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Freya: Kinera announces new IEM in 2 different colors!!

Freya: Kinera announces new IEM in 2 different colors!!

The majority of In-ear monitors utilize one of two driver technologies — dynamic or balanced armature. The dynamic drivers offer a superior bass response, while the balanced armature receivers are known for their more detailed sound.

So which one is better? Why not use both? That was Kinera's answer.
Their latest Freya is a hybrid IEM that combines 3 balanced armatures (BA) and a single dynamic driver (DD) in a one customized cavity.

Handmade. Customized production. Gem like. These are the words used by Kinera to describe their latest Freya. A name inspired by the beautiful, ancient Goddess.

The Goddess Freya was known for her striking appearance that made her the most popular goddess in Norse Mythology. People used to marvel at her unparalleled beauty.

On the one hand, she is beautiful and lively, on the other hand, she is strong and fearless. The English name for the day of the week “Friday” is actually derived from her name “Freya” and means “the day of Freya”.

Kinera remarked that from the early development, their idea was to create an IEM that matched the qualities of this brave Goddess. Delivering a Beautiful sound combined with an otherworldly aesthetics.

The design strikes a balance between the majestic beauty of the Norse Goddess and her strong fearless nature. A truly unique design, "It is everything we envisioned" declared the company.

Kinera's latest new IEM looks nothing like its previous models. The translucent red and blue colors of their Flagship Nanna have given way to a more ergonomic, gem-like appearance with a glittering sparkle that is a sight to behold.

Inspired by the dual-natured Goddess, The Freya arrives in two different colors. At first glance, they look So similar, yet they are so different. The white Freya has the beauty of red, the tenderness of purple, and the fearlessness of gold.

The Black Freya is a mix of black and Blue, appearing as if blue light is sparkling in the night sky. Each Freya is a unique mixture of intricate artistry & meticulous craftsmanship that culminated in a visually impressive piece of art.

Made with portability and a balanced sound signature in mind, The Freya is an easy to drive earphone with a 110dB sensitivity and an impedance of just 22Ω.

This is a highly efficient and resistant to hiss earphone that doesn’t require a lot of power to sound its best. The interface utilizes 2-pin 0.78 sockets for easier insertion/removal.

Pricing and Availability

The Kinera Freya will be available on June 18th, 2020 for just $249.99. Further information: Kinera Freya

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