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Top Ten IEMs under 200$ 2020!!

Top Ten IEMs under 200$ 2020!!

In-ear Monitors, commonly known as IEMs among the audiophile community are one of the most widely used types of transducers in the market. Small-size, comfortable fit, easy to drive, makes them the first priority for people looking to enjoy high-resolution music on the go and at home. Sealing the ear canal completely they provide high-levels of noise isolation thus improving the music experience for the users. The huge market of IEMs keeps on growing with regular new releases increasing the confusion for potential buyers. Like even currently we have more than thousands of IEMs in the market offering different sound signatures, driver configurations, and even different build materials that too across different price brackets. To ease the confusion for our beginner audiophiles we have arranged a list of the top ten IEMs of 2020 under the 200$ price range. Let’s dive into the world of hi-res audio with the best IEM’s at your budget.

Name Driver Configuration(each side)


Sensitivity Price
FiiO FH3 Hybrid(2BA+1DD) 24Ω 114dB 139.99$
Shozy Rouge Hybrid(2BA+1DD) 32Ω 113dB 169.99$
Shozy Form 1.4 Hybrid(4BA+1DD) 16Ω 102dB 199$
DUNU Studio SA3 Triple BA 13Ω 113dB 159.99$
BQEYZ Spring 2 Hybrid(1DD+1BA+9-layered Piezo Electric) 32Ω 110dB 169.99$
IKKO OH10 Hybrid(1DD+1BA) 18Ω 106dB
Tanchjim Hana Third-gen Magnetic Flux DD unit 32Ω 110dB
Shuoer Tape Pro Composite Electrostatic Dynamic Driver 16Ω 105dB
Moondrop Starfield Carbon Nanotube Dynamic Driver 32Ω 122dB 109.99$
NF Audio NM2+ Dual-cavity Dynamic Driver 18Ω 108 169$

FiiO FH3:-

Price: 139.99$.

Driver Configuration: Hybrid(2 Knowles BA+1 DD).

Pros: Deep punchy bass, Natural vocals, Detailed output, Comfortable fit.

Fiio FH3

FiiO is a well-known name in the industry. The FH3 is their latest hybrid driver offering in the budget segment. It wow’s the users with its brilliantly detailed, crisp sound clarity with a super comfortable fit. The pair suits different genres of music whether it be punchy bass in the EDM, Hip-Hop music, or rich natural vocals in Rock and classical music, the FH3 delivers it all. It is simply one of the best budget pair of IEMs with an all-rounder performance currently available in the market, indeed one of our favorites too!!

Shozy Rouge:-

Price: 169.99$.

Driver Configuration: Hybrid(2 Knowles BA+1DD).

Pros: Beautiful hand-painted earpieces, crisp sound clarity, Fun signature.

Shozy Rouge

Are you looking to buy an IEM with a fun sound signature, I mean deep punchy bass, rich mids, smooth and detailed instruments, lovely vocals, well you just can’t go wrong with the latest offering from Shozy. The Shozy Rouge not only boasts beautiful looks with their premium hand-painted earpieces, but they also deliver an amazing sound experience with a really fun signature. I personally like the Shozy Rouge in my collection, just love that bass and vocal response from these.

Shozy Form 1.4:-

Price: 199$.

Driver Configuration: Hybrid(1DD+4BA).

Pros: Smoothly detailed sound signature, Outstanding imaging, Beautiful looks.

Shozy Form 1.4

Shozy Form 1.4, another brilliant offering from Shozy with excellent sound quality output at just 199$. They feature a premium five driver hybrid setup inside medical-grade resin ear shells with beautiful wooden face panels. The pair produces a non-fatiguing smooth sound output for its users with ultimate clarity and detail.

DUNU Studio SA3:-

Price: 159.99$.

Driver Configuration: Triple Knowles BA drivers.

Pros: Engaging sound, Rich and Natural vocals, Very good instrument separation, powerful bass.

DUNU Studio SA3

From the house of DUNU comes their latest DUNU Studio SA3 pair of in-ear monitors. This beautifully crafted pair features three Knowles Balanced Armature drivers on each side. The output is rich with minute detailing and beautiful lush vocals. And not just that, they are designed to provide a perfect fit for its users. At a price of just 159.99$, it is a pair to look for under the 200$ price range.

BQEYZ Spring 2:-

Price: 169.99$.

Driver Configuration: Hybrid(1 DD+ 1 BA+ 9-layered Piezo-electric).

Pros: Gorgeous looks, All-rounder performance, Comfortable fit.

BQEYZ Spring 2

After the humongous success of Spring 1, BQEYZ released the much-awaited Spring 2 earlier this year. The Spring 2 delivers an outstanding musical experience with its beautiful fast bass, natural-sounding vocals, and a bit of sparkle in the treble portion. The sparkly treble portion brings out beautiful details in our music producing a beautiful experience for the users. It delivers excellent value for money with a price tag of just 169.99$, brings it in one of our favorites list under the 200$ price bracket.

Ikko OH10:-

Price: 199.99$.

Driver Configuration: Hybrid(1DD+ 1 Knowles BA).

Pros: Balanced sound signature, Detailed output, Non-fatiguing Treble, Classy edgy design.


Ikko OH10 created a hype train in the industry, and that too for all the good things. The pair checks all the boxes a user might expect from their next purchase, classy looks, a balanced sound signature, deep rumbling lower end, non-fatiguing treble, outstanding detail retrieval, and an airy sound stage. It suits different genre’s of music well and can serve its users for a long time!! Instant favorite!!

Tanchjim Hana:-

Price: 159.99$.

Driver Configuration: Third-gen magnetic flux DD units.

Pros: Outstanding build quality, Impressive sound clarity, Brilliant detail retrieval.

Tanchjim Hana

Tanchjim Hana is a very beautifully crafted pair of IEMs made with high-quality 316L stainless steel material. The pair catches the eye in an instant with its beautiful white-colored shells that house a powerful third-generation magnetic flux dynamic driver unit on each side. It delivers an energetic sound output with impressive transparency across the frequency range delivering a different experience for its users.

Shuoer Tape Pro:-

Price: 129.99$.

Driver Configuration: Composite Electrostatic Dynamic Driver Units.

Pros: Adjustable Bass tuning, High-resolution clarity, Well-detailed output.

Shuoer Tape Pro

Following the success of the Shuoer Tape, the brand has launched the latest Shuoer Tape Pro. It enhances the already appreciated crisp sound quality of the Tape with brilliant detailing and punchier bass response. The latest Tape Pro also features an adjustable bass tuning using tuning screws to adjust the acoustic pressure inside the chamber. For beginners and also for experienced audiophiles, the Tape Pro holds great value with its outstanding sound performance.

Moondrop Starfield:-

Price: 109.99$.

Driver Configuration: Carbon Nanotube Diaphragm Dynamic Drivers.

Pros: Excellent sound output, Beautiful Vocals, Rich build quality, Wide soundstage, Non-fatiguing output.

Moondrop Starfield

Moondrop Starfield is a brilliant looking pair of in-ear monitors equipped with a single Dynamic Driver unit on each side. The pair produces a lively and energetic sound output with outstanding vocal clarity. The output has a natural tonality and transparency throughout the frequency range making this pair the prominent choice for different genres of music. The best part is it is available for just 109$.

NF Audio NM2+:-

Price: 169$.

Driver Configuration: Dual-Cavity Dynamic Drivers.

Pros: Outstanding build quality, Micro-detail retrieval, Punchy low-end, Energetic sound output.

NF Audio NM2+

NF Audio NM2+ is a very premium pair for a fraction of the price. It is an outstanding performer with a unique Dual-cavity dynamic driver setup. The earpieces are crafted with a 5-axis CNC machining process using high-quality zinc magnesium alloy material. In terms of sonic performance, the NM2+ is a world-class performer with deep punchy bass, astounding vocal clarity, and brilliant micro-detail retrieval. At a price of just 169$, the NM2+ is a must-have.

Well, this sums it up, these are our top ten picks for the hi-res in-ear monitors under the 200$ price range. We seriously hope this helps you decide on your next purchase!! For the best shopping experience keep shopping with us!!

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