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XiaoMi Flagship Hybrid Earphones 2DD+2BA Launched Today | Hifigo

XiaoMi HiFi Flagship Hybrid Earphones 2DD+2BA Launched Today | Hifigo

The demand for Hi-Fi system is expected to increase as the demand for high-quality music is increasing amongst audiophiles. After several entry-level Hybrid earphones launched, Xiaomi released their flagship Hybrid earphones with 2 dynamic and 2 balanced armature units and DAC type- c earphones cable and Bluetooth DAC adapter as well. It seems Xiaomi want all the popular accessories included.  The Xiaomi HiFi Hybrid Flagship Earphone is already available for pre-order on Mi.com up until November 10. It will be available for purchase on November 11. The price is ¥999 and those who pre-order will have to pay a deposit between ¥100 to ¥400. The balance should then be paid between 5 PM on November 10 and 4:59 on November 11. Those living outside China can order it from Hifigo.comThe price for oversea markets will be US$ 169 at Hifigo. 

 XiaoMi Flagship Hybrid Earphones 2DD+2BA

Main features of Xiaomi Flagship Hybrid Earphones

Hi-Res certificated
Hi-Res certified high-resolution sound quality.  Hi-Res Audio is a high-quality audio product design standard developed by JAS (Japan Audio Association) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association). 

Wireless & Wired Two modes 

In wireless mode, you plug it to a Bluetooth DAC amplifier that supports Hi-Res SBC, AAC, and LDAC. In wired mode, you can decide to use it via the bundled 3.5mm jack cable or the USB Type-C cable which has a DAC chip.

Hybrid dynamic + balanced armature drivers for amazing detail

Mi hybrid flagship earphones bring both deep bass and detailed treble, owing to the 2BA+2DD driver structure . 2 balanced armature units are placed before the 2 dynamic unit bringing more details.2 coaxial dynamic unit combined to make sure the consistency.  

Xiaomi adopts a silicon layer for bass and a metal titanium composite layers for treble.  This preserves the outstanding treble responses of metal while improving richness in the lower ranges. This breakthrough design has revolutionized Mi In-Ear Headphones, providing balanced output and superior definition across the entire frequency range.

Gold-plated MMCX connectors 

It is equipped with connectors MMCX. Newly upgraded MMCX connector is with thicker gold plating, improving connection and assuring longer lifespan (Upgraded MMCX connectors should withstand 4x more insertions than standard MMCX connector). It may be easily replaced in case of loss or breakage.

XiaoMi Flagship Hybrid Earphones 2DD+2BA

Silver plated OFC cables

2 cables with 3.5mm jack

1 cable with Type C jack and Hi-res DAC chip

All the above three cables are made of silver-plated OFC ( oxygen-free copper ) . 

Zirconia chamber

Now audiophiles can discover the wonders of Zirconia through Xiaomi’s high fidelity in-ear headphones that feature a sound chamber made of Zirconia, a black crystalline oxide of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) that is extremely durable and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Two ways to wear Xiaomi Flagship earphones

 XiaoMi Flagship Hybrid Earphones 2DD+2BA

Accessories of Mi flagship hybrid earphones with DAC 

1x flagship earbuds

1x 3.5mm jack cable ( short)

1x 3.5nn jack cable (long)

1x Type - c jack cable

1x Bluetooth adapter

4 pairs x silicon eartips

4 pairs x memory sponge eartips

1x earphones case

1x type-c charging cable

1 pair x ear hook

1x user guide


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