by professional artists depicting the beauty of the Phoenix Call event from the Mythological tale. Celest has designed it with a driver hybrid setup consisting of one dynamic driver unit, two high-performance balanced armature driver units, and two Kinera’s self-developed Micro Planar Drivers. Celest has always focused on keeping the prices of its products in the affordable bracket. So far, every product from the brand has been easy on the pocket. The same can be said for the Phoenixcall which is priced quite attractively at 129.99$ only.

Celest Phoenixcall-1

Ever since the Celest Phoenixcall came out, we have received great feedback from users worldwide. Everybody has loved the pair not only for its design part but also for its sheer musical sound signature. The pair is said to bring a detailed sound with fast and dynamic response throughout the frequency band. We get excited when people share their positive feedback for something that we personally love as well. Today, with this blog we are going to share some reviews of the Celest Phoenixcall which caught our attention. We hope you read it till the very end. At the time of this write-up, the Celest Phoenixcall is available for 129.99$, you can check out more details on the pair over here. Let’s dive deep into the world of Celest Phoenixcall reviews.

Audio-In Reviews: Amazing Video Review With Classy Background Music!!

YouTube Review Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eug2DBa0ZCQ

Review Summary:-

Dave from Audio-In Reviews has shared a deeply detailed review on the Celest Phoenixcall. He likes the stunning designer face covers and also appreciates the fit as well. As per his review, he likes the sound finding it to be detailed and precise with a V-shaped sound signature. He finds the Celest Phoenixcall to have a mature sound presentation. What impresses him the most is that the Celest Phoenixcall reaches the level of Yume Ultra, Falcon Ultra, and Talos in terms of technical performance. Let us remind you, all these IEMs are priced above the Phoenixcall so that’s a win-win situation for the Phoenixcall. According to Dave, the Celest Phoenixcall can compete with higher-priced IEMs with ease. He has done an extensive review with amazing comparisons with other IEMs. If you are planning to go for the Phoenixcall, you should definitely check out Dave’s review to know the pair better before pulling the plug on the set.

In-Ear Fetish: Zeos Loves Phoenixcall!!

YouTube Review Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAORWGNWQwQ&t=417s

Review Summary:-

Zeos has done an extensive review of the Phoenixcall. Starting with the unboxing to different pairings and in-depth sound discussion, everything is done so nicely that you can’t stop watching this review by him. As expected, the looks got an appreciation and so did the sound profile. He finds the Phoenixcall to be amazing with dynamic and punchy lower-end, but what interests him the most is the subtle treble response and the big overall sound presentation. Zeos has shared an easy-to-understand review with simple terms. He explains the sound of the Phoenixcall very nicely and also appreciates the pair for delivering quality sound at an amazing price point, surely a review worth checking out!!

Paul Wasabii: Classy Review Describing the Phoenixcall Well!!

YouTube Review Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcMUUHjh8a0&t=1s

Review Summary:-

Paul shares his opinion about the Celest Phoenixcall in a very simple manner which is easily understandable for most of the folks. He finds the pair to have a warm, smooth sound with a safe tuning profile. As per him, the tuning is too safe at times, but it is fairly enjoyable as a whole. Celest Phoenixcall has a smooth V-shaped profile with a relaxed treble which is never fatiguing or harsh. His review is simple yet nicely detailed with all the sections described in detail. He also appreciates the well-put packaging and the solid design of the Celest Phoenixcall. Overall, we can say that he described the pair well and talked in-detail about the sound of the set. We hope you enjoy his review as much as we did!!

Akos Reviews: Detailed and In-Depth Review For The Phoenixcall!!

YouTube Review Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHx1w3CAKw8

Review Summary:-

If you want a complete in-depth review with huge comparisons with other similarly priced products, Akros’s review is one of the most detailed ones available for the Phoenixcall. He has done a complete in-depth review with comparisons featuring other famous names including Juzear Flame, Kinera URD, and more. He finds the Phoenixacll to perform quite well and competitively even when compared to such high-priced gear. This shows how well the Phoenixcall is tuned, He has done a deeply detailed review which we are sure you are gonna love. He has also shared graph comparisons at the end of his review so you guys can check that out as well.

HobbyTalk: Crisp Review on The Phoenixcall!!

YouTube Review Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLXEi5PcjI4

Review Summary:-

HobbyTalk shares a well-detailed review for the Celest Phoenixcall. His reviews start with talking about the stunning design and beautiful looks of the Phoenixcall followed by clear sound descriptions. He explains the pair to have a unique sound profile with V-shape tuning producing a warm, smooth lower-end, with a bright, sparkly treble response. As per him, the warm mid-bass bump balances out the signature providing a fun and enjoyable sound with the set. He loves the Celest Phoenixcall for Country music. His review is well-detailed and it actually feels like he likes the Celest Phoenixcall a lot!! We hope you enjoy his review!!

Jaytiss: Written Review on Head-Fi!!

Review Link: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/kinera-celest-phoenixcall-1dd-2ba-2-micro-planar-drivers-iems.26643/reviews#review-31509

Review Summary:-

When it comes to reviews, reading well-written reviews is always an amazing experience. Jaytiss on Head-Fi has shared a well-written review for the Phoenixcall including some solid proof to back his experience including graphs and song listening experience. His review is very well done, you will enjoy reading every single bit of it. As per Jaytiss, the pair feels much more expensive simply because of its extra-ordinary packaging. He finds the pair to have a well-done V-shape tuning profile and provide an excellent value for the retail cost. Just stating his own words here, “The Price is $130. It’s strong for this level. It’s packaged like a champion, go buy it. It’s also in the Amazon proper stores so it’ll ship in one or two days to most of the US!”!! Do read his review to get an insight on the Celest Phoenixcall.

Celest Phoenixcall-2

Drewbadour: Written Review on Head-Fi!!

Review Link: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/kinera-celest-phoenixcall-multi-driver-tribrid-iems.26650/reviews#review-31556

Review Summary:-

Drewbadour has shared a well-written review where he has explained the pair quite nicely. We want to summarise his review, but he has himself summarised it very well in the final words, let us just share his own words here, “This new addition to the pantheon of $100-$200 IEMs is well worth a look - it eschews all notions of what is correct (cough* Harman) and does its own thing. Usually, when people stray too far off the beaten path, it's in for a rough time - not this time. No, this is not a market-defining or breaking IEM. And no it's not going to replace all the Wan'er/Hola/Hexa/Aria/Kato/you name it IEMs many of you already own. But it's not trying to do that. The Phoenixcall set out to do something different and to provide a different flavour to complement tuning/driver configs that have all but flooded the market. While I can't recommend this IEM as a one and only IEM or for someone's first IEM, the Phoenixcall still gets a solid recommendation from me, especially as an addition to a collection to provide either a different tuning or driver configuration.”

His review clearly shows how deeply he has enjoyed the pair. He finds the pair perfect for doing something different and providing a different-than-regular flavour for your everyday listen!! We hope you enjoy reading his review on Head-Fi!!

Celest Phoenixcall-3

Ceeluh7: Another Well-Written Review on Head-Fi!!

Review Link: https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/kinera-celest-phoenixcall-1dd-2ba-2-micro-planar-drivers-iems.26643/reviews#review-31631

Review Summary:-

Talk about well-written, detailed reviews, Ceeluh7’s take on the Celest Phoenixcall is one of the most detailed reviews available here. He has explained every single intricate detail about the pair very well diving deep into different sections including bass, Midrange, Treble, and more. He finds the pair to have a fun, musical sound with great technical proficiency. His review is very well put and serves as a great read. If you are eyeing the Celest Phoenixcall, we recommend you read his review for full details!!

Celest Phoenixcall-4

Final Words:-

Celest Phoenixcall is an IEM that we personally love, not just for its deep lore or its stunning design, but also for its different taste of sound which is both fun and enjoyable. The package is also pretty solid packing all the things in an exquisite design backed by a solid mythological lore. We hope you guys enjoy the Celest Phoenixcall as much as the community does which is pretty clear from the reviews posted above. For any further details related to the Celest Phoenixcall, you can check it out on our website here.

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