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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Upcoming Sale On HiFiGo!!

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Upcoming Sale On HiFiGo!!

November marks the month of extreme savings with the biggest sale events of the year. First, we had the Double 11 where we got a tremendously good response from the community. We actually had some exciting deals on most of our products. After the Double 11, now it’s time to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Week!! Yes, you read it right, HiFiGo is bringing you another exciting sale during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week starting from 22nd November till 29th November 2021. We will make sure you get your favorite HiFi audio gear with the best price guarantee online with us!! If you missed out on our Double 11 sale, you can still get exciting deals on your favorite gears during the Black Friday week.

Black Friday DAP-1 

Today, we are sharing a glimpse of the exciting deals we will be bringing you during the Black Friday sale week. We have partnered with top brands in the industry to bring you crazy deals on some of the best audio players in the industry. Digital Audio Players are widely used as the main medium of portable high-resolution music enjoyment while on the go. Our market for digital music players has greatly evolved with advanced features that include full MQA Support, premium Dual DAC configurations, multiple output options, and many more. If you were planning on pulling the plug on a new Music Player, A great sale awaits for you starting 22nd November 2021.

Here’s a short glimpse of our offerings for Black Friday week.


Over the past few years, HiBy has designed and released some of the best digital audio players in the market. They started the Android era in digital audio players with their outstanding HiBy R6 that got a lot of positive reviews in the industry. Late last year, they upgraded their lineup with the R6 2020, R5 Saber, R3 Pro, and many other high-quality digital audio players. R6 2020 is an upgrade to their classic R6 with a Better DAC configuration, full 16x MQA decoding, and many more features. Personally, we would love to own their almighty R8 and the R6 2020. Even their budget range that includes the R3 Pro is a must-try!! Their entire collection of digital audio players will be available with HiFiGo at crazy discounts during the Black Friday sale week, don’t forget to check them out!!


HiBy’s line up for Black Friday with HiFiGo:-

HiBy R6 2020: 699$(Retail Price 799$).

HiBy R5 Saber: 339$(Retail Price 399.99$).

HiBy R3 Pro Saber: 169$(Retail Price 209$).

HiBy R2: 89$(Retail Price 99$).


Shanling is a well-renowned brand in the HiFi audio industry. They put their share in all different categories of portable audio that includes In-Ear Monitors, Hi-res Players, Bluetooth Decoders, and more. Shanling offers a wide range of digital audio players that start with compact Q1 and goes up to their flagship M8. Their Android audio players such as the M6, M6 Pro, and the M8 offer splendid sound performance with all the latest features and chipsets. We have partnered with them in order to bring their outstanding product catalog available for you at unbelievable prices in our store only!! Wanted the stunning M6 Pro 2021?? Black Friday awaits you, my friend!!

Shanling Black Friday-1

Shanling’s line up for Black Friday with HiFiGo:-

Shanling M3X: 322$(Retail Price is 339$).

Shanling M6 Pro 2021: 676$(Retail Price 799.99$).

Shanling M6 2021: 483$(Retail Price 569$).

Shanling Q1: 102$(Retail Price 119.99$).


Hidizs offers a wide range of digital audio players primarily focused on delivering quality performance at an affordable price tag. The AP80 and AP80 Pro are among the top-selling audio players in their respected categories. They both will be available at outstanding prices at the Black Friday sale week, if you are looking for a compact, portable device that is highly capable of delivering quality sonic performance, the AP80 Pro should be on your radar. Be sure to check both of them out during the Black Friday sale, we guarantee you will be amazed by our exciting deals on them!!

Hidizs Black Friday

Hidizs’s line up for Black Friday with HiFiGo:-

AP80 Pro: 139$(Retail Price 169.99$).

AP80: 109$(Retail Price 139.99$).

Apart from these, we will be offering discounts on a huge range of audio decoders, headphone amplifiers, in-ear monitors, and many more categories. This is just a short glimpse of what crazy deals our Black Friday sale is bringing your way. If you missed your favorite products during the Double 11 sale, you can still grab them in the upcoming Black Friday sale with us!! Keep your wallets ready, we are bringing you one of the best sales of 2021!!

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