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Kinera Baldr Flagship IEM Quick Review: God-Like Sound

Kinera Baldr Flagship IEM Quick Review: God-Like Sound

This year has been great so far for us audiophiles. We have got many new products, some flagships too like the Dunu Luna, Tri Starlight, Softears Turii, and more. Kinera has been providing us some brilliant products from time to time, last month they released two of their latest pairs designed with the strength and power of the gods from the Norse mythology, The Kinera Freya, and Kinera Baldr.

The Kinera Baldr is the latest flagship pair from the brand featuring a lively sound output with a powerful driver setup. I just couldn't resist looking at the beautiful looks of Kinera Baldr and the excitement of using a flagship pair with multiple EST driver hybrid setup. But before I begin the Kinera Baldr is priced at 1399.99$, you can check more details here. Today I am going to share my quick review for this beautiful Godly IEM.

Unboxing Impressions:-

Kinera Baldr-1

The packaging of the royal Kinera Baldr is simply superb and elegant. It has a similar hexagonal packaging just like the other latest offering from the brand. As I open up the outer packaging, The God-Like beautiful earpieces catch my eyes instantly. The first layer inside the packaging just have our earphones, below this layer, lies the accessories like different pairs of silicone tips, carry case, cables, and more. Overall the packaging is very beautiful and comes bundled with a lot of accessories giving the user the flagship feel.

Package contents:-

>Kinera Baldr IEM's.

>Gold plated pure copper cable with 3.5mm termination plug.

>Gold plated pure copper cable with 2.5mm termination plug.

>Gold plated 4.4mm connector cable.

>Twelve pairs of silicone ear tips.

>Airplane adapter.

>Cleaning brush.

>Zipper carry case.

Build Quality:-

Kinera Baldr-2

Well, I must say the entire package looks outstanding and so does the earphones. They are designed with keeping in mind "Baldr, the god of light according to the Norse Mythology". They have beautiful and powerful looks with premium oakwood ear shells. The pair looks outstandingly beautiful with unique looks, due to the use of original oakwood each unit has a unique design and texture with a color combination of red, blue, golden, and more. They feel very durable and have lightweight aesthetics. I got a very firm and comfortable fit with the pair, I enjoyed a few long sessions with them without any issues in fit or else.

The accessories included in the package are very premium, cables included are made up of gold-plated pure single crystal copper. There are two cables bundled with the pair one having a 3.5mm termination plug, another having a balanced 2.5mm termination plug. This is for the first time for gold-plated pure copper cables to be included in the package.

Sound Quality:-

Kinera Baldr-3

Apart from the beautiful looks, the Kinera Baldr impresses even more in the sound quality department. The pair shows an impactful bass response, transparent mids with natural vocals, and a well extended forward treble section. It sounds exceptional with crisp, high-resolution sound clarity. The overall tonality of sound is sweet, soothing on ears, that makes this pair really suitable for long listening sessions. It never sounds fatiguing or tiring even when used at loud volumes. I really liked the smooth tonality and crisp sound of the Kinera Baldr and this is surely going to be my go-to pair for the coming days.


The lower end in Kinera Baldr is handled by Kinera's self-developed powerful 7mm micro dynamic driver unit. It provides an impactful, deep bass response with a smooth sub-bass rumble. The bass layers are pretty smooth, with a fast and quick decay response enabling the users to enjoy music with groovy fast beats. This really complements with EDM, and other bass-heavy genre's really well.


Two Knowles BA units on each side handle the mids section. They are smooth, shows brilliant instrument details with high-quality airiness all around on the sound floor. Listening to live recordings, unplugged music is a mesmerizing experience with Kinera Baldr as it produces beautiful soothing details with crisp vocals. Upper mids have a slight bump bringing the vocals forward, but that doesn't make them harsh by any bit. I have enjoyed Damien Rice, Taylor Swift, The Mountain Goats with the Kinera Baldr.


There are four Sonion EST drivers that handle the beautiful treble portion on the Kinera Baldr and believe me this makes the pair really exceptional. The tuning of the highs portion is so brilliant, it is detailed, energetic, and shows good extensions. There are no signs of sibilance or any harshness even at louder volumes. I have tested some heavy violin tracks by Tina Guo, some beautiful tracks by Fleetwood Mac, and it's a blissful beautiful experience.

Soundstage and Imaging:-

The Kinera Baldr produces a beautiful 3D soundstage that has good width and depth. And the detailing is just perfect providing us with powerful imaging capabilities.

Kinera Baldr-4

The Kinera Baldr seems to be the perfect flagship with a premium build quality, amazing accessories, including two premium cables, and godlike driver setup. It provides a brilliant sound quality output that suits almost all genres of music. I am really satisfied with the pair and rocking it daily with me. Is it really worth its hefty price tag?? with all the accessories, premium oakwood build, and such sound, definitely a yes from my side. It is priced at 1399.99$, you can check more details here.

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