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Meizu UR Live Special Edition Latest 4 BA IEM Available Now

Meizu UR Live Special Edition Latest 4 BA IEM Available Now

Meizu might be a new name to western audio enthusiasts but they are widely known in Mainland China for their tech products especially smartphones. They are a tech giant basically specializing in manufacturing high-quality tech products. Meizu has famous audio products too, including Meizu Type-C HiFi DAC/AMP, Meizu HD60 ANC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, Meizu Live series of IEMs. They have launched their latest pair of IEM’s in Mainland China today, the Meizu UR Live Special Edition priced at 1299 Yuans(Roughly 199$). International users can order this latest earphone from Hifigo at the same price of 199$, check out more details here.

Meizu UR Live:-

Meizu UR Live-1

The Meizu UR Live is the latest offering from the brand rocking a powerful four Knowles driver setup on each side. Meizu has done a lot of research and development, collected over thousands of ear molding samples to study and create naturally fitting earpieces for the UR Live. It is tuned by professionals following the Harman Frequency Curve producing a lively sound clarity output. Earpieces have a premium finish with eye-catchy looks to them.


>Powerful Knowles driver setup.

>Four BA units on each side.

>Dual-channel independent sound guide structure.

>Harman Tuning.

>Lively Sound Output.

>Designed for a natural fit for the users.

>Silver-plated OFC cable.

>Impedance: 18 Ohms.

>Frequency response range: 20Hz- 40kHz.

>Output power: 3mW.

>Sensitivity: 97dB.

>2-Pin connector cable.

>3.5mm termination plug.

Meizu UR Live-2

Premium Driver For Premium Sound:-

Meizu has opted for Knowles, one of the best Balanced Armature driver makers in the industry. They have filled many flagships with their quality output. The Meizu UR Live houses four Knowles balanced armature drivers on each side for lively natural sound clarity.

Perfectly Crafted:-

No one can enjoy a high-quality sound output unless they get a perfect fit, perfect levels of sealing with their IEMs. Meizu has gathered and researched on over tens of thousands of ear molding samples to create that perfect fit for their consumers. With such high-precision, they have achieved to create a firm fit for their users. And the pair excels not only in terms of fit, the earpieces also look like a piece of jewelry with their beautiful charming looks.

Following The Harman Frequency Curve:-

Meizu UR Live special edition has got a professional tuning matching the Harman frequency curve. The output is simply mesmerizing with natural vocals, deep impactful bass, and extended treble frequencies. The pair output this brilliant sound clarity with a wide soundstage complementing your music well.

High-Purity Silver-Plated OFC Cable:-

Meizu UR Live-3

We know you love high-quality cables with your high-quality IEMs, so the Meizu UR Live Pro comes with a high-purity silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper(OFC) cable. It shows low impedance and offers crisp audio signal transmission between the source and earpieces.

Pricing & Availability:-


The Meizu UR Live is available to order from our store at a price of 199$, check out more details here. Shipments will begin shortly according to the order sequence number.

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