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DUNU Latest Studio SA3 Budget Friendly IEM Released!!

DUNU Latest Studio SA3 Budget Friendly IEM Released!!

It was just last month when DUNU announced its latest “Studio” series of in-ear monitors. The brand has unveiled two products as of now, DUNU Studio SA3, and DUNU Studio SA6. They told us that they will be releasing the Studio SA3 in June 2020, and the wait is finally over. We have got a release date for the DUNU Studio SA3, pre-orders have already started from 18th June from various retailers shipments will begin shortly. It is a budget-friendly pair priced at just 899 Yuan(Roughly 150$ for the International market). Check out more details here.

High-Precision 3-D printed Shells:-

DUNU Studio SA3-1

The DUNU Studio series features high precision 3D printed shells, the SA3 features medical-grade resin material that not only makes the earpieces very lightweight but also provides a comfortable and ergonomic fit while maintaining beautiful design on the faceplate. The faceplates are completely hand-painted with unique and beautiful design.

Hi-Res Sound Certification with Triple Driver Arrangement:-

DUNU Studio SA3-2

With precisely tuned three Balanced armature driver units, the DUNU Studio SA3 has been Hi-Res certified from Japan Audio Association. The pair features a humongous frequency response range from 5Hz-40kHz with balanced and detailed sound output. The sound quality is superb and shows brilliant extensions at the lower and higher-end.

The drivers are arranged in a two-way arrangement, with two independent custom-tuned Knowles drivers for lows and mids section and a custom-tuned driver for handling the high-frequency range.

High-Quality Cable with Universal 0.78mm 2-Pin Connectors:-

DUNU Studio SA3-3

The DUNU Studio SA3 comes with a high-quality OCC cable with four core braiding that provides unmatched sound output. It features universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors that make it easier to change cables for future upgrades.

Easy to Drive and Lots of Accessories:-

The DUNU Studio SA3 is very easy to drive. It doesn’t require an additional amplifier or special heavy equipment to shine with all its power. Users can enjoy high-quality music anytime anywhere with the ease of their smartphones. The pair comes with a lot of accessories including a color matching carry case, nine pairs of silicone ear tips, and a cleaning brush.

DUNU Studio SA3-4

The DUNU Studio SA3 is just the beginning of another wonderful series by the brand. They have already proved their capabilities with their other series like the highly acclaimed DUNU DK series, flagship DUNU Luna model, and other models from the brands. The SA3 surely looks like a powerful pair at a pocket-friendly price. You can check out more details on it here.


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