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QOA Pink Lady IEM Review: Natural and Budget Friendly!!

QOA Pink Lady IEM Review: Natural and Budget Friendly!!

Queen of Audio, commonly known as QOA in the China audio industry may be a new name for the western market but their roots go real deep. They are a sister brand to Kinera, founded by two real-life sisters Sophie and Youko. The brand shares the same design and development team with Kinera, so we can expect really good products from QOA as we are already familiar with the Exquisite design and Amazing sound tuning by Kinera. They currently have two products in the market, QOA Pink Lady, that came out late last year and QOA Mojito which is released quite recently in February. We had already reviewed the QOA Mojito which you can check out here. Today we are bringing you the review for QOA Pink Lady, this is an underrated gem from the brand. At the time of review, it is priced at 119$ and you can grab a pair for yourself from our store here.

QOA Pink Lady-1


Just like their latest QOA Mojito, the QOA Pink Lady also derives its name from a cocktail drink, they actually come under the cocktail series from the brand. It has got a simple black color small rectangular packaging. The packaging has a thin cardboard covering on it hiding the main package inside, the thin sheet has Pink lady branding and its driver configuration printed on the front. As we pull out the inner package out of it we get a cardboard package with a designer Pink Lady cocktail representation on the front and on the back, we get technical specification and an image of the Pink lady.

QOA Pink Lady-2

As we open up this box, we get a direct look at a beige color zipper carry case with QOA, Queen of Audio engraved on it. This carry case holds our pair of QOA Pink lady along with its cable and several pairs of ear tips.

Overall the packaging of QOA Pink Lady is simple and elegant, it has all the necessary accessories served to users in a simple manner.

Build Quality & Fit:-

QOA Pink Lady-3

The QOA Pink Lady ear shells are made up of transparent plastic material in Purple color. Even though its plastic they look elegant and strong, they don’t have a cheap look to them. They have a 3D texture on the faceplate with Resin Coating. There is a QOA logo engraved on the faceplate with a chrome finish. They have a lightweight to them, won’t even feel in your ears even after long music sessions. The ear nozzle has two tube configuration, one from DD unit and one from the Dual BA unit. You can look at the driver units through the inner side of the ear shells. The earpieces look elegant and simple. They have an ergonomic design to them and provide the users with a comfortable fit. They sit firmly into the ears and doesn’t fall off.

QOA Pink Lady-4

The wire included in the package is an 8 core braided cable with a hybrid combination of copper and SPC material. It has a black covering on it, with matching black ear hooks housing the two-pin plugs. It looks and feels pretty solid and rich, it even has a QOA logo printed on the 3.5mm termination plug.

Other accessories like the carry case, three pairs of black color silicone tips, three white pairs of silicone tips, and one pair of foam tips, all have a good quality and add to the rich look of the pair.

Sound Quality:-

Before telling you about the sound quality of QOA Pink lady I would like to tell you about the driver configuration of it. It has a triple driver setup having one 10mm Dynamic Driver unit and a Dual Balanced Armature driver unit. The Sound quality of QOA Pink Lady is quite balanced with a warm sound signature, It feels a bit dark but does good detail retrieval. The pair has a quick bass response, rich mids, lush vocals, and a smooth detailed treble section. The vocals feel alive and detailed, but I would like to describe different parts of the frequency range separately.

QOA Pink Lady-5

Lower End/Bass:-

The lower end in QOA Pink Lady is handled by the DD unit. It has a quick bass response it's fast but not much deep. The Drums in Down with the Sickness by Disturbed shows good thumps, the bass has a snappy feel to it, it shows a full body and energetic response. The overall Bass response is well controlled and tight. It doesn’t overlap with other sections of the frequency range and controlled precisely.


QOA Pink Lady-6

The mids section is pretty solid and rich. Vocals show brilliant details, they are natural. The acoustic details feel brilliant and lively. Guitars, Piano’s in Cover Sessions by Boyce Avenue just feel alive. Vocals in songs by London Grammar, Damien Rice, and many more feel alive and natural. The synergy in the mids section is amazing and provides a lovely mids section.


The treble section is pretty detailed yet feel dark. It retrieves brilliant details in my music, I tried multiple artists like Daft Punk, Blink-182, Opeth, Disturbed and I just loved the details here. The section is very smooth and not harsh at all, violin details in songs by Tina Guo are pretty smooth. The pair shows no sign of sibilance or peakiness even at louder volumes.

Soundstage & Imaging:-

The soundstage representation of QOA Pink Lady is good, it shows a wide sound stage, full of depths. Listening to songs by Yosi Horikawa felt amazing and showed brilliant imaging from one corner of my head to the other corner. The Imaging is pretty good, the pair retrieves good instrumental details from my music and provided me great levels of instrument separation.

Final Verdict:-

QOA Pink Lady-7

Finally, all I can say is the QOA Pink Lady offers great value for money with its balanced and natural sound output, detailed mids and vocals, the bass section is well controlled and represented in a beautiful manner. It is priced at around a 100$ mark, and offers a great performance at an entry-level budget price.

You can buy this pair from our store here.

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