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Oriveti Introduces Bleqk Dynabird Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

Oriveti Introduces Bleqk Dynabird Latest Single Dynamic Driver IEMs

Oriveti is a known name among the audiophiles. With an exclusive range of premium-sounding in-ear monitors, the brand has made itself a good reputation in the HiFi industry. Oriveti has now proudly introduced a brand-new series of in-ear monitors, the Oriveti Bleqk with the launch of the first product in the series, presenting you all the Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird.

Bleqk stands for “Basic Line Exquisite Quality Kept”, The brand aims to design high-quality premium sounding in-ear monitors in this series with the highest standards of precision. Dynabird is their introductory produce in this series. It features a single DD(Dynamic Driver) configuration with an exclusive 9.2mm Beryllium-Coated DD unit. Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird brings in quality sound with a stunning Geometric design for the ear shells.

Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird-3

The Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird goes easy on your pocket with an attractive price tag of just $99.99, You can check out more details here. It is also available on our Amazon Japan, Amazon US, and AliExpress stores as well.

Oriveti has equipped the latest Bleqk Dynabird with a single dynamic driver configuration. The pair houses a newly developed dual-chamber 9.2mm beryllium-coated driver unit. The lightweight and rigid “Be-coated” diaphragm results in superior transients and ultimate clarity. It delivers quality sound with outstanding resolution and good extensions at both ends.

With professional tuning adjustments, the Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird promises a rich, dynamic, musical presentation with a strong punch in the lower end and an amazing vocal presentation.

Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird-2

Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird brings exclusively crafted ear shells. The pair has premium metallic cavities crafted using a high-precision CNC machining process. They are made up of high-quality aluminum alloy material with a geometric shape and design. It offers an extremely comfortable fit with an elegant and classy design approach. With a carefully designed acoustic filter on the nozzle, Oriveti has made sure the pair delivers quality listening experience to its users.

Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird-1

Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird comes with a bunch of high-quality accessories. It includes a premium stock cable with 0.78mm universal 2-pin connectors. It comes standard with a 3.5mm single-ended plug. Apart from this comfortable, detachable cable we also have high-quality silicone ear tips with the set.

Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird-4

Oriveti Bleqk Dynabird helps you start a new journey into the world of audiophilia. With its exquisite design and premium sound delivery, indulge yourself in pure audio bliss. Get yours today, available for just $99.99, know more details here.

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