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Upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Week: Crazy Deals On Desktop DAC's & Amplifiers

Upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale Week: Crazy Deals On Desktop DAC's & Amplifiers

Black Friday Sale is right around the corner now!! A whole week of crazy deals on HiFiGo begins on 22nd November and will be active till 29th November. If you missed out on your favorite HiFi audio gear during the double 11 sales, be sure to grab them during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale this upcoming week. A few days back we shared our article featuring exciting deals we will be bringing on premium IEMs, you can check that out here. Today, We are going to share some of the crazy and attractive deals we will be bringing on our wide range of Desktop audio decoders and amplifiers. We like always, have partnered with top brands in the industry to bring you crazy deals on their products. So let’s check out what the Black Friday sale holds for our audio lovers looking for Desktop DAC/AMPs.

Black Friday-1


Discount: Flat 15% off.

Topping offers us an amazing collection of HiFi desktop audio gear that includes premium audio decoders, Amplifiers, and more. They have something for everyone whether you are looking at an entry-level budget desktop combo or a premium flagship-level DAC and AMP combination, Topping has something for you. We will be bringing you a flat 15% off on Topping’s latest and famous desktop products including the flagship D90SE+A90 combo, E50+L50 combo, and more. If you want to start your desktop headphone journey or are an experienced audio enthusiast looking for a premium Desktop DAC or Amplifier, be sure to check out our collection on Topping’s products during the Black Friday sale. We assure you will get the best price on their products with us online!!

Some recommendations from Toppings collection:-

Topping D90SE

>Topping D90 SE:-

If you are looking for a one-stop solution with a premium flagship audio DAC that has full MQA decoding as well as high-resolution Bluetooth input, we are telling you Topping D90SE is an excellent device. What’s better is it will be available at an attractively discounted price during our Black Friday sale!! So keep your wallets ready fellas.

Toppind A90

>Topping A90:-

A perfect companion for the D90SE, a powerful balanced headphone amplifier that pushes up to 7.6W of power that can power any demanding can in the market without breaking a sweat. Topping A90 delivers a powerful sound at the same time maintains low THD+N and high SNR ratings. This beast of an amplifier has an ultra-low output impedance rating of less than 0.1Ω. Keep your wallets ready friends, because Topping A90 will be made available at a crazy price with us during Black Friday.

Apart from these two other products including the recently launched Topping E50, Topping L50, and many more will be available on sale with us at the best prices online.


Discount: Flat 15% off.

Just like Topping, S.M.S.L is also a top player in the industry when it comes to HiFi desktop gear. They are mostly known for their THX headphones amplifier models such as the SP200, SP400, SH9, and more devices. They have also designed some remarkable desktop decoders such as the SU9, SU8s, and more. We will be bringing S.M.S.L products with a crazy 15% discount, bringing you a chance to experience true high-resolution sound at a discounted price. Be sure to check out our collection of S.M.S.L products during the Black Friday sale starting 22nd November.

Some recommendations from the S.M.S.L collection with us:-


S.M.S.L SU9 Flagship MQA DAC:-

SU9 is the flagship gem from the house of S.M.S.L. it brings you everything you might need from a desktop decoder that includes MQA support, Premium ES9038Pro DAC chipset, Wireless Bluetooth signal input, and many more features. And not just the SU9, we will be offering the accompanying SH9 Headphone AMP, M400, DA-9, and many more S.M.S.L Products at crazy discounts during our Black Friday sale.


Discount: Flat 15% off.

Gustard has been behind some of the best digital audio decoders from China. They have a huge collection of desktop audio gears that include the flagship X26 Pro DAC, X22 DAC,  H16 headphone amplifier, and more. The brand is known for its top-performing devices that help one to enjoy their premium HiFi headphone and speaker systems to their full potential. We will be bringing their outstanding products at unmatched prices during the Black Friday sale starting 22nd November, so keep your wallets ready friends.

Some recommendations from Gustard collection with us:-

Gustard X26 Pro

Gustard X26 Pro:-

Gustard X26 Pro is the almighty flagship DAC from Gustard that features a top-of-the-line dual DAC chipset with ES9038Prox2 DAC chips. It delivers quality performance with industry-leading THD+N & SNR ratings. Everything you might need from a high-end DAC such as full MQA decoding, lowest Noise-floor, lowest distortion, is everything here with the X26 Pro. You can get it at a whopping 15% off during our Black Friday Sale week.


Discount: 10%.

Singxer offers a wide range of desktop audio gear including their fully balanced class-A Singxer SA-1 headphone amplifier, and flagship SDA-6 Audio Decoder. The SDA-6 offers flagship-grade performance with its flagship AK4499 DAC chipset. Singxer products will be available at a 10% discount during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week. Be sure to check out the collection during the sale that starts on 22nd November.

Some Recommendations:-

Singxer SA1

Singxer SA-1:-

Singxer SA-1 is a fully balanced fully discrete Class-A headphone amplifier and pre-amplifier. It amplifies the signal with great precision and clarity ensuring high-resolution performance for the users. The SA-1 adopts a true four-way fully independent discrete Class A amplifier circuit design. You can enjoy your high-demanding headphones with an ultimate power rating of up to 6480mW at 32Ω of load. It will be available at a crazy deal during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale week.

Aune Audio:-

Discount: Flat 15% off.

Aune audio is known not only for its desktop but also for portable audio gear too. They have a wide collection of award-winning desktop and portable audio gear that includes both decoders and headphone amplifiers. Aune Audio will be here accompanying many other brands with us offering their high-fidelity products at the best prices online!!!

Some recommendations from Aune Audio with us:-

 Aune X1s GT

X1s GT:-

Aune recently released the X1s GT high-profile desktop all-in-one audio decoder and headphone amplifier. As the 8th generation of the classic X1 series, the latest X1s GT has got added external clock input with PLL technology and a complex fully-discrete headphone amplifier architecture. The X1s GT also brings the support for fully balanced 4.4mm headphone output to the series. As for the decoding part, it provides you with exceptional performance with support for up to 32-Bit/768kHz or native DSD512 decoding. In short an all-in-one solution for your desktop audio needs. Best part is it's a recently launched product and will be available at a discount for the first time. Be sure to check the Aune X1s GT out during the sale week.

This is just a short peek at what the actual event holds for you audio enthusiasts. We guarantee you will be getting the best deals with us during the Black Friday sale, we will definitely make your Black Friday better. We have updated our points and coupon benefits for the users.

Check out our updated points and coupon benefits for the users:-

>Create an account with us at HiFiGo to get 200 points(That gives 5$ off on your purchase).

>Every 1$ spent will get you 1 point to your account.

>Ask questions, share your impressions on media channels, give feedback, you will earn more points with us.

Black Friday Exchange for points:-

$60 off discount = 4000points

$50 off discount = 3000points

$35 off discount = 2000points

$20 off discount = 1000points

15$ off discount = 800points

10$ off discount = 500points

5$ off discount = 200points

You can check out customer impressions for HiFiGo here:-

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