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DUNU Studio Series: Latest IEM Series!!

DUNU Studio Series: Latest IEM Series!!

DUNU has unveiled its latest series of in-ear monitors, The DUNU Studio Series. The series will feature IEMs with multiple BA drivers, 3D printed resin shells with handcrafted faceplates. Currently, two products have been announced for the series, DUNU Studio SA3, and DUNU Studio SA6. The Studio SA3 is priced at 129$, it will be shipped from June 2020, while SA6 price is not yet disclosed, it will be shipped from July 2020.

About DUNU:-

DUNU is a China-based premium IEM manufacturing brand. They are widely known for their brilliant products like DUNU DK4001, DUNU DK3001 Pro, and their flagship product DUNU Luna. DUNU Luna is one of the only few IEMs in the world featuring a pure beryllium dynamic driver unit. DUNU created the first patented modular plug cable for their IEMs with switchable termination plugs.

DUNU Studio SA3:-


DUNU Studio SA3 features high precision 3D printed ear shells with beautifully handcrafted faceplates. It has three Knowles balanced armature units on each side to produce a crisp sound output with good clarity and high-resolution texture. The pair has beautiful looks with classy aesthetics. The pair is going to be priced at 129$, shipments will begin June 2020.

DUNU Studio SA6:-

DUNU Studio SA6-1

DUNU Studio SA6 features six balanced armature drivers on each side supposedly Knowles BA units as the SA3 model. The earpieces are completely handmade with stabilized wooden faceplates. Images depict that the pair will have 2-Pin connectors, It comes with DUNU patented modular plug cable. Yes, the SA6 comes with Modular cable that makes it easier to use with any type of port on any of our sources. The SA6 earpieces look quite rich with quality aesthetics from the image shown by the brand. Price is currently not yet disclosed by the brand, shipments for Studio SA6 will begin July 2020.

We have some of our favorite IEMs from DUNU, we are actually having good expectations from the Studio series, just can’t wait already.

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