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FiiO FH1s Impressions: Balanced and Thumpy!!

FiiO FH1s Quick Review: Balanced and Thumpy!!

FiiO has been in the news nowadays for releasing a new audio product every now and then, and this time they have brought us a new pair of hybrid earphones, pair which is an upgrade to one of their previous very famous model, The FiiO FH1s, comes as an updated version for FiiO FH1.

The Fiio FH1 was already famous for they clean bass and crispy clear sound output. It was one of the best earphones under the 100$ price range for quite a long time and with the release of an updated version, we honestly have huge hopes. So today we have got a unit of Fiio FH1s all to our selves and we are going to do an unboxing session with it and will be sharing our initial impressions for the pair with you guys.

Before we continue you can buy the FiiO FH1s from our store here.

Introduction to FIio:-

To be very frank we all know that Fiio doesn’t need an introduction in the audio industry but for the new readers, we are going to include it.

The Fiio is a very famous brand in the Chi fi audio market, they have been releasing new and updated products nowadays. They have a very wide product range, they have in-ear monitors, digital audio players, DAC/AMP’s and many more. Their products have great and premium build quality and a rich feel to them.

Some basic information about the product:-

The Fiio FH1s is a hybrid pair of earphones that have a Knowles 33518 balanced armature driver working together with a 13.6mm dynamic driver unit. The Knowles armature driver handles the mids and treble section of the sound output while the bass section is being handled by the dynamic driver unit.

Unboxing the Fiio FH1s:-

The FiiO FH1s comes in a box similar to other IEM’s by the brand, it is a very simple rectangular cardboard box which is black in color, it has an image of Fiio FH1s earphone printed in the front and the Fiio branding logo on the top corner. While the other corner has a Hi-Res audio certification logo and on the lower end, we have FH1s product name printed on the front. Apart from all these, there is nothing else on the front box, the entire packaging is quite simple and elegant.

As soon as you open up the front panel on the box, you get a direct look at the beautiful pair of IEM’s sitting firmly in foam casing connected to its wire. Below it lies a black collared box which contains a Fiio branded carry case which has different accessories included in the package. Accessories like memory foam tips and silicone tips are there in the Fiio HB1 carry case.

Overall the unboxing of Fiio FH1s is quite simple, comes with all the necessary accessories, the HB1 carry case is really good.

Package Contents:-

  • One pair of FiiO FH1s in-ear monitors

  • One single crystal pure copper cable with 2-pin connectors(0.78mm)

  • Three pairs of bass tips(silicone)

  • Three pairs of balanced tips(silicone)

  • One pair of memory foam tips

  • FiiO HB1 carry case

Build Quality:-

The FiiO FH1s has a pretty solid build quality, the faceplates have celluloid design, which means none of the two pairs of FH1s will have same faceplate designs, the inner shell of the earpiece is transparent and you can look a the neat and precise presentation by the trained staff at FiiO, the dynamic driver unit is clearly visible for us through the shell. The ear nozzle in the shells Is made up of brass, The build quality of the FiiO FH1s earpieces is quite premium and feels strong and tough.

The wire included in the package is quite premium, it is a High purity monocrystalline lite copper cable which has 120 cores, pure copper cable is quite premium and is usually seen with higher-priced IEM’s, so it looks like we won’t be needing a wire upgrade anytime soon.

The Inclusion of a FiiO HB1 case is kind of unexpected in the package, it is a very good quality plastic carry case and it will make carrying around our earphones with great ease.

Overall the build quality of the items included in the package is very good, the entire package gives a premium feel and rich

Sound Impressions:-

Now we kind of liked the sound output of the FIiO FH1, and we expected the same with the FH1s, and to be very honest the upgrade is definitely worth it.

The FH1s does everything the FH1 did in a better way, the FH1s has a balanced output with soul-shaking bass response through a 13.6mm dynamic driver unit, while the mids are in the front and full of details, and the treble section has a smooth detail retrieval, it is not sibilant at all. There is no harshness or peakiness in any area of the sound frequency range. The sound feels very soothing with great bass response.

We loved the bass response of the FH1 but it used to felt V-shaped sound signature, The FH1s has U-shaped smooth sound output.

We really loved listening to vocal artists like Boyce Avenue, John Mayer, Damien Rice on the FH1s, the vocals just have that depth and heaviness. The FH1s carries a powerful bass response, listening to EDM tracks was pure bliss, we could feel our body grooving to the music with this fun-sounding pair.

The Fh1s felt like having a wider staging, listening to binaural tracks by Yosi Horikawa was a treat to our ears. We really loved this pair for almost all genres’ of music, whether it be Jazz, Rock, Or Pop, or any other genre, the FH1s just sounded simply brilliant.

Final Verdict:-

The FiiO FH1s felt really good with quick and detailed bass response, crispy clear vocals, and smooth treble response range, the sound output is pure bliss. The pair comes with a premium build quality and a high quality carry case which makes carrying around our pair comfy and easy. With a balanced and crisp sound output, this is going to be one of our daily drivers for watching movies and enjoying to music sessions. This small package by FiiO carries a lot of quality music sessions and fun with it.

If you really liked our impressions and would like to buy a pair for yourself, you can order one from our store here.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask us on our Facebook page or our support mail.

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