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Fiio BTR3K Announced: Latest Bluetooth DAC/AMP!!

Fiio BTR3K Announced: Latest Bluetooth DAC/AMP!!

It was just yesterday when Fiio announced their products roadmap for the year 2020. Today they showed us the first look of their upcoming Bluetooth DAC/AMP, the Fiio BTR3K. The BTR3K is coming as an upgrade for their entry-level Bluetooth dongle the BTR3, while it brings updates to the previous model it is less powerful by their flagship Bluetooth dongle the BTR5. We also got an image showing the circuitry of the BTR3k which tells us several features of the products.

Before we proceed you can order a unit of Fiio BTR3K from our store at Hifigo here.

Fiio BTR3k-1

From the circuitry chart shared by the brand we know the following things for the BTR3k for sure:-

High-Performance Dual DAC Setup, Dual AK4377 DAC’s:-

Unlike the single DAC design in the BTR3, The Fiio BTR3k is powered by a dual DAC setup of high-performance DAC’s from AKM, AK 4377. The DAC’s provide noise-free decoding and will be providing a clean sound output from the Dongle.

Flagship Qualcomm Bluetooth Chip, CSR8675:-

Fiio BTR3k-2

The DAC/AMP is featuring a Flagship level Bluetooth chip, the CSR8675 which supports Bluetooth 5.0 and all the latest hi-res Bluetooth codecs such as LDAC, aptX, aptX HD, and many more. So we are expecting the device will be featuring all the latest hi-res codecs. This chip also ensures better signal transmission and a stable connection to the source device.

Dual Output Ports:-

The Fiio BTR3k features dual output ports just like the flagship model from the brand. It features a 3.5mm single-ended port and a 2.5mm balanced port.

USB Type-C Input:-

The Fiio BTR3k features a USB Type-C port which can be used to charge the device or provide input to the device for decoding and amplification.

Fiio BTR3k-3

The Fiio BTR3k surely looks like a promising entry point for many beginner audiophiles. It is currently available for pre-order at the Hifigo website here, and it will be shipped as early as next weekend.

Some Comparisons between different Bluetooth DAC/AMP’s by Fiio:-

BTR3k vs BTR3:-

>The BTR3k is coming as an upgrade for the previous-gen BTR3.

>BTR3k is equipped with Dual AK4377 DAC’s while the BTR3 only featured a single AK4376A DAC, the latest model decodes and provides a cleaner output than the BTR3.

>BTR3k offers dual output ports with one 3.5mm SE port and one 2.5mm Balanced Port, while the BTR3 only offered a 3.5mm SE port for output.

BTR3K vs BTR5:-

>The BTR5 is flagship level Bluetooth DAC/AMP from the brand while the BTR3k is going to be an entry-level Bluetooth dongle.

>BTR5 features a flagship-level Dual DAC setup having Dual ES9218 DAC’s while the BTR3K is offering high-performance dual DAC having AK4377 DAC’s.

>DAC setup in BTR5 is equipped with dual crystal oscillators clocks at 45Mhz and more, while the BTR3k DAC offers dual clocks of around 25MHz, which enables the DAC in BTR5 to decode and provide a cleaner output as compared to the BTR3k.

>The BTR5 features a XUF XMOS USB chip that provides better format support.

>The BTR5 has an OLED screen while the BTR3k only has Fiio logo which will light up with different colors according to the format being played.

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