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Shanling UP5 Vs FiiO BTR5: What's New With the Latest Bluetooth DAC/AMP from Shanling!!

Shanling UP5 Vs FiiO BTR5: What's New With the Latest Bluetooth DAC/AMP from Shanling!!

As a successor to the highly-acclaimed UP4 Bluetooth DAC/AMP device Shanling released its latest flagship UP5 Portable Bluetooth USB DAC/AMP last week. UP5 changes the game for Bluetooth Portable DAC/AMP entirely. It brings a high-quality XMOS USB receiver that enables high-res audio decoding over USB connections with the UP5. P UP5 is the current flagship Bluetooth DAC/AMP in Shanling’s lineup. Today we are gonna put it up against the award-winning FiiO BTR5 Bluetooth DAC/AMP. BTR5 has grabbed a lot of positive feedback ever since it is released. It is a hot seller in the category. Let’s check out what Shanling has done with the UP5 and how good is it in comparison with the FiiO’s current flagship Bluetooth DAC/AMP.


Technical Comparison:-


Shanling UP5





DAC Configuration



Bluetooth Chip



Bluetooth Connectivity



Wireless Codec Support



Headphone Output



Output Power(Single-Ended)

Up to 112mW@32 Ohms

Up to 80mW@32 Ohms

Output Power(Balanced)

Up to 240mW@32 Ohms

Up to 240mW@32 Ohms


120dB(SE), 120dB(Bal)

118dB(SE), 122dB(Bal)







Channel Separation(SE)

70dB@32 Ohms

79dB@32 Ohms

Channel Separation(Bal)

108dB@32 Ohms

118dB@32 Ohms

Output Impedance(SE)

<0.5 Ohms

<1 Ohms

Output Impedance(Bal)

<0.7 Ohms

<2 Ohms

NFC Support



USB Connection



USB Signal Processor



OLED Display

Yes 0.96”

Yes 0.49”

In-Line Control

Standard CTIA 3.5mm In-Line Mic Control Support

Standard CTIA 3.5mm In-Line Mic Control Support

MQA Support

Yes(Up to 8X)

Not Supported

Audio Configuration

FPGA+Dual Crystal Oscillators

FPGA+Dual Crystal Oscillators


SiSonic HD Microphone

Standard Microphone

Buttons & Keys

Multi-Function Power Key+Mode Key

Power Key+Three Media Keys

Battery Capacity



Battery Life

Upto 15H(Single DAC), Upto 11H(Bal, Dual DAC)

Upto 9H(SE), Upto 7H(Bal)

UP5 Vs BTR5-2

Latest Generation Dual DAC Chipset:-

Shanling UP5 features the latest, third generation of Sabre DAC chipset. It is equipped with two ES9219C DAC chips(Same as with their latest M3X Android Music Player) while the BTR5 uses a previous-generation ES9218P Dual DAC chipset. This latest-generation chipset in the UP5 allows it to achieve better channel separation with better SNR and THD+N ratings contributing to a cleaner output in comparison to the previous generation in BTR5.

UP5 Vs BTR5-3

Advanced Bluetooth Chip:-

Similar to the latest-generation DAC chip, UP5 utilizes the power of the latest-generation Bluetooth connectivity chip from Qualcomm. Shanling has equipped the UP5 with a QCC5120 Bluetooth chip that is a low-power consumption and high-performance Bluetooth chipset. CSR8675 equipped in the BTR5 is also a low-power, high-performance Bluetooth chip in BTR5. QCC5120 provides better power management over the CSR8675 in the BTR5 and results in overall better battery life while maintaining premium performance and stable connectivity. Shanling UP5 features an extra LHDC wireless codec along with the regular LDAC, AptX HD, AptX LL, SBC, AAC with the BTR5.

UP5 Vs BTR5-4

More Headphone Connection Option:-

Shanling UP5 features an extra headphone output port over the BTR5. BTR5 featured 2.5mm Balanced and 3.5mm single-ended headphone output ports, but the new UP5 adds an extra 4.4mm balanced connection with the other two ports. So the UP5 supports the latest pentaconn 4.4mm headphone termination too.

Cleaner & More Powerful Output-

Shanling UP5 thanks to the latest-gen DAC system provides a cleaner output among the two with better channel separation, improved SNR, and lower THD+N distortion ratings. It also has more power in the output signal with an output power rating of up to 112mW@ 32 ohms on single-ended connection(Dual DAC mode). BTR5 has an output power of up to 80mW through the single-ended port. Though this increased output power is not seen in balanced connections, where both the BTR5 and UP5 achieve 240mW@32 Ohms. UP5 achieves lower output impedance ratings making it more suitable with hyper-sensitive headphones.

UP5 Vs BTR5-5

Better Microphone:-

Shanling UP5 uses a high-quality SiSonic HD microphone instead of a standard mic found in the BTR5. While BTR5 voice quality was also pretty good, the UP5 provides crispier and cleaner voice transmissions.

MQA Support:-

Shanling UP5 brings the support for MQA decoding via USB connection in the Bluetooth DAC/AMPs market. Both the BTR5 and UP5 provide hi-res audio signal decoding over USB connections as both use the same XMOS XU208 USB chip. But the latest Up5 also supports MQA decoding support that is not available with BTR5.

UP5 Vs BTR5-6

Bigger, Better Battery:-

Shanling UP5 is equipped with a bigger 680mAh battery while the BTR5 houses a 550mAh battery. As expected with a bigger battery paired with high-quality engineering, Shanling UP5 provides a continuous playback for up to 15 hours(single-DAC), even with balanced connections(Dual DAC mode only), UP5 provides up to 11 hours of continuous music playback. BTR5 has a battery life of up to 9 hours on single-ended mode and up to 7 hours on balanced connection mode.

Bigger OLED Display:-

Both the Shanling UP5 and FiiO BTR5 features an OLED display right on the front of the device. Shanling UP5 has a larger 0.96” display while the BTR5 has a 0.49” smaller display among the two. This display on both the devices shows different settings such as active Bluetooth codec, Battery life, and more information.

UP5 Vs BTR5-7

Better Driveability:-

With better power output, two-level gain mode, Better DAC, and advanced Qualcomm Bluetooth Chip the UP5 provides better drivability for your HiFi IEMs and Headphones. It is suitable for both high-power demanding as well as sensitive headphones providing them with a clean and powerful output.

Heavier Build Quality & Better Set of Accessories:-

Shanling UP5 has a better build quality with a slightly heavier and bigger body than the BTR5. Though both the devices look quite identical. Shanling UP5 has a better set of bundled accessories packing a leather case inside the package. BTR5 comes with a standard plastic case.

UP5 Vs BTR5-8

Final Words:-

While the FiiO BTR5 is an amazing device, Shanling UP5 does everything it does with more advanced features that contribute to its improved performance. Shanling has implemented the latest generation DAC, Advanced Bluetooth Chip, a 4.4mm balanced headphone port, better battery life, MQA decoding, bigger OLED display, and many more features that make the UP5 an amazing choice for 2021!! But all these features come at a cost, BTR5 is available for 109.99$, the Shanling UP5 is priced at 179.99$. For the price BTR5 still rocks its category but with an open budget, the UP5 offers more advanced features. You can purchase both the UP5 and BTR5 from our store.

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Wyatt Jones - July 18, 2022

In your Review you state that the Shanling has beller separation than the BTR5 but in the specs you posted it indicates thife opposite, is this a typo and if so in which section, Also in another review someone said the definition in the bass was better in the BTR5 however that seems to be a one-off so I was just wondering what your opinion was, then most of the reviews said that the BTR 5 was flatter or rather less warm than the shanling, does that translate to the BTR5 being more neutral ? sounding? Lastly I’ve heard that he bluetooth rang is pretty poor whereas the UO5 was about average, is arou d 30 fr, is that about right? Thanks

Kenneth Schultz - November 4, 2021

How does the Shanling UP5 compare to the new BTR5 2021

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