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Hiby Crystal 2 earphones launched on 6th of CIHE | Hifigo

Hiby Crystal 2 earphones launched on 6th of CIHE | Hifigo

HiBy Music specializes in research, development, and sales of high quality portable audio products. With over 30 professional audio R&D staff and over 10 years of experience in the portable audio field, HiBy has jointly developed dozens of portable digital audio players (DAPs), earphones, USB DACs, and several well known portable audio players, etc. HiByMusic smartphone audio player app also has a user base of 1 million users in over 90 countries around the globe and has won accolades from professional users regarding its audio quality. 

On September 7th - 8th, 2019, the 6th China Guangzhou International Headphone Expo ( CIHE) - 199 brands presented, HiBy surprises the community by showing four new products - the brand new top of the line HiBy R8, HiBy R6 pro audio player, HiBy W3 BlueTooth DAC amplifier and the new earphones Crystal 2.  It is the first time Crystal 2 shown, we even didn't see it officially announced on HiBy Official Weibo Page before.  

Multi-angle view of Hiby Crystal 2 earphones

 We are looking forward to the detail price and availability date officially announced to share. 


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