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Seven New Upgrades With The Latest SMSL SU9 Pro Over The SU9: Latest Desktop DAC With World's First ES9039M Pro DAC Chipset

Seven New Upgrades With The Latest SMSL SU9 Pro Over The SU9: Latest Desktop DAC With World's First ES9039M Pro DAC Chipset

SMSL has released the latest installment for its SU9 series of premium desktop DACs, with the release of the all-new SMSL SU9 Pro. It comes as a direct upgrade to the SU9 with a better DAC chipset, a new Audio Architecture, full MQA, and MQA Cd decoding, a new USB Chipset, new OPAMP Architecture, new Clock Jitter, and a new fully fitted IPS display screen. SU9 Pro is the world’s first DAC to feature the latest ES9039M Pro flagship Sabre DAC chips. SMSL SU9 Pro is a top-quality Desktop DAC designed especially for audio lovers who want superb performance with ultra-low distortion, high dynamic range, and clean noise-free background!!

SMSL SU9 Pro-1

SU9 Pro is launched officially for 499.99$, check out more information here.

SU9 Pro houses 3rd generation USB processor chip from XMOS, XU316. It allows asynchronous USB signal processing with support for high-resolution 32Bit/768kHz PCM and native DSD512 audio signals. The ES9039Pro-based dual DAC architecture on the SU9 Pro takes full benefit of this new USB processor and delivers impressive audio signal decoding performance. ES9039M Pro is the latest 32-Bit 8-channel DAC from ESS Sabre Technologies. SU9 Pro uses two of these for signal processing and decoding. SMSL has featured a new SDAA Architecture on the SU9 Pro that consists of dual ES9039M Pro DAC chips, 11 pieces OPA1612A OPAMPs, a new XMOS XU316 USB processor, etc.

SMSL SU9 Pro-2

SU9 Pro supports full MQA decoding across all the input options, USB, Coaxial, and Optical. It also provides you with MQA-CD decoding promising you studio-grade Master-Quality performance with supported CD players. SU9 Pro utilizes in-house developed CK-03 Low jitter clock architecture. It supports multiple inputs Coaxial, USB, Optical, and Bluetooth V5.0 as well. SU9 Pro is equipped with the latest-generation Bluetooth chipset that brings support for high-resolution LDAC, AptX, AptX HD, SBC, and AAC transmission codec support.

SMSL has featured high-quality CNC-milled aluminum alloy chassis on the SU9 Pro. It also features a fully-fitted IPS colorful display screen treating you with its premium finish. SMSL SU9 Pro brings a top-quality performance with its high-end audio circuitry!!

SMSL SU9 Pro-3

Primary Upgrades With SU9 Pro Over SU9:-

>New ES9039M Pro based Dual DAC Architecture.

>New SDAA Audio Architecture.

>Full MQA decoding across different inputs.

>MQA-CD Decoding support.

>XMOS XU316 latest USB Processor.

>New upgraded OPAMP Architecture.

>New CK-03 Jitter Elimination Technology.

>Fully-fitted IPS colorful display screen.

Know more about the SU9 Pro here.

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