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HiFiGo 3.28 Discounted Sale Deals on DAC/AMPs

HiFiGo 3.28 Discounted Sale Deals on DAC/AMPs

It’s been a long while since we at HiFiGo have brought you deals on your favorite HiFi audio gears. The first quarter of 2022 is almost over now, and it’s time to go shopping on our favorite audio gear. HiFiGo is bringing you a sale starting 28th march till 1st April, that’s five full days of crazy deals available at nowhere other than HiFiGo.com, a single-stop destination for all your HiFi audio needs. We will be bringing you crazy deals on a wide collection of products from different categories including DAC/AMPs, In-Ear Monitors, Digital Audio Players, and more. Today we will be unveiling the deals we will be bringing you on Desktop DAC and Amplifiers. Were you waiting for discounted prices on Topping A90/D90 stack??? Or do you just want a Soncoz LA-QXD1 for your desktop audio chain?? Well, we assure you will get the best prices for products from Gustard, Topping, Aune, Singxer, and several other reputed brands in the industry with up to 30% discounts on their products. We have partnered with class-leading brands such as Aune, Singxer, Topping, Soncoz, Gustard, and many more bringing you exclusive prices for their premium desktop and portable audio gears only at HiFiGo.com. Everything assured we promise, you won’t find such good deals anywhere else!!!

So prepare your wallets, HiFiGo will be offering crazy good discounts on your favorite HiFi audio gear. Here’s a short glimpse of what might be coming on sale this upcoming week.

3.28 Sale DAC/Amp-1

Gustard X16+H16:-

The X16 from Gustard is among the top-selling desktop audio decoders, all because of its solid performance. It’s a fully balanced Desktop DAC with dual ES9068AS DAC chips from Sabre Technologies. X16 also houses XMOS’s latest 16-core XU216 USB processor. Gustard is among the top players in the industry with its huge range of premium, high-performance desktop systems. The X16 supports crisp high-resolution audio signal decoding with ultra-low distortion and high SNR ratings ensuring a clean performance for the users. The added Bluetooth support, multiple input/output options just make the Gustard X16 a special DAC. Gustard X16 retails for about 500$, we assure you will get the best deal on the X16 if you were waiting for a discount to come on the X16, we assure you the time is coming soon. Grab the Gustard X16 at a crazy deal this upcoming sale on HiFiGo beginning 28th March. Also if you are looking for a complete stack, i.e including the H16 Headphone Amplifier too, we assure you will get the best deal on the combo this upcoming sale. Be sure to check them both out during the sale!!

3.28 Sale DAC/Amp-2

Aune X1s GT DAC/AMP:-

Aune is a well-recognized HiFi audio gear brand from China. They have been dealing into HiFi audio gears for the past many years. Just a few months back, they released the X1s GT, a high-performance USB DAC/Headphone Amp with a fully-discrete headphone amplifier circuit. The X1s GT is also the first DAC/AMP from the classic X1 series of USB DAC/AMP by Aune to feature external clock input with PLL technology. This all-in-one device supports High-Res 32-Bit/768kHz decoding and a fully balanced 4.4mm headphone output port. If you are into desktop HiFi audio systems and are looking for something compact all-in-one solution, the Aune X1s GT edition is considered to be the one among the best for its price range. What can be a better time to buy this powerful device than during a sale this upcoming season. Just prepare your wallets and bring the Aune X1s GT home this sale!! Not just the X1S GT, but many other products including the BU2 Portable Bluetooth DAC and Headphone Amplifier, X5s 8th Anniversary Edition Desktop Audio Player, and more will be available at discounted prices during this sale. So don’t miss out on it!!

3.28 Sale DAC/Amp-2

Singxer Premium DAC/AMP’s:-

Singxer is a premium Desktop DAC and Amp brand from China. They offer a wide collection of HiFi audio gears such as the SA-1 a fully balanced headphone amp, or the SDA-6 a flagship-grade Desktop DAC. Both of these devices are designed to bring the best out of your Headphones. Together they form an ultimate desktop stack that brings you a true Hi-Res experience. Both of these as well as other products from Singxer will be available at discounted prices during this sale only at HiFiGo.com, be sure to check the sale out.

3.28 Sale DAC/Amp-4

Topping & Its range of premium products including the "E50 Desktop DAC":-

Topping needs no introduction now. Over the past few years, they have come out with multiple successful desktop audio gears. Topping E50 is among their recently launched high-performance Desktop DAC. It houses an ES9068AS ESS Sabre DAC chip with full MQA decoding support. Topping E50 supports High-Res signal decoding supporting 32-Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 decoding.  It offers both balanced as well as Single-ended outputs with TRS and RCA ports respectively both of which provide an extremely clean output signal with low distortion and high SNR rating. Not just the E50, we will be bringing you crazy deals on the entire collection of Topping like the L50 headphone amplifier, flagship A90/D90 desktop combo, and several other premium products. Be sure to check out the sale page completely to find the best deals with us.

3.28 Sale DAC/Amp-5

All this is just a short glimpse of what the full sale holds for you. If you are someone who was saving up and looking for an opportunity to get a deal on your next HiFi audio gear. This sale will be active on a huge collection of products consisting of in-ear monitors, Desktop DAC/AMPs, and digital audio players. Who knows, you might find your next HiFi audio gear at exclusive prices during this sale only available for you at HiFiGo.com. Be sure to check out our entire sale that will be going live on 28th March. For any other queries or questions, feel free to write to us at support@hifigo.com. Stay tuned with us for information regarding the sale.

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