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HiFiGo Quarter-End 3.28 Sale Ends Today!!

HiFiGo Quarter-End 3.28 Sale Ends Today!!

Today is the last day of our amazing Quarter-end sale of 2022. We had planned five full days of amazing deals on a wide collection of premium HiFi audio gear that started on 28th March. It has been an amazing sale where we brought exciting products at never before prices from world-famous brands including DUNU, Moondrop, Kinera, Gustard, Topping, and more. If you haven’t checked out our sale yet, we urge you to check it out right now as today is the last day of our first amazing sale of 2022, check out all the deals here.

We have already shared some short glimpses of our Quarter end sale on DAC/AMPs which you can check out here, also on IEMs which you can check here. Here’s another glimpse of what we have on sale this week.

Topping D90SE-1

Topping D90SE:-

Retail price: 899$.

Sale deal: 809$.

Topping D90SE is a highly-successful high-end Desktop DAC designed with a TOTL ES9038Pro DAC chip. It packs an authentic Hi-Res audio experience with its 2nd-gen 16-core XU216 USB receiver. The D90SE serves you with extra-ordinary performance, providing exceptional THD+N distortion and SNR ratings ensuring an authentic experience. It supports high-resolution 32-Bit/768kHz PCM, Native DSD512, and MQA decoding. Usually, the D90SE goes for 899$, but during the quarter-end sale, we have it for 809$!!

So what are you waiting for, grab the awesome Topping D90SE today from here.

Topping PA5:-

Retail Price: 349$.

Sale deal: 314$.

Topping PA5-1

Are you looking for a powerful class D amplifier for your Passive speaker systems? Well, the time is here to finalize the amazing Topping PA5 class D amplifier. It has TRS input ports and provides clean signal amplification with ultra-low distortion ratings. Topping PA5 is something that will bring life to your passive speaker systems. It packs loads of power, with an output rating of up to 140W@4Ω, more than enough to power your HiFi speakers very easily.

Check out the Topping PA5 here.

Shuoer S12:-

Retail Price: 169$.

Sale deal: 142.90$.

Shuoer S12-1

Shuoer’s latest S12 Planar driver IEM is getting pretty rave reviews online. Every user of this beauty is praising it like anything for its price segment. The pair packs a punchy performance with lovely vocals, smooth treble, and provides exceptional imaging too. Shuoer S12 has a balanced sound tuning that complements different genres well. Usually, the Shuoer S12 retails for 169$, but grab it at a discounted price of 142.90$ this sale season.

Check out the Shuoer S12 here.

Gustard X26 Pro:-

Retail Price: 1499.99$.

Sale deal: 1349.99$.

Gustard X26 Pro-1

X26 Pro is a flagship DAC from Gustard that is designed with top-of-the-line hardware. It features dual ES9038Pro DAC chips that are adjusted to deliver industry-leading performance with ultra-low THD+N distortion and high SNR ratings. It packs everything we might expect from a flagship product, MQA decoding, lowest noise floor, lowest distortion, are just the key features of the X26 Pro. This Quarter-end sale grab this almighty DAC for just 1349.99$.

Check out the Gustard X26 Pro here. Apart from the X26 Pro, we also have amazing deals on the other products from Gustard including the X16, H16, U18, and more.

Moondrop Variations:-

Retail Price: 520$.

Sale deal: 468$.

Moondrop Variations-1

Variations from Moondrop need no introduction today. This is one of the most celebrated IEMs around the 500$ price range. The five-driver tribrid configuration works flawlessly here delivering a quality sound performance with powerful lower end, accurate midrange, and energetic treble performance. If you are looking for an IEM around the 500$ price range, the Variations is a strong performance now available at a never before price of 468$.

Check out the Moondrop Variations here.

Moondrop Kato:-

Retail Price: 189.99$.

Sale deal: 170.99$.

Moondrop Kato-1

Moondrop’s latest single dynamic driver IEM, the Kato is also available at a discounted price during our current sale. Kato has received countless positive reviews for its excellent sound clarity and comfortable fit. The pair houses a newly-developed ULT Super Linear Dynamic Driver. Moondrop Kato features an interchangeable nozzle design and comes with their latest Spring Ear Tips. What can be a better time to grab this awesome beauty than at a discounted price this sale!!

Check out the Moondrop Kato here.


Retail Price: 179.99$.

Sale deal: 159.99$.


IKKO OH10 is one of the top-selling products from IKKO’s premium in-ear monitor catalog. The pair features both excellent craftsmanship and outstanding sonic performance with a dual hybrid configuration housing a 33518 Knowles BA driver and a 10mm titanium polymer DD unit. If you are looking for something with a comfortable fit, excellent design, immersive sound, and also comes at an attractive price, the IKKO OH10 is a brilliant pair.

Check out the IKKO OH10 here.

Well, you know there are plenty more deals on plenty more products available with us although the deals are live only for a few more hours as today is the last day of this sale. So, check out our entire sale catalog here and grab what you like before the timer runs out!!!

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