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This Week On Audio: Latest News Update!!!

This Week On Audio: Latest News Update!!!

The China audio industry is very active, brands are releasing new products, new firmware updates for products, and much more interesting news every week. From today we will begin to make a blog every week with all the latest news related to audio gadgets and equipment. This week DUNU unveiled its latest Studio series and showed us two new products from the series. Apart from that here is the main news of this week.

1- Topping released a new firmware for the latest Topping E30 DAC. It fixes a pop noise sound that some users complained about. This is due to the new AKM chips and is normal.

Topping E30-1

The update requires a Windows PC and the latest drivers. See more here:


2- Another Firmware was “privately“ released by Topping to some users who had a problem with Popping sound and glitches while playing DSD 256 files on the Topping D90 MQA version on mac devices.

Topping D90-1

They didn't release it publicly because only a few users were affected. Here is the link for the update with instructions inside.


3- A Famous website in France has leaked the Price of the upcoming Topping A90. The owner confirmed that the price is correct. It will be priced around 500$.

Topping A90-1


4- Moondrop will soon release a limited edition of its highly acclaimed IEM Moondrop KXXS. There are various posts on Facebook with the latest edition, it has a completely black ear shell. The limited-edition looks epic and spectacular. They are calling it Moondrop KXXX.

Moondrop KXXX-1

5- Moondrop will also launch a budget IEM in the 50$ range very soon. It will be an upgrade to the spaceship. The official name is SSR (Super Spaceship Reference).

Moondrop SSR-1

According to the brand, it is tuned to the VDSF target response with a mild bass boost, really interesting.

6- DUNU has unveiled its latest series of in-ear monitors, The DUNU Studio Series. It features multiple BA driver IEMs with 3D printed Shells and designer faceplates. Currently, two products have been announced DUNU Studio SA3 and DUNU Studio SA6. You can read about them here on our blog.

DUNU Studio-1

7- DUNU has also announced a premium replacement cable for IEMs, DUNU BLANCHE. It features DUNU patented quick switch modular plug system. The cable is made up of high-quality pure silver material. The image depicts it will come with multiple L shaped termination plugs including 3.5mm unbalanced, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced plugs. More details will be revealed soon.


These were the latest news and updates from the top brands from our industry. Stay tuned with us at our Facebook page here and our blog at Hifigo.com, we will be bringing the latest news and updates every week for your all.

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