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AFUL MagicOne Review Roundup

AFUL MagicOne Review Roundup

AFUL revolutionized the IEM market with the MagicOne. The single BA IEM came as a technical marvel delivering a full-frequency band with a single BA driver. While most products in the market feature multi-BA setups to achieve a full frequency band response, AFUL with their dedicated R&D achieved that with a single Balanced Armature driver. It is both fascinating and interesting how AFUL achieved all that. For that, we have done an extensive guide on how and why did AFUL designed the MagicOne, explaining various patented technologies and features that AFUL designed for the pair. You can check that guide over here, today with this blog we are going to showcase what the industry has to say about the MagicOne. So let’s not waste anymore time, and begin reading some interesting things about the AFUL MagicOne’s sound performance.

YouTube Review:-


Zeos loved the sound performance of the AFUL MagicOne. He liked the unique design with long acoustic chamber and the special tuning structure of the IEM. As per him, the sound of the MagicOne is natural, wide and has a smooth and exciting presentation. Zeos find the MagicOne to be easily driveable but requires a little more power than other IEMs. He tried different eartips and finds Silicone tips to work best with the set and provide a good seal. At the time of his review, The MagicOne was not released, but he recommended the set if it gets priced under 150$. Now, you all know the AFUL MagicOne got launched for $139.99, which makes it a solid deal and worth trying(now the deal is even better at just $109.99)!! Zeos has done a fantastic review on the AFUL Magic One that shows how deeply he liked the set. Does your preferences align with Z Reviews?


Timmy from Gizaudio loved the sound performance of the Magic One. He shared this video with initial impressions on the AFUL MagicOne and Kefine Klanar. Timmy loved the performance and design feel of the MagicOne, he says in his review that the MagicOne looks and feels premium. He is surprised by its sound performance, wondering that this is actually a single BA producing such beautiful sound. As per Timmy, the tuning of MagicOne is well-balanced and neutral, he also says that being a single BA set, the MagicOne produces bass really well. He also finds it good for most genres out there.

Audio-In Reviews:-

Audio-In Reviews have shared an extensive review on the AFUL MagicOne. David from Audio-In liked the MagicOne and finds it to be a very solid offering, considering its affordable price point. He is particularly impressed with its smooth, refined treble response and smooth detail retrieval as well. David finds the AFUL MagicOne to have a simple yet well-thought-out design that is aesthetically pleasing. He says the Treble is the most impressive aspect of the pair. David rated the AFUL MagicOne as a good value-for-money product and is a good option for people who are looking for a well-rounded IEM with excellent treble performance. It is really good to hear such good words about the treble performance of the MagicOne as we all know, AFUL achieved such a fantastic sound with a single BA driver unit here. Check out the complete review by Audio-In!!

Ian Fann:-

This is a fantastic review by Ian Fann on the beloved AFUL MagicOne. He is mighty impressed with the MagicOne and recommends it to his viewers. Ian states in his review, “The sound signature of the AFUL MagicOne is unique and pleasing. With a linear bass and a safe, smooth treble, the mids are not too recessed and the vocals sound authoritative and natural.” He also says that the AFUL MagicOne offers great value of the price and sounds better than some IEMs that cost more. His review is well-put and has good quality shots as well, we hope you enjoy watching his complete review.


Akros is a famous audio gear reviewer on YouTube. He has done an amazing review on the AFUL MagicOne, referring to the pair as a unique IEM that is well-suited for listening to music in a relaxed manner. As per Akros, the AFUL MagicOne has a neutral and smooth sound signature with a focus on the mids. He says the IEM has excellent imaging and detail retrieval as well. Akros finds the mids of the MagicOne to be the best in its price bracket. In this superb video review by Akros, he compares the MagicOne with FiiO DT100, FlowAudio FA-12, Moondrop Chu, and Letshuoer Galileo as well. It’s worth a watch!!

Now on to some written reviews, let’s read some solid reviews posted on Head-Fi now.


This is a very well-put and very well-described review on the AFUL MagicOne. He simply appreciates the extensive R&D done by AFUL to design the MagicOne to benefit the users. We would like to just share his own words here, “Being the first one to use an exotic driver technology or the first one to jam an insane number of drivers into an IEM means little unless those innovations lead to a new height in sonic quality or make the existing high-end sounds more accessible. In the case of Magic One, the innovations of AFUL push the single BA configuration to a new height, matching or exceeding the previous multi-BA releases one some key aspects. By pursuing the single BA configuration, AFUL also managed to create a smaller, more comfortable, and likely more cost-effective IEM.”

He really appreciates the great job done by AFUL in designing an innovative BA setup for the MagicOne. His review is a great read, take some time out of your busy schedule and give the write-up a quick read on head-fi here.

AFUL MagicOne Review Roundup-1


Head-Fi is full of amazing reviews on the AFUL MagicOne, this one by BaskingSharky is another well-put review on the pair. He explains his struggles with single-BA IEMs before and shares his appreciation for the amazing job done by AFUL on the MagicOne. We would just like to put his words here, as he has explained these things quite simply, “As written above, I was a detractor of single BAs, due to their inherent weaknesses of BA timbre, sub-par end-to-end extension and second-rate technicalities. However, in the MagicOne, AFUL has done a convincing job in addressing these limitations with impressive cutting-edge technology, literally changing my viewpoint overnight!

Sub-bass and treble extension are more than decently portrayed with the “SE-Math” and Nautilus concepts, with a fast and clean bass, clear midrange and smooth yet resolving treble. Technicalities are nothing to sniff at - with imaging and layering the star of the show - and the MagicOne bestows a smooth warm-neutral tone, which is very well-balanced and coherent, with not an ounce of sibilance.

The MagicOne easily stomps on other single BA competitors - some maybe costing even more - and actually sounds more like a multi-driver transducer due to these special innovations. It can even be used for stage monitoring or audio work due to the solid technical chops, great comfort, splendid isolation and neutralish profile.”

His review is a great one with the different comparisons with other IEMs, and has a great description of the sound of the MagicOne itself as well. You should check out his detailed take on the AFUL MagicOne on Head-Fi here.

AFUL MagicOne Review Roundup-2


In this review, Jaytiss seems to be impressed by the magic AFUL has created with the MagicOne. Like everyone else, he is also amazed to see the performance achieved with a single BA driver in the MagicOne here. From a neutral and clean sound, to a lovely midrange performance, his review shows the love he has found in the MagicOne. Let us just put his own words here that truely showcase the sound capabilities of MagicOne, “While this iem is very good, and almost perfect is seems that there could be some room for some slight improvement here. I think it has an almost manufactured hyper-clean sound like it is coming from a studio rather than a concert. If you are looking to recreate an old concert feeling this may not be for you. It lacks slam, and umph for those bass heads. If you want something with insane vocals that fits great and is a modern marvel this is for you. I am not gong to tell you this iem is better than the P5, although it might be depending on your preference, it’s definitely not better than the Aful 8. I love the Aful 8 a great deal, and find the tonal balance to be good.

This is a solid choice for those looking for a wonderful IEM. I could easily take the Aful 1 as my island iem and I find it exceedingly enjoyable.” These impressions are strongly from the point of view of a pure audio lover. He appreciates what the AFUL MagicOne brings and also suggests an EQ if you wanna tweak things a bit for further improvements based on his liking. We suggest you read this beautiful review by Jayiss on Head-fi hehe.

AFUL MagicOne Review Roundup-3

Final Words:-

Well, we tried our best to list all of the reviews about AFUL MagicOne, but believe us, each one of them is simply amazing and it’s really hard to put all of them together in a single blog. That will just make it a messy one, but you guys can go ahead and check out over 20 reviews of MagicOne available on Head-Fi, and you will notice that each one of them tells us how good the AFUL MagicOne sounds. If you still have any doubts, why not grab a pair for yourself and check the beauty of the AFUL MagicOne yourself!!

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