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  • FiiO FH1s Impressions: Balanced and Thumpy!!
    February 12, 2020 Pulkit Chugh

    FiiO FH1s Quick Review: Balanced and Thumpy!!

    FiiO has been in the news nowadays for releasing a new audio product every now and then, and this time they have brought us a new pair of hybrid earphones, pair which is an upgrade to one of their previous...

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  • Kinera Nanna:- Initial Impressions!!
    January 10, 2020 Candice Song

    Kinera Nanna:- Initial Impressions!!

    Kinera is a very famous brand based in China, popular for its brilliant sounding earphones. They have a wide range of variety in their product range. Ranging from about 30$ to up to 900$, and each one of their IEM sound...

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  • FiiO M15:- The Flagship impressions!!
    January 8, 2020 Candice Song

    FiiO M15:- The Flagship impressions!!

    FiiO, a china based digital audio player brand ended 2019 with a very high note, introducing the world with their flagship device the FiiO M15, on 28th decemeber,2019.The FiiO M15 is said to be the flagship model of their lineup,...

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