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HiFiGo 3.28 Quarter-End Sale: Crazy Deals On In-Ear Monitors

HiFiGo 3.28 Quarter-End Sale: Crazy Deals On In-Ear Monitors

The first quarter of 2022 is almost over and we at HiFiGo have decided to end this quarter with a fabulous sale from 28th March to 1st April. Yes, you guys read it right, HiFiGo is bringing five days full of crazy deals on your favorite HiFi audio gears including DAC/AMPs, IEMs, Desktop All-in-One DAC/AMPs, and Digital Audio Players. A few days back, we shared a glimpse of what we will be offering in the DAC/AMPs category at discounted prices for this sale. Today, we are pulling the curtains off our collection of In-Ear Monitors that will be available on sale starting 28th March. Enjoy up to 30% discounts and tax-free shipping to over 50 countries, be sure to check out all deals on sale over here.

3.28 sale-1

Let’s share a short glimpse of premium HiFi IEMs that will be available on sale starting this coming Monday.

>Kinera Baldr 2.0:-

Regular Price: 1399$.

Sale Price: 1259.10$.

Kinera Baldr 2-1

Kinera needs no introduction among the audiophiles. The brand has made a reputable name in the industry specifically for its exquisitely designed premium in-ear monitors. And in their collection, the tribrid Kinera Baldr 2.0 is the ultimate flagship offering that houses 4 low-voltage EST, 2 high-performance balanced armatures, and one powerful dynamic driver on each side. The pair has got some really great reviews from its users worldwide, and they praised it not only for its outstanding sonic capabilities but also for its stunning oakwood ear shells. For this end-of-quarter sale, we have partnered with Kinera to bring you a flat 10% discount on their entire collection of products and not just the Baldr 2.0. So in case you were waiting to get a good deal on other famous models like the Norn, Skuld, or even the latest launch URD, now is the best time to check them out.

Check out Kinera’s product catalog on HiFIGo here.

>Moondrop Variations:-

Regular Price: 520$.

Sale Price: 468$.

Moondrop Variations-1

Variations is a highly celebrated IEM from the house of Moondrop. It offers spectacular sound performance with its five-driver tribrid configuration on each side housing dual low-voltage EST drivers paired to dual Balanced Armature drivers and a 10mm LCP dynamic driver unit. Moondrop Variations is one of the best IEMs available for 500$, usually, the Variations go for 520$, but during our quarter-end sale grab this awesome beauty for just 468$. Other products from Moondrop like the Aria, Illumination, Kato, and more will also be available on sale, be sure to check them all out.

Check out Moondrop’s product catalog on HiFiGo here.

>Shanling ME500 Shine:-

Regular Price: 349$.

Sale Price: 300.15$.

Shanling ME500 Shine-1

Shanling ME500 Shine is a triple driver hybrid pair of high-resolution in-ear monitors featuring high-density brass ear cavities. The cavities have a shiny chrome finish that makes them look simply stunning. ME500 Shine houses a 10mm CNT diaphragm dynamic driver with Knowles composite dual BA drivers per side. The pair is tuned to deliver an exceptional listening experience for the users with a balanced and natural profile. Shanling ME500 Shine retails for 349$, But during our upcoming sale, it will be available at a never before price of just 300.15$.

Check out the Shanling ME500 Shine here.

>Astrotec Volans:-

Regular Price: 329$.

Sale Price: 296.10$.

Astrotec Volans-1

Astrotec Volans is a one of its kind premium pair of in-ear monitors designed with a single 10.5mm Tesla magnetic copper driver unit with a multi-layer biological diaphragm. Volans has got some really great reviews from its users, and it is coming on sale for the first time. Grab this awesome beauty at a never-before price of just under 300$ when the retail price is 329$. Prepare your wallets, and grab an awesome deal on the Astrotec Volans!!!

Check out more details on the Astrotec Volans here.

>DUNU Falcon Pro:-

Regular Price: 219.99$.

Sale Price: 198$.

Dunu Falcon Pro-1

DUNU Falcon Pro is one of the finest single dynamic driver IEMs around the 200$ price segment. It’s their cheapest ECLIPSE dynamic driver IEM designed with top-quality components. DUNU has featured premium metallic cavities. Falcon Pro comes with three sets of ear nozzles each giving its own sound signature to the pair. From reference-grade tuning to fun tuning for movies and games, Falcon Pro can give you all in a single pair of in-ear monitors. DUNU Falcon Pro will be available for just 198$, the retail price for the pair is 220$. We will have the entire collection of premium in-ear monitors from DUNU including the SA6, Zen, Zen Pro, on sale too.

Check out our collection of DUNU here.


Flat 10% discount.

Audiosense AQ7-1

Audiosense offers a wide collection of premium in-ear monitors including multiple successful models such as the AQ0, AQ7, T800. DT200, and many more. HiFiGo will be offering their entire collection of products at a flat 10% discount during our quarter-end sale. Check out the seven-driver hybrid(6BA+1DD) AQ7 at crazy discounts during our upcoming sale. If you were planning to buy anything from Audiosense, Now will be the best time to come shopping with us only at HiFiGo.com.


Regular Price: 499$.

Sale Price: 449.10$.


BGVP NE5 is another one of the famous mid-fi tribrid IEMs in the market. The pair has got unique design on its metallic cavities that house a five-driver tribrid setup on each side(2EST+2BA+1DD). NE5 is an amazing offering from BGVP, packs powerful acoustic performance, beautiful design, and a comfortable fit in a single package. BGVP NE5 is coming on sale for the first time with us on HiFiGo, be sure to check it out during our quarter-end sale!!!

Do check out the BGVP NE5, and other BGVP products on sale with us here.

This is just a short glimpse of what we will be bringing for you with our quarter-end sale. Be there to experience crazy deals on your favorite audio gears, be it DAC/AMPs or IEMs or Audio Players, we will be bringing everything for you!! Do check out discounted deals on our huge collection of products here, sale starting 29th March!!

Our Updated Shipping Policy:-

1) 【Express】 FREE shipping on $500+ worldwide, 

2) 【Premium】5-8 Days , FR/DE/UK/IT/ES/US, All tax and duties are prepaid by HiFiGo 

3) 【Priority】 1-2 weeks , All tax and duty are prepaid by HiFiGo. 

Europe 30 Countries, FREE shipping on $300+.

US/CA/JP/AU/KR/MY/TH/VN/SG/PH, FREE shipping on $100+.

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