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Amplifier Bluetooth TAS5614 2x65W 8Ω
NFJ&FXAUDIO returns with a new Full Digital Amplifier (FDA) : the D2160 . This one is directly following its big brother, the FX-Audio D802C, proposing notably more power, audio performances always excellent and functionalities more accomplished.
TAS5614 & Quality components
The NFJ&FXAUDIO D2160 is based on a TAS5614 amplification chip . This allows this FDA to provide 2x65W at 8Ω or 2x125W at 4Ω. It provides clear and precise sound, while offering deep bass. Thus, the amplifier provides an SNR of -105dB, a THD of 0.04% and a frequency response of 20Hz - 20kHz. The TAS5614 is backed by a STM32 microcontroller (MCU)
Also included in this amplifier is a CM6642 USB chip, an ADC TI PCM1808 for the analog input, a Maxim MAX9722 amplification chip for the headphone output, and AKM AK4118 Toslink coaxial / optical receiver.
Bluetooth : Your music from your sofa
Equipped with a Bluetooth 4.2 CSR 64215 chip especially designed for audio, the NFJ&FXAUDIO D2160 will allow you to enjoy your music directly from your sofa. A simple pairing of your reading device (smartphone, tablet ...) to your amplifier and the music starts.
Furthermore, the Bluetooth chip standard 4.2 and its A2DP protocol ensures higher transmission speed and greater stability for better quality audio reproduction. More than that, the chip integrates the technologies aptX and aptX Low-Latency, allowing to reach a sound quality close to that of the CD.
An antenna supplied with the camera is attached to the rear to extend the transmission distance.
Effective audio features
The NFJ&FXAUDIO amplifier offers simple but very effective audio features. With its DSP TAS5548 , the device proposes to modify the bass and treble curve. A "HiFi" mode is also present, corresponding to a Direct Audio mode to bypass the DSP and enjoy a perfect respect of the original signal.
Complete connectivity
The D2160 offers a complete connection that will allow you to connect your system without worry. We thus find in input a Toslink Optics, a Coaxial, a USB-B and a Stereo RCA. An outlet can also connect the antenna to enjoy a greater transmission distance. Note also the presence of two DC Jack jacks, to provide the amplifier with a more stable current.
Output, nothing more simple since we found on one side connectors accepting banana plugs to connect your speakers, on the other a connector 6.35mm Jack to connect a headphone.


Amplifier type:FDA (Full Digital Amplifier)
Amplifier chip:TAS5614
SPDIF Chip: AK4118
USB Chip: CM6642
Bluetooth chip: CSR64215
Headphone amplifier chip: MAX9722
Power: 2x65W at 8Ω / 2x125W at 4Ω (@ THD 1%)
SNR: -105dB
THD : 0.04%
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz at -2dB
Headphone output power: 60mW at 32Ω
Headphone output SNR: -93dB
Headphone output THD: 0.02%
USB-B / Optical / Coaxial / RCA  / Bluetooth

Connectors : Outputs
Banana Speaker Jacks 1 Set  /  Headphone connector Jack 6.35m
Power supply : DC 5.5/2.5mm
DC36V 6A (included)
Dimensions (without antenna):23.8 x 19.5 x 4.5cm
Weight :1840g
Color:Black / Silver

Package list:
1x Power supply adapter
1x male USB-A to male USB-B
1x Remote control



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