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IBasso DX160 DAP vs. Hiby R5 DAP | Hifigo

iBasso DX160 DAP vs. Hiby R5 DAP | Hifigo


About Hiby R5 ( MSRP $399)

The R5 is a fully packed, compact Android DAP with lots of features just like the previous models above. Once again we have a fast processor (for a DAP), DTA Architecture, Dual DACs, full Android app support, Hi-Res Bluetooth capability and more. The new device also supports 4.4mm balanced connection just like the R6 Pro. It’s good to see the 4.4mm appearing everywhere in the market nowadays.

With this player, Hiby also uses what they call an “Ultra Audio Transmission”, shortened as UAT, which allows transferring higher sample rates through Bluetooth. Hiby claims that this codec “might set the new wireless audio standards for the entire industry“, and it is “superior to all previous standards“. With UAT, 192KHz files would be streamed directly from the source to headphones with no further down-sampling, says Hiby. 

Hiby R5

About IBasso DX160 ( MSRP $419)

It comes with latest Bluetooth 5.0, 5-inch full screen delivering a massive view on an impressive body and hi-end DAC chips, it is catching the spec of some flagship P/Ns from other factory but the price is not so high.

The DX160 opts a dual CS43198 chipset design which seems to be the flavor of the month. The CS43198 is capable of DSD over PCM (DSD DoP) up to DSD256 and PCM 32/384kHz. The chip makers also advertise an S/N of around 130dB.

At the moment there are rare DAPs could support MQA decoding, but DX160 does support MQA. With Andriod Oreo OS and various APKs could be installed and MQA decoding, DX160 brings more fun for us.

iBasso DX160

Main differences

1. Bluetooth 5.0 on iBasso DX160

iBasso DX160 featured Bluetooth 5.0 which is very rare in the portable audio player. As you might know, Bluetooth 5.0 provides 2x of speed and 4x of range and Bland 8x the amount of transferable data comparing with Bluetooth 4.2 and it provides low - power consumption and stable connection.
2. iBasso DX160 with a bigger screen 
iBasso DX160  is a little bigger size with 5 inch 1080*1920 IPS screen.
3. Higher  Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of iBasso DX160
With Single-ended Headphone Output (3.5mm), SNR of iBasso DX160 is 125dB and Hiby R5 pro is 122.8dB.
With  Balanced Headphone Output (4.4mm), SNR of iBasso DX160 is 130dB and Hiby R5 pro is 120.dB.
4. Less battery capacity of  iBasso DX160
iBasso DX160 is equipped with  3200mAh battery and Hiby R5 is equipped with 3500 mAh battery and they provide 13hours and 11 hours average playback time respectively. 


Comparison Table

iBasso DX160 VS Hiby R5


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Don - June 22, 2020

I have both. I love the dx160 except for 1 thing. If I’m not in the same room as my router, my wifi stops completely. So streaming is not going to happen. With my r5, and even my fiio M6 and all phones, tablets, and computers, this is not happening. I contacted ibasso hoping that a firmware update might help but the said no. Seems to me that a 400.00 unit should not have an issue that a 150.00 unit doesn’t have. Any input would be great.

Allen J. Feinberg - December 16, 2019

The DX160 sounds brighter in my opinion. It is a little more vibrant. I own both. I like the R5 too but there is more to explore and better results with the DX160. I still have a lot to experiment with on the Parametric Sound System but I have been able to get great results so far with the DX160. This is my only iBasso player. My album art is mostly blurred on the DX160 which is aggravating and iBasso so far won’t, or isn’t able to fix that for me. All of my other players show the album art work clearly and I own lots of brands/ models from the Shanling M0 to the HiBy R6 Pro. My music is on an SD card in FLAC format.

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