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Queen Of Audio Vesper Latest Hybrid IEM Announced!!

Queen Of Audio Vesper Latest Hybrid IEM Announced!!

Queen of Audio commonly known as QoA in the audio industry has unveiled its latest upcoming pair of hybrid in-ear monitors, the QoA Vesper. The brand QoA names all its products inspiring from cocktails. Their previous two products, QoA Mojito and QoA Pink Lady grabbed a lot of praise from the audiophiles with their brilliant looks and superb sonic qualities. They have a smooth and energetic sound features similar to the smooth sparkling cocktails. Vesper is no different either, the name is inspired from Vesper Martini Cocktail drink. The QoA Vesper features a dual driver hybrid setup featuring one 10mm Dynamic driver unit paired with a Knowles BA unit. It is an entry-level pair with beautiful looks, priced at just 70$. You can pre-order it from our store here, shipments will begin 18th June 2020.

QOA Vesper-1

Technical Specifications:-

>Dual Driver Hybrid featuring 10mm DD+One Knowles BA unit.

>Impedance: 16 Ohms.

>Sensitivity: 116dB.

>Plug Type: 3.5mm.

>Cable Length : 1.2mm (Detachable).

>Cable Material: Silver plated copper cable.

>Frequency Response Range : 20Hz - 20kHz

>Two Colour Options: Jade Green & Galaxy Blue.

Slight U Shaped Balanced Sound Frequency Range:-

QoA Vesper-2

The QoA Vesper features a dual-driver hybrid setup with a powerful 10mm dynamic driver unit and a Knowles balanced armature driver unit. From the frequency response graph provided by the brand it seems like the pair produces a slight U shaped sound signature, with powerful bass, smooth mids, and detailed treble portion. Other products from the brands produce a crisp detailed sound output, and we are hoping the same with the QoA Vesper.

Beautiful Build with Ergonomic Design:-

QoA Vesper-5

From the initial images shared by the brand the QoA Vesper earpieces are well built with beautiful sparky faceplates. The pair is going to be available in two colors where the base is black and design on the faceplate is either Blueish or Greenish in the respected colors. The pair looks very beautiful and ergonomic aesthetics. We are really excited to try out this pair as soon as it releases.

Detachable High-Quality Cable:-

The QoA Vesper features high-quality silver-plated copper cable with detachable connectors. The brand has not yet disclosed the connector type, it will be disclosed in the coming days. The SPC material is very good for cables and is widely used with IEMs as it provides ultra-low distortion and interruption to the audio signal.

QoA Vesper-4

The QoA Vesper looks very beautiful and promising pair of earphones at just 70$, it has got everything from outstanding looks to a promising driver setup. We are already aware with the crisp sound quality from QoA products you can check our review for their Pink Lady IEM here, and Mojito Here. You can pre-order QoA Vesper from our store here, shipments will be shipped from 18th June as per order number sequence.

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