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Kinera Nanna:- Initial Impressions!!

Kinera Nanna:- Initial Impressions!!

Kinera is a very famous brand based in China, popular for its brilliant sounding earphones. They have a wide range of variety in their product range. Ranging from about 30$ to up to 900$, and each one of their IEM sound amazing and full of details though there are obvious limitations to the starter model and as their range increases the quality of material and level of tuning also increases.

The latest flagship model from the brand is called, the Kinera Nanna pronounced as Na Na, a multi-driver hybrid IEM with two electrostatic drivers.

Today, we got our hands on a unit for unboxing and we are going to give our initial impressions for the same. You can buy a pair of this beautiful IEM from our store here.

But before we start, here are some of the technical specifications for the flagship model, Kinera Nanna.

Technical Specifications:-

>Four Driver Hybrid Setup, including one 7mm dynamic driver, one Balanced Armature driver, and two electrostatic drivers.
>Impedance of 60 ohms
>Sensitity of 110dB at 1mW
>Frequency Response range of 5Hz-50kHz
>2-Pin 0.78mm connector crystal copper wire

Unboxing Impressions:-

Well, the Kinera Nanna has got a designer packaging with a hexagonal box with Just the name written at the center of the box and Kinera branded seal at the lower end.

The Nanna is written in such a manner as if in a dictionary, and below it is written the pronunciation style for Nanna as Na Na.

As we open the upper lid to the box, we get a direct view of the contents of the package, which includes several pairs of silicone and foam tips, a cleaning brush, a 3.5mm-6.35mm adapter.

And below all this lies a beautiful leather bag with Kinera brand name engraved at the front.

In the black colored leather bag lies our beautiful pair of Kinera Nanna along with a pure crystal copper wire with 3.5mm termination.

Overall the unboxing impression is simple yet classy and elegant, the quality of accessories included gives it a premium feel and makes it worth the price tag of 849$.

Package contents are as follows:-

>1 Pair of Kinera Nanna In-Ear Monitors
>1 2-pin 0.78mm connector type copper crystal wire with 3.5mm termination
>1 Leather Carry Bag
>5 Pairs of Final Type E series silicone type
>2 Pairs of Comply Memory Foam tips
>1 3.5mm-6.35mm adapter

Build Quality:-

The build quality of Kinera Nanna is exceptional and beautiful, the earpieces are made up of beautiful resin shells which are translucent and you can somehow see a little bit of driver unit inside the shells.

The shells have an amazing painted resin faceplate which gives the earpieces an eye-catching designer looks and wearing them in the ears feels like wearing an exquisite piece of jewelry.

The Resin covers till the ear nozzle part of the earpieces and gives a unibody design to the IEM, even though it is made up of resin shells, the earpieces are tough and have good build quality, there looks no compromise by Kinera in terms of build quality.

The Earpieces have a 0.78mm connector, for which it comes with a very nicely built braided pure copper wire, where the pure copper provides brilliant sound details conduction eliminating any noise or jitter.

Accessories included in the package are again very good quality like the silicone tips included are provided by Final Audio Type E series which is a very premium ear tips and provides a good and comfortable fit to the user.

The leather Carry bag included is black in color, made up of good quality leather and will keep our pair of Kinera Nanna safe and sound while carrying around.

Overall the build quality of the IEM and accessories included in the package, is very good, gives a flagship feel to the pair.

Initial Sound Quality Impressions:-

So, the moment came for which, we have been waiting since we got the product, the moment to enjoy its sound, the moment to see how well a flagship IEM from Kinera sounds, the moment to experience the sound quality of a four-driver hybrid by Kinera.

We all know multi-driver hybrids are common but what makes the Kinera Nanna a special flagship device is the presence of two electrostatic drivers, which is the latest technology in terms of audio devices.

Electrostatic drivers are quite complex in their architecture, they are built to achieve a lower distortion rate, quicker and wider frequency response and a larger than life soundstage. The sound is quite rich and immersive, they are absolutely uncommon but the industry is definitely experimenting a lot with the electrostatic driver-based IEM's.

And Kinera has nailed it with their flagship Nanna.

And, the Kinera Nanna doesn't disappoint, it's just amazing, the sound of drums thumping in Digital Bath by Deftones, just outstanding, the guitar chords in Hotel California by Eagles, or Vocals in Animals were gone by Damien rice, everything felt so natural, So natural timbre of the instruments, so natural vocals, it feels like we are experiencing it all right in front of us, Thanks to the Neutral sounding nature of Kinera Nanna.

The Imaging, the detailing is just so perfect without any distortion, it feels like it was the IEM we have always wanted to get, just a lovely mesmerizing experience.

We loved the deep, thumpy bass where we felt the depth of each and every thump the drum was making, even we can notice depths in the piano being played in songs like the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, just brilliant detailing to every other instrument.

The tuning of four driver unit is just perfect and feels natural without any distortion, the pair has a wide soundstage, songs by Yosi Horikawa just feel amazing, this is the kind of IEM you can just put into your ear and just get lost in the details, in the music being played and just enjoy every single beat.

Overall the IEM sounds natural and balanced with good thumps at the lower end, brilliantly detailed lush vocals and smooth and detail-rich higher end with good extensions, providing good instrumental details even in quick songs like death metal songs by Death.

Final Summary:-

So, we had a brilliant time with Kinera Nanna, it is an amazing IEM with nicely tuned mids and thumping bass response, the IEM produces brilliant details at the higher end and produces good detailed sound.

The pair has good a very good build quality, and everything in the package plus the amazing sounding IEM's, just make this package worthy of a flagship tag, and makes the whole package worth every penny.


You can buy your very own pair of Kinera Nanna from our Hifigo store here.

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