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Hiby R8 flagship audio player supports 4G | Hifigo

Hiby R8 flagship audio player supports 4G | Hifigo

Hiby R8 on 6th of CIHE  Guangzhou

The 6th of China (Guangzhou) international headphones exhibition,  hosted on September 7-8 in Guangzhou Baiyun international conference center, same place, and same style as last year. 

After several days of product teases via their Weibo, Hiby unveiled several new products on the show, including their very first android 9.0 based digital audio player, the R8. Along with the R8, they also took the wraps off the R6 pro, Balanced Bluetooth Headphone amp Hiby W3 and the Hiby Crystal 2 earphone.
The R8 sample shown is not the final one, so we still cannot listen to it yet. It was said officially that the sound performance is not debugged perfectly yet, but finally, we learned the main features of Hiby R8 from the show. 

Hiby R8 on Camjam 2019 Shanghai

hiby r8  4
It is the first time that we could listen real R8 in China while the first audition of R8 is in early of Nov, Japan. But the company claimed this is not the final sound signature. 
hiby r8  5

Main Features of Hiby R8

  1. The new HiBy R8 will support 4G network. Users can insert a 4G sim card into the DAP and stream music wherever and whenever wherever you go without needing Wi-Fi. This is a new breakthrough because HiBy R8 is the first DAP that can support a 4G network (besides Onkyo Granbeat which is categorized as a phone instead of a DAP).
     hiby r8  6
  2. HiBy R8 will be running latest Android 9.0 and it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 SoC. This is the highest performing processor chip used on a DAP so far in history. I am expecting a sleek control on the new HiBy R8 based on the processor performance.

Let's congratulate HiBy on this breakthrough! Well done HiBy! 
Other three devices have interesting specs as well, pls read more news on Hifigo.  



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Alberto - May 12, 2020

I waited for a long time to upgrade my R5, but R8 still not available.
I choose M6 Pro, hope tomorrow doesn’t arrive R8 for same price😅

scott norman - January 15, 2020

Any word when the R8 will be available and the price in USD?

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