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QOA Mojito IEM Review:- Heavenly Mids, Airy Stage!!

QOA Mojito IEM Review:- Heavenly Mids, Airy Stage!!

China has the largest number of audio equipment manufacturing brands. Yet every other day we see some new brands come out and release amazing products. This time we have got a brand named Queen of Audio, commonly known as QOA. QOA is a sister brand to Kinera, a widely known brand among the audiophiles for its rich product range consisting of many worldwide famous IEM’s. The brand QOA is started by two sisters, Sophie and Youko. Yes, the brand is founded by two females which possibly makes this brand one of the few IEM manufacturing brands founded by females.

Till now brand has launched two different IEM’s, QOA Pink Lady and QOA Mojito. The Pink lady came out late last year and grabbed attention from many reviewers around the globe with its performance at a budget level. The QOA Mojito is actually a new IEM which got released quite recently. It is currently priced at 400$ which makes this IEM a mid-tier IEM. I have got a unit of QOA Mojito to myself a few days ago along with Moondrop Blessing 2. I have been using this unit for the past few days and today I am gonna share its review with you all.

Before I start you can buy this unit at Hifigo here.

About QOA Mojito:-

The QOA Mojito is a multi-driver pair of IEM. It has a 6BA configuration on each side, with 4 Knowles Balanced Armature and 2 Sonion Balanced Armature Units each side. The pair got its name inspired by a cocktail drink I guess all of us are familiar with, Mojito. The pair reflects the inspiration in its looks. It has a sparkling look to itself and available in three different colors, Amber Yellow, Ocean wave Blue, and Grape Sparkling Wine. I have got a pair of Grape Sparkling Wine Color here with me.


QOA Mojito-1

The QOA mojito comes in a simple rectangular box with just QOA Mojito branding printed on the front along with the driver configuration that is 2 Sonion and 4 Knowles BA. The backside of the packing has the frequency graph and technical specifications. Inside the box, I get a pair of this beautiful IEM, and I am telling you the pair surely looks stunning. So inside the box, we have a pair of IEM, a QOA branded carry case, a pure copper cable with sleeve matching the color of your pair, three pairs of silicone tips with color matching your pair, three pairs of silicone tips in black color, and two thin cardboard sleeves with technical specs and brand info.

QOA Mojito-2

The package is very elegant, it has a very simple representation and has all the necessary accessories bundled in the package.

Build Quality and Fit:-

QOA Mojito-3

At the first glimpse at the QOA Mojito, it looks stunning. The earpieces have a sparkling look to them, made up of stable wood and covered with good quality resin it feels. All the earpieces have a different texture to them thanks to the wood material used, each earpiece is unique. Even the pair I got both the earpieces have different design pattern on them. They have got a shiny gold Mojito name printed on the faceplates. The earpieces are very lightweight and ergonomic. I got a very comfortable and firm fit with them. Even after long music sessions, you won’t feel tired at all. I have used them for as long as 6-7 hours per music session, yeah I do some such long sessions while playing games on my Nintendo or Sony Systems and listening music on my M11 pro.

QOA Mojito-4

So no issues in fit, and being lightweight and having an ergonomic design I think this will fit well easily to people with different ear sizes. The wire included in the package is of pretty good quality, it is made up of 4 pure copper wire braided in a simple pattern. It has a 3.5mm termination plug and 0.78mm two-pin connector type. The wire has silicone sleeve covering that matches the color of your IEM.

The pair has a very rich and stunning look to them. They are well built and provide a very comfortable fit for the user.

Sound Quality:-

I get concerned while investing about 400-500$ on a pair of transducers. I want that pair to sound amazing, because at the end I am gonna enjoy music on it not gonna sit around looking at its beautiful earpiece design. And QOA Mojito sounds really good too, it has got a mid focused sound with tube-like sound representation. The sound output feels relaxed. It has an airy feel to it with a wide stage representation. The vocals are forward it feels like an IEM with an A-type sound signature where the mids are up in the front. I am a guy who mostly listens to either vocal-based songs, Live recordings, or unplugged sessions the most. And it surely present great vocals details to me. The sound output feels dark and warm. Let’s talk about different areas of the sound frequency response range now.

QOA Mojito-5


I am very habitual to a DD bass from my other pairs of IEM’s, like the DUNU DK-3001 Pro, or Moondrop Blessing 2. And this is the first time I am using a complete BA configuration. The bass here is not as deep as that on my other IEM’s with DD driver handling the bass part. But it is neither less, It has got a punchy clean bass, the response is very quick and clean. Listening to Hotel California recording from Eagles Hell freeze Over and the bongo part in the beginning shows good quick punch to them. Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk shows good thumps. Bad Guy from Billie Ellish or that entire album shows great sub-bass response too. Overall I feel like the lower end despite being handled by BA drivers, shows great punch and a quick response to my music. You will also enjoy EDM music with this pair.


QOA Mojito-6

The IEM sounds like it is tuned to keep the Mids section in the front, the acoustic details, the vocals feel just amazing. I am a guy who always prefer relaxed sound output. A soothing experience is what I get with this pair. Listening to Hey now from London Grammar, Hold me while you wait by Lewis Capaldi is just a different experience here. The piano in Unfaithful by Rihanna feels full of depths, her voice in Cold Case Love is truly mesmerizing with the pair. The sound output feels like it's coming out of a tube amp setup, the vocals feel thick and lush. It’s a different experience listening to lush vocals here, I actually liked this representation of the sound for vocal-based songs.


The IEM has a very relaxing sound output, the Treble section feels very smooth and soothing. The sound of cymbals, flutes, violin nothing feels sharp at all. I listen to several songs by Tina Guo to check the treble section, songs like Letter to You, Ghost of War, The peace variations. And everything sounds very soothing and smooth. But I feel like there is an early treble roll-off, the detailing is pretty good but not the best at this budget, I have DUNU DK-3001 Pro which provides brilliant details with a smooth experience at around the same price point. But not to complain I get a lush mids section.

Soundstage and Instrument Separation:-

The QOA Mojito has an airy wide soundstage, it has good detailing and forwarded mids. The instrument separation is pretty good, you will be easily able to identify different pieces of equipment in quick songs like Wonder Woman Main Theme by Tina Guo, In mist she was standing by Opeth. The overall airy representation really felt good to me.

Noise Isolation:-

The pair provides me an amazing fit with complete ear canal covering. There is complete noise isolation from the outside world. I don’t listen at too high volumes, still I had to pull them out whenever someone came to talk to me. So in terms of noise isolation, I really like these gems.

Powering the QOA Mojito:-

QOA Mojito-7

The QOA Mojito has an impedance rating of 23 ohms and a sensitivity value of 118dB, they are very easy to drive. With my Fiio M11 pro I never had to go above 50/120 volume level while at home and while commuting on my bike I push it to around 70/120 only. While using the line out from Fiio M11 pro and connecting to Aune B1s Portable amp I never had to push volume to more than 20-30% on low gain on the amp. So it is very easy to drive, once I tried the pair with my One Plus 6T with Cozoy TAKT C DAC AMP and I was listening at around 40% volume only.

Final Verdict:-

QOA Mojito-8

Finally, I just wanna say if you listen to vocal-based songs the QOA Mojito performs exceptionally well with lush details in the mids section, a punchy and quick bass response. The pair is pretty good, It is well built, sound amazing too but I would have loved some more details in the treble section the section feels a bit recessed. I am not saying it is bad, it is pretty good, but it could have been improved. The stage feels airy and wide, has a good representation of it. Genres like POP, Acoustic, Live, and EDM sound pretty good on this pair. I enjoyed my time with the QOA mojito well with its relaxed sound representation.

You can buy this beautiful pair from Hifigo here.

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Edward C Leinheiser - May 12, 2020

Thanks…every time I see the yellow amber units I fall in love with these, gorgeous color!
But very little is out there about these and a take “$400 for the team” option, well its a tough sell. Now I know they are safe to buy from anothers opinion and thats great. The ambers will be mine soon I think 🤔…..a long with DX160!
Mouth watering!

Sanjay - March 29, 2020

Good one👍

milind soni - March 29, 2020

As always,,I enjoy reviews from hi-figo. Detailed reviews makes me feel as if I am breathing into it and writing my own experience

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