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Hifigo Store Now Live On Aliexpress

Hifigo Store Now Live On Aliexpress

We all are aware of Aliexpress, the largest online portal where buyer’s from all around the globe can purchase anything from a catalog of millions of products across different categories. Aliexpress was launched in 2010 and is the leading e-com global market in the world. We at Hifigo are really happy to announce that we have partnered with many HiFi brands available on Aliexpress. Even though we are dedicated to the best customer support from our Hifigo, we know you have a separate trust factor for Aliexpress. Check out our complete store here.

Benefits offered by Aliexpress:-

>Shipping All Over The World:-


There are some pin codes where our delivery partners don’t accommodate. Aliexpress delivery partners, they offer to ship all over the globe. So, in case you find your Pincode not deliverable on our website, you can try contacting us on our support email, or order from our Aliexpress store. Shipments are always trackable whether you order from Hifigo or our Aliexpress store.

>60-Day Buyer Protection:-


People trust the Aliexpress the most because they offer 60-day buyer protection. In this, the order money is held in a secured Aliexpress bank and not released to the seller unless and until the buyer confirms the receipt of the product or 60-days have passed on. We would like to assure you we also offer secure transactions on our Hifigo store, so you can trust us there too and contact us in any mishappening.

>Multiple Payment Methods:-


Aliexpress offers multiple payment acceptance methods. They accept via Visa, Mastercard, Western Union, Qiwi-Money, and now Paypal too. So in case you are having any kind of trouble paying on our portal at Hifigo.com, you can always order from our store on Aliexpress.

>Separate Ratings For Seller’s & Products:-


On Aliexpress, buyers can rate the sellers on the basis of service provided to them. You can check on the buyer’s store and check how many positive reviews they have got. We assure you to provide you the best services and would appreciate you giving positive feedback on our store page.


Partnered Brands on Aliexpress:-



Moondrop is the leading manufacturers of high-quality in-ear monitors with quality build and professional tuning. You can choose from a wide range of IEMs including Moondrop Blessing 2, Moondrop Starfield, Moondrop KXXS, Moondrop S8, and many more. Moondrop IEMs are professionally tuned offering a very smooth and detailed sound output with a sturdy premium build.



Topping manufacturers of high-fidelity desktop DAC/AMP systems are available with us. Choose from the wide variety of products including the Topping D90, Topping A90, Topping DX3 Pro, and many more. If you are looking to make a desktop setup, Topping offers the best performance at attractive price points.



People love the quality performer NiceHCK earphones with their attractive prices. We are offering a wide range of products including their latest NiceHCK NX7 MK3, and many more products in our store. NiceHCK NX7 series of earphones are one of the widely known series of IEMs around the 100$ price range, you can check the entire series on our store.



xDuoo with its amazing range of products is available with us. xDuoo TA-30, one of the best tube amp is available with us on both of our channels. Other products include the XD-05 series of portable DAC/AMPs, TA series of tube amps and more.

And the list goes on with brands like KZ, Hidizs, SMSL, FX Audio, and many more. We promise to deliver you the best of our services from Hifigo.com and Aliexpress store, feel free to order from both of our channels. Check out our product catalog on Hifigo.com here, and the Aliexpress store here.

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