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Shanling Latest Firmware For Shanling M6 and M6 Pro!

Shanling Latest Firmware For Shanling M6 and M6 Pro!

Shanling has released the latest firmware for its Android DAPs, the Shanling M6 and Shanling M6 Pro. The updated bring new improvements and features to the M6 Pro, and for M6 it brings improvements for the SyncLink feature with Shanling Music App. With the latest firmware, the Shanling M6 Pro is updated to Firmware V1.2 and the M6 is updated to Firmware V3.11.

Shanling M6 and M6 Pro:-

Shanling M6 and M6 Pro are powerful digital audio players from the brand. They house all the latest features like a high-performance Dual DAC setup featuring dual AK4495SEQ on the M6 and AK4497EQ on the M6 Pro. The M6 pro houses a custom-developed powerful amplification unit providing a very clean and powerful sound output. Both the devices feature three output ports featuring 3.5mm unbalanced, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced output ports. Both the devices are very capable and highly acclaimed by the audiophiles. You can check more details about the M6 here, and M6 Pro here.

Shanling M6 Pro-1

Changelog with FW V1.2 on the Shanling M6 Pro:-

>Added new ways of turning the screen on and off.

-Added “Double-tap screen to wake up” (can be enabled in Display settings).

-Added “Screen Off” icon to a quick access menu.

-Added screen off function to the navigation bar. Hold finger on the home button for 3 seconds to turn off-screen.

>Added Polish Language to the System.

>Improved DSD Playback.

>Improved 3rd party Apps Playback.

>Improved Digital USB Output.

>Fixed problem causing incompatibility with certain Micro SD cards.

Shanling Music APP on Shanling M6 Pro Changes:-

>Added SyncLink Function. Now control your M6 Pro Media Playback from Android Smartphones. Shanling Music Too V1.8.6 Needed. Download here.

>Added DSD D2P/DOP/Native support for digital USB output.

>Added Playlist import/export function.

>Added different sorting ways to the “All Songs” tab.

>Improved Library Update scan.

Shanling M6-1

Changelog with FW V3.11 on Shanling M6:-

>Fixed problem causing incorrect boot volume level.

>Optimized interaction between USB DAC function and sleep/shutdown timers.

Shanling Music APP on Shanling M6 Changes:-

>Improved SyncLink function. Please install the latest Shanling Music app v1.8.6 on your smartphone from here.

How to update:-

You can update any of your devices using the same methods. There are two ways to update your device, OTA online method, and Offline Method. Please make sure your device is fully charged.

OTA Update:-

You can update your Shanling M6 or Shanling M6 Pro OTA via an online Wi-Fi connection.

>Go to “Support” APP(Purple icon).

>Tap on “Update”.

>System will search for New Firmware. You can choose from one of two servers and then proceed with downloading.

>When fully downloaded, confirm installation and wait until the system finishes the installation. After the device restarts, everything is ready for you.

Please Note:

>If the latest version of firmware is already installed, your device will show notification and will stop the update.

>If updating from FW V3.0 on your M6 or FW V1.0 on your M6 Pro, You need to perform a factory reset after the update.

Offline Method:-

Download the update file for Shanling M6 from here.

Download the update file for Shanling M6 Pro from here.

>Copy downloaded zip file to the root directory of your device.

>Go to the “Support” app.

>Click on “Update”.

>Switch on “Local Update”.

>Locate and click on the copied zip file.

>Confirm install and wait until the device installs the update and restarts itself.

This will help you update Shanling M6 and M6 Pro to the latest firmware with the latest features. Check out other Shanling products at our store here.

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