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FX Audio Latest Products Announced!!

FX Audio Latest Products Announced!!

FX Audio is a China-based audio equipment manufacturing brand. They produce some of the best entry-level desktop DAC and AMP solutions. They have famous products like the FX Audio X6 DAC, FX Audio D2160 Amp and more. They are releasing two new products for the audiophiles, FX Audio X6MKii and FX Audio D502BT.

Both the products are loaded with features and come at an affordable price segment.

FX Audio X6MKii Desktop Digital Encoder and Amplifier:-

FX Audio X6mkii-1

FX Audio X6 MKii is a digital audio encoder and headphone amplifier which is loaded with a high-quality DAC chip from Sabre Technologies, ES9018. The device has a high-quality chipset configuration. It includes chips like, OPA275, OPA2134STM8, TPA6120, and CM6642. The FX Audio X6Mkii features multiple input options including coaxial, optical, USB, and Bluetooth inputs. Bluetooth interface is handled by the QCC3008 chip that provides a Bluetooth 5.0 interface offering a strong and stable Bluetooth connection with Hi-res codecs support like AptX and more. The device is able to decode PCM up to 24-Bit/192kHz. There are two different output ports on the device, RCA output port giving out an output power of 2Vrms, and a 6.35mm headphone output port with an output power rating of 940mW @ 16 ohms of load. The device surely looks very promising and powerful. It is currently priced at only 79.99$. You can buy this powerful yet pocket-friendly device at our store here.

Technical Specifications of X6MKii are as follows:-

> High-Quality DAC from Sabre Technologies, ESS9018.

>Premium Chipset Configuration, STM 8, OPA275, OPA2134, TPA6120, CM6642.

>Bluetooth 5.0 using QCC3008 Chip.

>Frequency Response Range:- 20Hz-20kHz.

>Signal to Noise Ratio:- 112dB.

>Multiple Audio Input Ports:- Coaxial, Optical, USB, Bluetooth.

>Dual Output Ports:- RCA, 6.35mm Headphone Out.

>Output Power RCA:- 2Vrms.

>Output Power 6.35mm Headphone Port:- 940mW @ 16ohms, 900mW @ 32ohms, 700mW @ 64 ohms, 450 mW @ 120 ohms, 200mW @ 300 ohms.

>Power Input:- DC 12V 1A.

FX Audio D502BT Stereo Encoder and Amplifier:-

FX Audio D502BT-1

The FX Audio D502BT is a compact class D stereo amplifier with digital encoding features. The device features a premium chipset configuration including chips like, SA9023, CS8422, TASS5508C, TAS5324A, STM8S103F3-32, PCM1808, QCC3003. The device features a powerful and clean output with an output power of up to 60Wx2. It features multiple input options including, coaxial, optical, USB Type-c, 3.5mm aux, and Bluetooth input options. The device features two output ports including a 2.1 subwoofer, and 2.1 speaker output with right and left channels. It features an OLED display that shows various functions like active input type, bass and treble gain, and output volume level. The device comes with a wireless remote control and can be controlled completely with the remote. It features various equalizer options. The bass and treble can be adjusted separately and all this can be operated via the remote control. It is built of good quality oxidized aluminum-alloy body and has a strong and shiny build to them. The device is currently priced at 99.99$. You can order this from our store here.

Technical Specifications of D502BT are as follows:-

>Premium Chipset Configuration:- SA9023, CS8422, TASS5508C, TAS5324A, STM8S103F3-32, PCM1808, QCC3003.

>Decoding PCM up to 24-Bit/192kHz.

>Impedance:- 4-8 ohms.

>Distortion:- 0.22%.

>THD+N:- 0.04%.

>Signal to Noise Ratio:- 106dB.

>Multiple Input Options:- AUX, Optical, Coaxial, USB Type-C.

>Dual Output Port:- SUB, RCA Speaker(R/L).

>Output Power SUB:- 2.7Vrms.

>Output Power Speaker:- 4ohms: 2x60W, 8ohms: 2x45W.

>Aluminium-alloy Body.

Both the latest devices looks very good. FX Audio has a track record of providing great price to performance ratio we are really expecting good things from both of these products and we know ourselves we won’t be disappointed.


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